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GenealogyBank has the city of Duluth covered, providing newspapers from 1869 to 1922 to help with your family searches in the “North Star State.”

This was how the town looked during that period in history.

photo of Duluth, Minnesota, 1898
Photo: Duluth, Minnesota, 1898. Credit: Wikipedia.

These were exciting days for the growing Minnesota city. Duluth, situated in the heart of the country, is actually a port city because of its location on Lake Superior. Its port handled large amounts of cargo, and routinely received incoming ships from Europe and coastal American cities that travelled up the Saint Lawrence Seaway and through the Great Lakes. Duluth’s bustling port surpassed both New York and Chicago in gross tonnage handled around the beginning of the 20th century. As a result of the city’s shipping success, Duluth became home to more millionaires per capita than any other U.S. city during that time, and featured ten local city newspapers.

Did your ancestors pass through Duluth, MN, on their way to the Midwest? Did they settle and stay in the popular port city?

Dig into our online Duluth, MN, newspaper archives and see what you can find out about your family tree online now:

Budgeteer News6/9/2006 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Duluth Daily News7/2/1887 – 9/4/1892Newspaper Archives
Duluth Minnesotian4/24/1869 – 9/4/1875Newspaper Archives
Duluth Minnesotian-Herald9/11/1875 – 5/11/1878Newspaper Archives
Duluth News Tribune1/1/1995 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
Duluth News-Tribune5/16/1881 – 12/31/1922Newspaper Archives
Duluth Weekly News-Tribune1/2/1897 – 6/26/1897Newspaper Archives
Duluth Weekly Tribune1/6/1876 – 7/15/1887Newspaper Archives
Lake Superior News7/4/1878 – 1/27/1881Newspaper Archives

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