Handy Quick List: 25 New Orleans, Louisiana, Newspapers Now Online

GenealogyBank is growing fast—we now have over 25 New Orleans, Louisiana, newspapers online. That’s a lot of local city papers to research your ancestry from the largest city in Louisiana!

collage of New Orleans newspapers
Collage of New Orleans newspapers

Trace your genealogy from “The Big Easy,” one of the most interesting, diverse, multi-lingual and multi-cultural metropolitan areas in the U.S. Here is the complete list of New Orleans, LA, newspapers currently available in our online archives, providing coverage from 1805 to 1988.

Let the good times roll: “Laissez les bons temps rouler.” Start researching your roots in LA now.

NewspaperDate RangeCollection
Abeille1/3/1829 – 12/27/1831Newspaper Archives
Black Republican4/15/1865 – 5/20/1865Newspaper Archives
Courrier de la Louisiane1/1/1821 – 1/14/1824Newspaper Archives
Daily Delta6/17/1846 – 2/14/1863Newspaper Archives
Daily True Delta5/23/1857 – 12/31/1864Newspaper Archives
Inside New Orleans5/1/1965 – 5/1/1965Newspaper Archives
Jeffersonian5/30/1842 – 5/30/1842Newspaper Archives
Jeffersonian Republican12/21/1844 – 3/30/1847Newspaper Archives
Louisiana Advertiser4/19/1820 – 11/3/1827Newspaper Archives
Louisiana State Gazette11/11/1825 – 12/7/1826Newspaper Archives
L’Union9/27/1862 – 7/19/1864Newspaper Archives
Misisipi10/12/1808 – 10/12/1808Newspaper Archives
New Orleans Argus1/19/1828 – 9/29/1832Newspaper Archives
New Orleans Daily Creole7/1/1856 – 1/10/1857Newspaper Archives
New Orleans Item7/6/1877 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
New Orleans States1/1/1916 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
New Orleans Times1/1/1865 – 9/30/1878Newspaper Archives
New Orleans Tribune7/21/1864 – 2/28/1869Newspaper Archives
New Orleans Weekly Times2/18/1865 – 12/28/1867Newspaper Archives
Orleans Gazette & Commercial Advertiser6/11/1805 – 12/31/1819Newspaper Archives
Sunday Delta9/28/1856 – 3/25/1860Newspaper Archives
Times-Picayune1/25/1837 – 12/31/1988Newspaper Archives
True Delta5/27/1862 – 7/30/1862Newspaper Archives
Weekly Louisianian12/18/1870 – 6/17/1882Newspaper Archives
Weekly Pelican12/4/1886 – 11/23/1889Newspaper Archives


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