GenealogyBank Dramatically Expands Its Newspaper Collection!!

I was excited to see that GenealogyBank has just added over 100 historical newspapers new to its collection – expanding content in all 50 states. We’ve added over 13 million family records from 1803-1901.

Click here to see a list of these newly-added newspapers included in our overall monthly update list, or see the end of this article for a list of just these newly-added historical titles. Wow!

I found this article in the New Hampshire Statesman, one of the newspapers just added to GenealogyBank. It says that Gideon O. Dixon was “expelled” from the Macdonough Lodge in Essex, Chittenden County, Vermont, on “January 10th, 5827.”

An article about Gideon Dixon, New-Hampshire Statesman newspaper article 10 February 1827
New-Hampshire Statesman (Concord, New Hampshire), 10 February 1827, page 3

What was that year again?

I quickly realized that must be a Masonic dating device that would add to the air of mystery that surrounds Masonry. Looking at Wikipedia, I found that “Anno Lucis (in the Year of Light) is a dating system used in Masonic ceremonial or commemorative proceedings, which is equivalent to the Gregorian year plus 4,000.”

I had never heard of that before.

GenealogyBank is constantly adding more newspapers and filling in the gaps in newspaper runs that are already in our online collection.

Wow – it’s a great day for genealogy! Thank you GenealogyBank for constantly adding more and more newspapers.

Here is a list of the historical newspapers new to GenealogyBank’s collection:

StateCityTitleCoverage Added Issues Added Collection
AlabamaMobileAlabama Planter07/21/1851 – 03/27/1858


60Newspaper Archives
AlabamaMobileMerchants and Planters Price Current and Shipping List12/07/1839 – 09/01/1860


216Newspaper Archives
AlaskaSitkaAlaska Herald09/26/1892 – 07/21/1894


2Newspaper Archives
ArizonaPhoenixPhoenix Daily Herald10/02/1879 – 11/09/1882729Newspaper Archives
ArizonaPinal CityDrill05/29/1880 – 08/14/188010Newspaper Archives
ArkansasLittle RockArkansas Banner12/03/1845 – 09/09/184614Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaSacramentoSacramento Daily Union04/28/1851 – 02/20/1875


6039Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaStocktonDaily Evening Herald07/05/1865 – 09/18/18762521Newspaper Archives
ConnecticutBridgeportBridgeport Standard02/19/1857 – 12/10/1860613Newspaper Archives
ConnecticutBridgeportTri-weekly Standard01/16/1850 – 07/24/1854322Newspaper Archives
DelawareWilmingtonDelaware Register, or, Farmers’, Manufacturers’ and Mechanics’ Advocate11/01/1828 – 10/24/182952Newspaper Archives
DelawareWilmingtonWilmington Daily Commercial12/18/1866 – 12/30/1876


2704Newspaper Archives
District Of ColumbiaWashington (DC)Daily Globe01/01/1844 – 12/30/1844204Newspaper Archives
District Of ColumbiaWashington (DC)Weekly Union05/10/1845 – 06/25/1857601Newspaper Archives
FloridaSaint JoselphSt. Joseph Times01/05/1839 – 09/12/184034Newspaper Archives
FloridaTallahasseeSouthern Journal01/27/1846 – 01/01/1849111Newspaper Archives
GeorgiaNew TownCherokee Phoenix02/21/1828 – 05/31/1834249Newspaper Archives
HawaiiHonoluluKa Elele04/01/1845 – 07/04/1855


30Newspaper Archives
IdahoNampaNampa Progress03/01/1890 – 11/01/189010Newspaper Archives
IllinoisNashvilleNashville Journal02/13/1863 – 10/20/1870362Newspaper Archives
IllinoisPeoriaPeoria Democratic Press04/28/1841 – 06/11/1851250Newspaper Archives
IllinoisPeoriaPeoria Register and North-western Gazetteer11/18/1837 – 03/31/1843


154Newspaper Archives
IndianaLafayetteLafayette Daily Journal09/03/1853 – 11/20/1876


2328Newspaper Archives
IndianaNew HarmonyNew Harmony Gazette10/01/1825 – 11/19/1828150Newspaper Archives
IowaDavenportDaily Gazette06/06/1860 – 12/31/1863


