December Update: GenealogyBank Just Added over 1 Million More Records!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding over 1 million more U.S. genealogy records, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's homepage showing the announcement that over 1 million more records were added in December

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 132 newspaper titles from 32 U.S. states
  • 69 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges in the sample list below so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

To see our newspaper archives’ complete title lists, click here.

State City Title Coverage Added Collection
AlabamaHuntsvilleHuntsville Times New!09/01/1935 – 11/30/1991Newspaper Archives
ArizonaTucsonTucson Weekly New!06/09/2011 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaIdyllwildIdyllwild Town Crier01/07/1972 – 12/29/1977Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco Chronicle01/16/1865 – 08/14/1869Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaBerkeleyBerkeleyside New!10/26/2009 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco Journal of Commerce New!09/13/1876 – 09/13/1876Newspaper Archives
ConnecticutDerbyDerby Journal10/27/1853 – 10/11/1855Newspaper Archives
ConnecticutWiltonWilton Villager New!09/02/2016 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FloridaCrestviewCrestview News Bulletin New!10/09/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FloridaMiltonSanta Rosa Press Gazette New!10/11/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FloridaPort St. JoeStar New!10/31/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
FloridaChipley, BonifayWashington County News and Holmes County Times-Advertiser New!10/11/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
GeorgiaSavannahSavannah Republican Prices Current07/14/1843 – 03/29/1861Newspaper Archives
GeorgiaSavannahSavannah Georgian Shipping and Commercial Record New!05/25/1855 – 06/22/1855Newspaper Archives
IllinoisSpringfieldIllinois Weekly State Journal01/04/1860 – 02/01/1860Newspaper Archives
IllinoisChicagoChicago Railway Review04/28/1870 – 04/28/1870Newspaper Archives
IllinoisGalenaGalenian09/15/1834 – 10/06/1834Newspaper Archives
IllinoisJolietJoliet Signal04/01/1845 – 10/17/1871Newspaper Archives
IllinoisChicagoChicago Courier, Mercantile, Real Estate and Railway Advertiser New!06/09/1855 – 06/09/1855Newspaper Archives
IllinoisChicagoChicago Daily Record New!09/12/1867 – 09/12/1867Newspaper Archives
IllinoisChicagoChicago Journal of Commerce New!07/20/1871 – 12/28/1876Newspaper Archives
IllinoisChicagoChicago Market Review New!08/22/1855 – 12/02/1859Newspaper Archives
IllinoisJacksonvilleDaily Jacksonville Journal New!09/21/1866 – 03/10/1869Newspaper Archives
IllinoisFreeportFreeport Bulletin New!04/22/1858 – 02/27/1873Newspaper Archives
IllinoisOquawkaOquawka Plaindealer New!01/25/1866 – 01/25/1866Newspaper Archives
IllinoisSterlingSterling Gazette New!08/10/1861 – 08/10/1861Newspaper Archives
IndianaBloomingtonReligious Times New!01/20/1854 – 03/10/1854Newspaper Archives
IndianaAndersonWitness New!07/26/1876 – 07/26/1876Newspaper Archives
IowaBurlingtonIowa Territorial Gazette and Burlington Advertiser04/05/1845 – 11/29/1845Newspaper Archives
IowaBurlingtonHawk-eye and Iowa Patriot New!07/16/1840 – 02/16/1843Newspaper Archives
IowaIowa CityIowa Capitol Reporter New!01/20/1847 – 09/29/1852Newspaper Archives
KansasWamegoWamego Smoke Signal New!08/10/2013 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
KentuckyLexingtonLexington Herald01/30/1924 – 07/12/1926Newspaper Archives
KentuckyLexingtonLexington Leader05/01/1965 – 09/16/1981Newspaper Archives
KentuckyMaysvilleKanawha River Traveler New!04/16/1870 – 04/16/1870Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansNew-Orleans Price-Current and Commercial Intelligencer01/24/1824 – 09/13/1876Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansLevy’s Letter Sheet Price-Current03/23/1839 – 03/23/1839Newspaper Archives
