Huge January Addition: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content from 1752 Titles!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding a massive addition of new content from 1752 newspaper titles, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast.

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 1746 titles from 48 states, plus 2 newspapers from the District of Columbia and 4 national titles
  • As readers have been asking for, the emphasis this month has been on historical newspapers, including a number of very rare single-issue newspapers – many of them are the only known issues of the paper
  • All but 60 of these 1752 titles added this month are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time!
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges in the list below so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

Below is a partial list of the January additions. Click here to see the complete list of the January additions. To see our newspaper archives’ entire title list of more than 11,000 newspapers, click here.

State City Title Years of Coverage Issues Added Collection
New HampshireKeeneFarmer’s Museum03/02/1853 – 12/29/18771112Newspaper Archives
New HampshireState-Wide CountyNew Hampshire Magazine New!04/01/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New HampshireConcordDaily Patriot New!06/03/1868 – 12/30/18762349Newspaper Archives
New HampshireDoverDover Enquirer New!02/26/1828 – 12/14/18762260Newspaper Archives
New HampshireClaremontNational Eagle New!11/01/1834 – 12/16/18761302Newspaper Archives
New JerseyNewarkStar and Newark advertiser04/24/1908 – 09/08/19082Newspaper Archives
New JerseyPatersonPaterson Daily Press New!07/25/1867 – 10/30/18762226Newspaper Archives
New MexicoBernalilloBernalillo News New!09/23/1881 – 10/07/18812Newspaper Archives
New MexicoManzanoGringo and Greaser New!02/15/1884 – 03/15/18843Newspaper Archives
New MexicoLas VegasLas Vegas Gazette New!07/26/1879 – 07/10/18802Newspaper Archives
New MexicoAlbuquerqueMirror New!07/26/1879 – 07/26/18791Newspaper Archives
New MexicoOteroOtero Optic New!01/01/1879 – 01/01/18791Newspaper Archives
New MexicoSanta FeSanta Fe New Mexican New!11/24/1849 – 11/24/18491Newspaper Archives
New MexicoSanta FeSanta Fe Weekly Democrat New!12/23/1880 – 12/23/18801Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkMercury01/01/1852 – 12/28/1876923Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkChelsea News New!10/17/2014 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New YorkBuffaloBuffalo Morning Express New!01/15/1849 – 04/14/18755034Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkEvening Mirror New!10/16/1844 – 02/22/18581569Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkMorning Courier and New-York Enquirer New!05/26/1829 – 06/04/1849884Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew York Daily Transcript New!02/12/1862 – 06/28/1872800Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew York Journal of Commerce New!03/01/1828 – 11/04/18766066Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew-York Atlas New!10/18/1840 – 12/07/18721437Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew-York Enquirer New!07/20/1826 – 05/01/1829191Newspaper Archives
North CarolinaRaleighDaily Sentinel New!08/08/1865 – 07/21/1876879Newspaper Archives
North CarolinaNew BernNew Berne Daily Times New!04/28/1865 – 03/27/18731071Newspaper Archives
North DakotaBismarckBismarck Weekly Tribune New!01/28/1874 – 07/19/18763Newspaper Archives
North DakotaFargoFargo Express New!02/19/1874 – 02/19/18741Newspaper Archives
North DakotaCooperstownGriggs Courier New!03/26/1886 – 03/26/18861Newspaper Archives
North DakotaHamiltonPembina County News New!11/14/1889 – 11/14/18891Newspaper Archives
North DakotaBismarckSaturday Evening Journal New!12/04/1886 – 12/04/18861Newspaper Archives
North DakotaFargoSunday Argus New!08/09/1885 – 08/09/18851Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati Daily Gazette01/03/1821 – 07/02/18571485Newspaper Archives
OhioGreenvilleGreenville journal04/25/1907 – 09/12/19072Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati Semi-weekly Gazette New!01/03/1868 – 12/29/1876932Newspaper Archives
OklahomaPawhuskaIndian Herald New!04/01/1876 – 04/01/18761Newspaper Archives
OklahomaCaddoOklahoma Star New!08/21/1874 – 07/27/18762Newspaper Archives
OklahomaAtokaVindicator New!09/20/1876 – 09/20/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonAlbanyAlbany Register New!09/08/1876 – 09/08/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonGrant’s PassArgus New!04/30/1886 – 04/30/18861Newspaper Archives
OregonAshlandAshland Daily Tidings New!12/21/1888 – 12/21/18881Newspaper Archives
OregonAstoriaAstoria Marine Gazette New!12/20/1864 – 12/20/18641Newspaper Archives
OregonBaker CityBedrock Democrat New!06/08/1870 – 08/23/18763Newspaper Archives
