Handy Quick List: 10 Trenton, New Jersey, Newspapers Now Online

GenealogyBank continues to grow every day—we now have 10 Trenton, New Jersey, newspapers online. That’s a lot of local papers to research your family history from New Jersey’s capital city.

Trenton New Jersey Newspapers Archive

Trenton, N.J., was the site of George Washington’s first victory during the Revolutionary War, the important Battle of Trenton, when Washington led his men over the icy Delaware River the day after Christmas, 1776. The city proudly carries the nickname “Turning Point of the Revolution.”

Interesting bit of U.S. history trivia: Trenton was once the capital of the United States, albeit briefly, in November and December 1784.

Trace your genealogy from this historical New Jersey city. Here is the complete list of Trenton, NJ, newspapers currently available in our online archives, providing coverage from 1792 to today.

Miscellany6/10/1805 – 12/2/1805Newspaper Archives
New Jersey State Gazette9/19/1792 – 12/31/1799Newspaper Archives
Sentinel6/26/1880 – 11/13/1882Newspaper Archives
Times3/21/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Trenton Evening Times1/7/1883 – 3/15/1993Newspaper Archives
Trenton Federalist12/2/1800 – 12/27/1824Newspaper Archives
Trenton State Gazette1/12/1847 – 12/31/1898Newspaper Archives
Trenton Sunday Times-Advertiser11/6/1938 – 8/26/1973Newspaper Archives
Trentonian4/12/2000 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
True American3/10/1801 – 9/21/1818Newspaper Archives

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