LouisianaNew OrleansMerchants’ Transcript and New-Orleans Price Current11/06/1841 – 03/09/1842Newspaper Archives
MaineAugustaGospel Banner11/01/1862 – 12/28/1867Newspaper Archives
MaineBelfastMaine Farmer and Political Register08/04/1830 – 09/22/1830Newspaper Archives
MaineGardinerChristian Intelligencer and Eastern Chronicle New!01/05/1827 – 04/11/1834Newspaper Archives
MaineAugustaMaine Farmer New!07/11/1844 – 12/18/1869Newspaper Archives
MaineGardinerMaine Rural New!02/19/1859 – 04/07/1860Newspaper Archives
MaineBrunswickMaine Baptist Herald New!05/24/1825 – 11/27/1827Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreAmerican and Commercial Daily Advertiser01/01/1828 – 06/30/1842Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreKatholische Volkszeitung09/23/1876 – 09/23/1876Newspaper Archives
MarylandBaltimoreCatholic Mirror New!09/30/1876 – 09/30/1876Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Watchman10/20/1870 – 03/18/1875Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonCongregationalist09/03/1858 – 08/30/1876Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsNew BedfordWhaleman’s Shipping List and Merchants’ Transcript04/02/1867 – 02/18/1873Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonBoston Semi-weekly Atlas01/03/1846 – 04/03/1850Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsWorcesterChristian Citizen02/01/1845 – 07/25/1846Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Reflector03/28/1844 – 05/27/1847Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonChristian Witness and Church Advocate07/02/1847 – 10/18/1867Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsDedhamDedham Patriot01/19/1837 – 07/11/1839Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonFinancial Record05/22/1874 – 10/30/1874Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonGoward’s Real Estate Register10/17/1857 – 02/27/1858Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsNew BedfordIndependent Press11/22/1854 – 12/19/1855Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonNew England Artisan, and Farmer’s, Mechanic’s and Laboring-man’s Repository08/08/1833 – 08/30/1834Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonNew England Postal Record12/05/1868 – 06/18/1870Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonNew England Puritan01/06/1842 – 01/20/1842Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsGrotonRailroad Mercury01/26/1860 – 09/19/1861Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonUnion Jack! Or, Sailor’s Log Book03/10/1849 – 03/10/1849Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonWeekly American Workman05/15/1869 – 10/21/1871Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonAnti-Universalist New!01/14/1829 – 04/28/1830Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsPittsfieldCulturist and Gazette New!01/02/1850 – 05/27/1857Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsConwayFarmer’s Register New!04/07/1798 – 10/27/1798Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsMilfordIndependent Messenger New!01/01/1831 – 12/30/1831Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsNewburyportChristian Herald New!04/08/1847 – 03/29/1849Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsBostonFreedman’s Journal New!03/01/1865 – 03/01/1865Newspaper Archives
MassachusettsNorthamptonOld Hampshire Post New!05/01/1827 – 04/22/1828Newspaper Archives
MichiganLansingLegislative Journal New!01/19/1864 – 02/04/1864Newspaper Archives
MississippiHandsboroHandsboro Democrat New!07/01/1876 – 07/01/1876Newspaper Archives
MissouriSt. LouisSt. Louis Daily Market Reporter01/02/1867 – 12/31/1868Newspaper Archives
MissouriPerryvillePerryville Weekly Union New!01/28/1876 – 01/28/1876Newspaper Archives
MissouriKansas CityTagliche Post und Tribune New!08/25/1876 – 08/27/1876Newspaper Archives
NationalNationalDefense News New!11/21/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
