July 2015 Update: GenealogyBank Just Added 8 Million More Records!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding 8 million more U.S. genealogy records, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

screenshot of GenealogyBank's home page showing the announcement that 8 million genealogy records were added in July

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 22 newspaper titles from 13 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia
  • 9 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • Newspaper titles marked with an asterisk (*) are new to our online archives
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

To see our newspaper archives’ complete title lists, click here.

StateCityTitleDate RangeCollection
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix New Times*01/29/2007–CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaHollisterBenitoLink*04/01/2013–CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaLa JollaLa Jolla Village News*04/18/2014–CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaLakeportLake County News*12/21/2006–CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaMission Beach, Pacific BeachBeach & Bay Press*04/17/2014–CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaReddingSearchlight1/1/1910–12/30/1917Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaReddingWeekly Searchlight10/3/1899–12/27/1923Newspaper Archives
District of ColumbiaWashington (DC)Washington Times6/4/1982–11/27/1989Newspaper Archives
FloridaOrmond BeachOrmond Beach Observer*04/11/2013–CurrentRecent Obituaries
IdahoBoiseIdaho Statesman7/14/1957–2/15/1971Newspaper Archives
IdahoIdaho FallsIdaho Falls Times11/16/1970–11/30/1970Newspaper Archives
IndianaElkhartElkhart Truth5/18/1905–5/18/1905Newspaper Archives
IndianaEvansvilleEvansville Courier and Press7/1/1933–12/31/1937Newspaper Archives
KentuckyLexingtonLexington Herald10/1/1957–10/31/1957Newspaper Archives
KentuckyLexingtonLexington Leader3/3/1912–11/30/1977Newspaper Archives
MichiganGrand HavenGrand Haven Tribune*01/02/2014–CurrentRecent Obituaries
MinnesotaVirginiaHometown Focus*01/08/2010–CurrentRecent Obituaries
MississippiBiloxiDaily Herald1/2/1947–7/20/1955Newspaper Archives
MissouriKansas CityKansas City Star5/26/1945–7/13/1945Newspaper Archives
North CarolinaBryson CitySmoky Mountain Times*02/06/2004–CurrentRecent Obituaries
PennsylvaniaState CollegeCentre Daily Times3/8/1983–9/30/1994Newspaper Archives
WashingtonBellinghamBellingham Herald10/1/1947–10/1/1947Newspaper Archives

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