GenealogyBank adding more newspapers

GenealogyBank announces that it is adding 10 more newspapers from 9 states.
These newspapers will be added by the end of this month.

We will also be expanding the coverage of 15 newspapers that are already represented in GenealogyBank.

It’s a great day for genealogy!

And …. the month is still not over…. we have even more newspapers that we will be announcing in the days ahead.

Sign up now and see what you’ll find about your family!

AK. Anchorage
Anchorage Gazette. 1992-12-01 to 1993-01-01

2 issues; 54 pages

CT. New Haven
Black Coalition Weekly. 1972-03-06 to 1972-09-14
13 issues; 139 pages

IL. Chicago
Second Ward News. 1935-12-14 to 1938-04-02
12 issues; 66 pages

IL. Chicago
Spokesman. 1933-01-07 to 1933-03-18
10 issues; 86 pages

KS. Kansas City
Plaindealer. 1932-05-20 to 1958-11-07
709 issues; 5,761 pages

MA. Springfield
Springfield Republican. 1923-12-30 to 1946-09-26
16,861 issues; 293,612 pages

MI. Grand Rapids
Afro-American Gazette. 1991-01-01 to 1995-08-07
117 issues. 2,785 pages

NY. Albany
Sojourner-Herald. 1995-04-01 to 1998-11-01
27 issues; 463 pages

OR. Portland
Oregonian. 1923-01-01 to 1948-12-19
8,543 issues; 277,615 pages

PA. Allentown
First World News. 1993-11-01 to 1995-04-01
2 issues; 116 pages

GenealogyBank is adding more back issues to these 15 newspapers:

CA. Los Angeles
Los Angeles Tribune. 1959-01-02 to 1959-05-15
53 issues; 1,430 pages

CT. Middletown
Constitution. 1856-01-01 to 1856-12-03
34 issues; 134 pages

IN. Terre Haute
Wabash Courier. 1837-05-25 to 1850-08-24
173 issues; 697 pages

KS. Topeka
Plaindealer. 1899-01-06 to 1912-06-28
368 issues; 2,153 pages

KS. Wichita
Negro Star. 1920-05-07 to 1950-12-29
1,210 issues; 5,116 pages

LA. New Orleans
Times-Picayune. 1893-06-25
1 issue; 24 pages

MA. Boston
Boston Journal. 1893-05-02 to 1893-08-31
99 issues; 876 pages

MI. Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Gazette. 1872-03-26 to 1916-07-25
2,716 issues; 13,429 pages

NJ. Trenton
Trenton Evening Times. 1972-12-30 to 1993-03-15
13,724 issues; 614,338 pages

NY. New York
New York Herald. 1879-05-31 to 1896-04-26
681 issues; 12,364 pages

NY. New York
New York Herald-Tribune. 1856-01-01 to 1876-12-30
2,357 issues; 20,881 pages

OR. Portland
Oregonian. 1868-12-29 to 1907-05-25
1,069 issues; 10,533 pages

PA. Philadelphia
Aurora General Advertiser. 1800-01-01 to 1800-11-11
13 issues; 53 pages

TX. Dallas
Dallas Morning News. 1978-09-17 to 1978-12-28
26 issues; 1,703 pages

WI. Milwaukee
Milwaukee Star. 1968-03-02 to 1974-10-03
189 issues; 4,444 pages

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GenealogyBank adding more newspapers

GenealogyBank adds newspapers from 8 States – bringing our modern newspapers in the America’s Obituaries section up to 1,144 titles.

Courier, The (Russellville, AR)
Obituaries: 08/23/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 08/20/2008 – Current

Hot Springs Village Voice (Hot Springs, AR)
Obituaries: 09/10/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 09/03/2008 – Current

Ad Express & Daily Iowegian (Centerville, IA)
Death Notices: 01/02/2008 – 02/14/2008

Daily Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, MA)
Obituaries: 07/24/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 07/18/2008 – Current

Ludington Daily News (Ludington, MI)
Obituaries: 06/11/1998 – Current
Death Notices: 02/05/1998 – Current

Delta Democrat Times (Greenville, MS)
Obituaries: 01/11/2002 – Current
Death Notices: 01/08/2002 – Current

North Carolina
Richmond County Daily Journal (Rockingham, NC)

Obituaries: 05/05/2003 – Current
Death Notices: 05/05/2003 – Current

Duncan Banner, The (Duncan, OK)
Obituaries: 09/20/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 01/11/2008 – Current

Daily News Journal, The (Murfreesboro, TN)
Obituaries: 09/13/1999 – Current
Death Notices: 02/12/1999 – Current

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3 thoughts on “GenealogyBank adding more newspapers

  1. this is fantastic that you are making more newspapers available for genealogists to search.
    Have you considered adding papers from Puerto Rico? El mundo, el imparcial, la democracia ???
    These are no longer published and microfilms of them are available in some research libraries.
    The members of the hispanic genealogy society of NY, which I represent, would be infinitely grateful if you could do something like that. Our volunteers could help with indexing too.
    thanks very much,
    Jorge Camuñas
    past president Hispanic genealogical society of NY

  2. Hola Jorge,
    Que buena idea.
    Déjame ver lo que puedo hacer.

    We are the only site with Hispanic newspapers online. In fact we just added another 48 newspapers from 8 States yesterday. I’ll post that list in the next few days.

    There were a dozen new Hispanic newspaper titles just from New York City!

    It’s a great day for genealogy.

    Please tell the members of your Hispanic Genealogical Society of NY – There’s a special “try it out” rate for our 2nd anniversary – let’s get your members to sign-up – and underscore the need for more Hispanic newspapers.

    Adelante –

  3. Tom,

    I am enjoying all of the new newspapers (esp. historical) that you are adding the site. I think it is WONDERFUL to have these newspapers “at my fingertips”.

    That said, the increase in the number of newspapers is having a negative effect on my searches… making it increasingly difficult to isolate to a newspaper I would like to search thoroughly – primarily because the search options are restricted in a few ways:

    1) Please add a way to restrict the search to a particular newspaper – other sites do this, you display the information, so can it be easily added? I have tried the “keyword” option to enter the name of the newspaper but it is not effective in situations (like Texas) where you have a lot of newspapers and a “generic” named newspaper (“The Standard.)

    2) In conjunction to the above… allow us to easily browse newspapers by issue. One would no longer have to enter the name of the newspaper and a date range and “hope” that the OCR scanned the title correctly for every issue of the newspaper paper so he/she can access and view each page to double-check the OCR function. Additionally this would allow us to see what issues were “missing” much more easily.

    3) Lastly, this is not search related, but I believe very important. I don’t know about you… but while I am VERY familiar with the names of towns, etc. in my local area… when I begin a new area of research it takes some time to familiarize myself with all the names of the towns, etc… would it be possible to add the COUNTY to the location of the place in the newspaper listings? And while I am giving you my Christmas list… can you add an option to search by state/county? (Okay, guess I made this search-related after all.)

    Let me emphasize again… I love… I love newspapers… your site is very important to my research. I hope the above is taken in the vein of “helpful suggestions” and not as negative feedback.

    Thanks again for all that you do!


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