186Newspaper Archives
IowaDubuqueDubuque Daily Times02/23/1862 – 12/31/1876


1819Newspaper Archives
IowaIowa CityIowa Republican05/02/1849 – 10/18/1854167Newspaper Archives
KansasTopekaCommonwealth07/09/1875 – 11/20/1880


283Newspaper Archives
KentuckyLouisvilleDaily Kentuckian01/01/1843 – 11/08/1843160Newspaper Archives
KentuckyLouisvilleLouisville Daily Democrat10/28/1844 – 06/18/1867


2260Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansNew-Orleans Commercial Bulletin12/21/1832 – 10/07/1871


1253Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansNew-Orleans Price-Current and Commercial Intelligencer10/22/1842 – 03/08/1870


747Newspaper Archives
LouisianaVidaliaConcordia Intelligencer05/18/1844 – 11/16/1860


472Newspaper Archives
MaineBangorDaily Commercial Advertiser08/20/1835 – 05/25/1836190Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreBaltimore Republican05/21/1829 – 12/31/1832710Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreBaltimore Saturday Visiter01/16/1841 – 04/03/1847320Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonBoston Statesman12/01/1827 – 12/15/1838265Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Register04/20/1821 – 12/31/1836799Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsHinghamHingham Patriot07/02/1838 – 12/29/1848525Newspaper Archives
MichiganDetroitDetroit Advertiser and Tribune01/10/1865 – 10/11/1877628Newspaper Archives
MichiganMarquetteMining Journal05/17/1856 – 02/06/185848Newspaper Archives
MichiganMonroeMonroe Times01/19/1837 – 10/04/183813Newspaper Archives
MinnesotaSt. PaulMinnesota Chronicle and Register09/01/1849 – 02/10/185149Newspaper Archives
MinnesotaSt. PaulSaint Paul Daily Times05/26/1854 – 05/14/1857388Newspaper Archives
MississippiAberdeenWeekly Independent03/10/1849 – 03/16/185049Newspaper Archives
MississippiJacksonMississippian02/21/1834 – 03/24/1848


77Newspaper Archives
MississippiNatchezNatchez Daily Courier01/01/1836 – 05/12/1842


262Newspaper Archives
MissouriHannibalHannibal Daily Messenger09/03/1861 – 05/11/1862204Newspaper Archives
MissouriSt. LouisDaily Missouri Democrat02/14/1857 – 05/19/18754613Newspaper Archives
MontanaWhite Sulphur SpringsRocky Mountain Husbandman01/29/1880 – 08/10/1899


66Newspaper Archives
NebraskaLincolnDaily Nebraska State Journal07/01/1888 – 10/03/1890808Newspaper Archives
NevadaVirginia CityVirginia Evening Chronicle05/04/1876 – 12/28/1886


94Newspaper Archives
New HampshireConcordNew-Hampshire Statesman10/22/1825 – 12/31/1831234Newspaper Archives
New HampshireConcordState Capital Reporter01/01/1852 – 09/05/1854268Newspaper Archives
New HampshireLancasterCoos Republican12/11/1855 – 09/12/1876


402Newspaper Archives
New JerseyJersey CityDaily Telegraph05/16/1851 – 11/08/1856


705Newspaper Archives
New JerseyPatersonPaterson Daily Register05/06/1861 – 08/02/1862242Newspaper Archives
New JerseyPrincetonPrinceton Standard01/02/1863 – 12/31/1869


118Newspaper Archives
New JerseyPrincetonPrinceton Whig, and Somerset and Middlesex Advertiser01/08/1836 – 12/29/1837103Newspaper Archives
New MexicoAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Morning Democrat01/01/1883 – 12/31/1884568Newspaper Archives
New MexicoAlbuquerqueAlbuquerque Morning Journal09/01/1882 – 02/28/188540Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew-York American for the Country03/09/1821 – 12/30/18401992Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkWorld01/01/1861 – 12/30/18764974Newspaper Archives
North CarolinaRaleighNorth-Carolina Standard01/09/1835 – 12/14/1850780Newspaper Archives
North CarolinaRaleighRaleigh Register and North-Carolina Gazette11/18/1823 – 12/29/1843


