Handy Quick List: 15 Hartford, Connecticut Newspapers Now Online

GenealogyBank is ever growing – we now have over 15 Hartford, Connecticut newspapers online to help with your ancestry research. That’s a lot of local city papers!

Here is the complete list of Hartford, CT newspapers in our historical archives. The recent CT newspaper expansion includes back issues of the Hartford Daily Courant which is the oldest U.S. newspaper still being published — established in 1764.

CityTitleDate RangeCollection
HartfordConnecticut Courant10/29/1764 – 12/28/1850Historical Newspapers
HartfordHartford Daily Courant2/3/1840 – 10/25/1914Historical Newspapers
HartfordAmerican Mercury7/12/1784 – 6/25/1833Historical Newspapers
HartfordConnecticut Mirror7/10/1809 – 12/15/1832Historical Newspapers
HartfordTimes1/1/1817 – 12/26/1840Historical Newspapers
HartfordReligious Inquirer11/10/1821 – 11/7/1835Historical Newspapers
HartfordPatriot and Eagle3/7/1835 – 12/30/1837Historical Newspapers
HartfordHartford Gazette1/13/1794 – 3/19/1795Historical Newspapers
HartfordTimes & Weekly Advertiser1/12/1829 – 12/28/1829Historical Newspapers
HartfordHartford Times2/6/1832 – 8/16/1864Historical Newspapers
HartfordConnecticut Observer1/11/1825 – 10/3/1831Historical Newspapers
HartfordCommercial Record1/25/2008 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
HartfordHartford News4/4/2007 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
HartfordHartford Courant7/9/1991 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries
HartfordHartford Advocate11/7/2002 – CurrentNewspaper Obituaries

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