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GenealogyBank – with more than 8,000 newspapers, the Social Security Death Index, and thousands of historical books and government records – has the content to help you discover your ancestors’ stories. But we want to make sure that material is as accessible and easy to use as possible.

That’s where you come in.

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We’d love to hear your feedback: let’s set up a phone conversation for you to tell us what improvements you’d like to see on our website. We’re interested in hearing how you use GenealogyBank in particular, or how you do genealogy research in general.

Product Manager Barrett Golay created an easy way for you to have a conversation with us. Barrett has set up an online calendar where you can schedule a quick phone session with him or a member of our product team.

Just click on this link to access Barrett’s calendar and reserve a time for your phone conversation:

Barrett will call you at the time you select for a chat: an opportunity to ask us questions or give your comments.

If you’d prefer to email us your questions or feedback, use this link:

Thanks in advance for initiating this phone conversation: your feedback is important to us!

2 thoughts on “GenealogyBank Would Love to Hear from You!

  1. My biggest complaint is that even though there are spaces for full names and years, they mean nothing. The site goes by the last name only and sometimes, as in the surname “Dennis,” I end up with articles about Dennis first name and last. Years mean nothing and there are 1800 articles with 1997 articles. Takes a LOT of looking. BUT I must also say that with all that looking, I found some VERY interesting pieces for genealogy stories. While it needs “tightening” on these issues, if possible, this has been one of the best websites I use.

    1. Frances – Newspapers are a great source for information. However, we know the way we search newspapers can be challenging. Sometimes it is more effective to search by last name, as you have mentioned. It is not that searching by last name is the ONLY way to find what you are looking for, but sometimes it is more effective. We recommend that you first start broad by beginning your search using only the first and last name of your
      ancestor. It may be tempting to enter additional information all at once such as specific dates, middle or maiden names. However, every word or name entered into a search field must be contained in the actual newspaper article in order for it to be retrieved as a match. In other words, if the word or name you’re searching for is not contained in the newspaper article itself, GenealogyBank will not recognize it as a match. If you can find what you are looking for by being more specific, then that is wonderful! Otherwise, this is a good tip to help you with your research in newspapers. It takes time, but it’s worth it! Here is a link for our search tips to help with ways of using the site: Hopefully this will help you find the articles you are looking for. Thanks for being a member of

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