740Newspaper Archives
North CarolinaWilmingtonDaily Journal11/29/1852 – 09/16/1876


2749Newspaper Archives
North DakotaFargoFargo Daily Argus01/04/1882 – 12/30/1882292Newspaper Archives
North DakotaFargoFargo Times07/10/1875 – 11/03/18774Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiDaily Cincinnati Republican06/24/1823 – 04/28/1842


314Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiNational Republican and Daily Mercantile Advertiser01/03/1831 – 03/29/1832185Newspaper Archives
OregonAstoriaTri-weekly Astorian07/29/1873 – 10/07/187319Newspaper Archives
OregonEugenePacific Journal06/26/1858 – 10/30/18587Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaDaily Pennsylvanian09/29/1832 – 05/07/1859


3288Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaDollar Newspaper08/23/1843 – 12/21/18641085Newspaper Archives
Rhode IslandPawtucketPawtucket Chronicle and Manufacturers’ and Artizans’ Advocate11/12/1825 – 04/19/1839620Newspaper Archives
Rhode IslandProvidenceRepublican Herald12/15/1832 – 12/04/18521117Newspaper Archives
South CarolinaPort RoyalNew South03/15/1862 – 06/09/186678Newspaper Archives
South CarolinaPort RoyalPalmetto Herald03/03/1864 – 12/29/186414Newspaper Archives
South DakotaDeadwoodBlack Hills Daily Pioneer01/15/1878 – 03/31/1882


453Newspaper Archives
South DakotaDeadwoodBlack Hills Daily Times11/23/1877 – 11/23/18771Newspaper Archives
South DakotaMinerMiner Sentinel08/11/1882 – 11/09/188364Newspaper Archives
TennesseeMemphisMemphis Daily Eagle and Enquirer01/01/1852 – 06/29/18581093Newspaper Archives
TennesseeNashvilleNashville Union03/26/1839 – 12/30/1847


338Newspaper Archives
TennesseeNashvilleWeekly Nashville Union04/22/1846 – 03/24/184715Newspaper Archives
TexasAustinDaily State Gazette10/24/1867 – 11/21/186725Newspaper Archives
TexasAustinTri-Weekly State Gazette06/09/1863 – 11/27/1872


386Newspaper Archives
UtahSalt Lake CityBikuben10/02/1879 – 09/24/1885257Newspaper Archives
UtahSalt Lake CitySalt Lake Herald09/24/1872 – 12/25/1887


73Newspaper Archives
VermontMontpelierChristian Messenger01/05/1848 – 12/26/184947Newspaper Archives
VermontWoodstockVermont Mercury04/06/1837 – 02/08/1855669Newspaper Archives
VirginiaLynchburgLynchburg Daily Virginian08/10/1852 – 01/10/1876


398Newspaper Archives
VirginiaLynchburgLynchburg Virginian01/07/1828 – 11/30/1848


1303Newspaper Archives
WashingtonSeattleWeekly Pacific Tribune06/25/1875 – 01/26/1879137Newspaper Archives
WashingtonTacomaWeekly Pacific Tribune04/02/1875 – 06/11/18758Newspaper Archives
West VirginiaCeredoCeredo Crescent10/24/1857 – 10/20/186012Newspaper Archives
West VirginiaCharles TownSpirit of Jefferson01/31/1845 – 09/12/1876


424Newspaper Archives
West VirginiaCharles TownVirginia Free Press08/09/1832 – 08/12/1876


81Newspaper Archives
West VirginiaWheelingIntelligencer01/02/1871 – 12/30/1876


1071Newspaper Archives
WisconsinChiltonChilton Times03/26/1864 – 06/09/1877558Newspaper Archives
WisconsinJanesvilleJanesville Daily Gazette03/09/1860 – 12/31/18641066Newspaper Archives
WisconsinMadisonWisconsin Argus08/22/1844 – 06/02/1852361Newspaper Archives
WyomingCheyenneCheyenne Weekly Leader08/05/1876 – 08/05/18761Newspaper Archives
WyomingCheyenneCommercial Record04/04/1868 – 04/11/18682Newspaper Archives

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