OregonCorvallisBenton Democrat New!08/18/1876 – 08/18/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonCanyon CityCity Journal New!06/28/1869 – 07/26/18692Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandCommercial Reporter New!07/13/1876 – 07/13/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonCoos BayCoos County Record New!01/22/1876 – 01/22/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonCorvallisCorvallis Gazette New!08/04/1876 – 08/04/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonAstoriaDaily Astorian New!12/06/1879 – 12/06/18791Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandDaily Bee New!10/06/1876 – 10/06/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandDaily Bulletin New!05/29/1872 – 12/09/18735Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandDaily Evening Telegram New!04/02/1879 – 04/02/18791Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandDaily Hotel and Commercial Advertiser New!04/30/1889 – 04/30/18891Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandDaily Morning News New!02/26/1860 – 02/26/18601Newspaper Archives
OregonDallesDaily Mountaineer New!11/20/1862 – 11/20/18621Newspaper Archives
OregonSalemDaily Oregon Statesman New!01/07/1876 – 09/22/18766Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandDaily Times New!02/03/1862 – 02/03/18621Newspaper Archives
OregonDallasDallas Itemizer New!09/02/1876 – 09/02/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonJacksonvilleDemocratic Times New!08/17/1876 – 08/17/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonPendletonEast Oregonian New!08/26/1876 – 08/26/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonEugeneEugene City Guard New!12/18/1875 – 12/18/18751Newspaper Archives
OregonJacksonvilleJacksonville Herald New!07/17/1858 – 07/17/18581Newspaper Archives
OregonUnionMountain Sentinel New!07/01/1876 – 07/01/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandNew Northwest New!10/06/1871 – 09/22/18762Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandNorth-west News New!03/05/1883 – 03/05/18831Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandOregon Advertiser New!06/06/1859 – 06/06/18591Newspaper Archives
OregonOregon CityOregon Argus New!07/28/1855 – 07/28/18551Newspaper Archives
OregonOregon CityOregon City Enterprise New!09/01/1876 – 09/01/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandOregon Deutsche Zeitung New!08/19/1876 – 08/19/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonOregon CityOregon Free Press New!04/29/1848 – 07/15/18486Newspaper Archives
OregonJacksonvilleOregon Sentinel New!03/22/1856 – 07/19/18764Newspaper Archives
OregonDallesOregon Weekly Tribune New!05/20/1876 – 05/20/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonRoseburgPlaindealer New!09/16/1876 – 12/16/18763Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandPortland Daily Advertiser New!08/05/1859 – 01/24/18602Newspaper Archives
OregonRoseburgRoseburg Express New!12/22/1859 – 12/22/18591Newspaper Archives
OregonJacksonvilleSouthern Oregon Press New!04/06/1867 – 06/15/18673Newspaper Archives
OregonAlbanyState Rights Democrat New!08/30/1872 – 09/08/18763Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandSunday Welcome New!09/17/1876 – 09/17/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonScottsburgUmpqua Weekly Gazette New!12/02/1854 – 12/02/18541Newspaper Archives
OregonHillsboroWashington Independent New!08/03/1876 – 08/03/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandWeekly Bee New!09/14/1876 – 09/14/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonSalemWeekly Democratic Review New!01/15/1866 – 01/12/18672Newspaper Archives
OregonDallesWeekly Mountaineer New!07/01/1876 – 07/01/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonSalemWeekly Oregon Statesman New!09/08/1876 – 09/08/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandWeekly Standard New!09/29/1876 – 09/29/18761Newspaper Archives
OregonMcMinnvilleYamhill County Reporter New!09/10/1874 – 09/14/18762Newspaper Archives
OregonPortlandNBC – 8 KGW New!01/02/2019 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphia Gazette02/19/1836 – 06/25/1844604Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaUnited States’ Gazette for the Country03/23/1824 – 03/21/1846471Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPittsburghDaily Union New!11/10/1852 – 06/22/1858981Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaDemocratic Press New!07/13/1807 – 11/24/1820608Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaLutheran Observer New!01/04/1867 – 12/29/1876308Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaSun New!04/24/1843 – 01/22/18561804Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaLewistownTrue Democrat New!01/08/1845 – 09/14/1876733Newspaper Archives
Rhode IslandProvidenceDaily Transcript and Chronicle New!02/14/1844 – 04/13/1847803Newspaper Archives

Genealogy Tip: One of the ways to take advantage of the fact that GenealogyBank is always adding new content is to use a feature on the newspapers’ search results page that lets you search just on the content added since a certain time. With this feature, found along the left-hand side of the search results page, you can search only on the newest content – even newspaper articles GenealogyBank added within the past week!

A screenshot of GenealogyBank’s search results page showing the feature allowing you to search only on newly-added content

GenealogyBank adds new content to its Historical Newspaper Archives constantly, so keep searching. And good luck with your family history research!

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