NationalNationalNavy Times New!08/06/2001 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
NationalNationalArmy Times New!05/24/1999 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
New HampshirePortsmouthNew-Hampshire Gazette05/10/1792 – 05/17/1792Newspaper Archives
New HampshireExeterExeter News-Letter and Rockingham Advertiser01/07/1840 – 04/19/1842Newspaper Archives
New HampshireKeeneFarmer’s Museum11/25/1847 – 11/25/1847Newspaper Archives
New HampshireConcordIndependent Democrat08/09/1849 – 01/05/1871Newspaper Archives
New HampshireExeterChristian Journal New!04/02/1835 – 04/01/1847Newspaper Archives
New JerseyJersey CityJersey Journal01/03/1977 – 06/30/1977Newspaper Archives
New JerseyFlemingtonHunterdon Gazette, and Farmer’s Advertiser New!07/19/1826 – 11/08/1826Newspaper Archives
New JerseyJersey CitySylvester’s Reporter New!09/28/1840 – 09/28/1840Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkHodges’ Journal of Finance and Bank Note Reporter03/21/1857 – 12/12/1859Newspaper Archives
New YorkNorwichRepublican Agriculturalist06/17/1819 – 06/17/1819Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkChurch Journal05/22/1861 – 04/17/1867Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkColburn’s Railroad Advocate10/27/1855 – 08/02/1856Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkFinancial Record and Investor’s Manual02/25/1874 – 12/31/1874Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew-Yorker Handels-Zeitung07/01/1876 – 12/30/1876Newspaper Archives
New YorkAuburnGospel Messenger New!01/20/1827 – 04/27/1833Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkWorking Man’s Advocate New!01/10/1846 – 05/12/1849Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkSpiritual Telegraph New!04/04/1857 – 09/04/1858Newspaper Archives
North DakotaLisbonLisbon Star New!09/19/1884 – 10/10/1884Newspaper Archives
OhioLimaAllen County Democrat07/03/1861 – 12/10/1862Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiCatholic Telegraph01/16/1845 – 12/28/1848Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiCincinnati Price-current09/08/1852 – 03/02/1853Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiPresbyter01/03/1861 – 12/28/1864Newspaper Archives
OhioLisbonBuckeye State New!09/28/1876 – 09/28/1876Newspaper Archives
OhioMansfieldRichland Shield and Banner New!08/25/1852 – 08/25/1852Newspaper Archives
OhioColumbusColumbus Dispatch New!01/01/1940 – 06/01/1956Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaGrotjan’s Philadelphia Public-Sale Report11/15/1824 – 11/15/1824Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaDoylestownPennsylvania Correspondent, and Farmers’ Advertiser01/23/1815 – 01/23/1815Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaCatholic Herald01/03/1833 – 09/06/1849Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaPhiladelphian07/20/1827 – 12/26/1833Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaUnited States Commercial and Statistical Register New!02/13/1839 – 06/29/1842Newspaper Archives
Rhode IslandPawtucketBusiness Directory New!04/30/1853 – 04/30/1853Newspaper Archives
Rhode IslandProvidenceRhode Island Free Democrat New!11/25/1852 – 11/11/1853Newspaper Archives
South CarolinaColumbiaState01/12/1917 – 09/30/1985Newspaper Archives
TennesseeNashvilleCommercial and Legal Reporter New!09/13/1876 – 09/13/1876Newspaper Archives
TennesseeNashvilleLegislative Union and American New!10/12/1857 – 03/16/1858Newspaper Archives
TennesseeNashvilleBaptist New!07/01/1838 – 01/01/1839Newspaper Archives
VermontMontpelierChristian Messenger01/07/1852 – 12/18/1873Newspaper Archives
VermontBrattleboroVermont Record and Farmer01/02/1874 – 12/29/1876Newspaper Archives
VermontWoodstockGreen Mountain Farmer New!03/14/1856 – 02/27/1857Newspaper Archives
VermontNorthfieldStar of Vermont and Farmer’s Register New!10/21/1854 – 10/20/1855Newspaper Archives
VirginiaRichmondDaily State Journal New!06/13/1870 – 06/13/1870Newspaper Archives
VirginiaFarmvilleFarmville Mercury, and Official Advertiser for Prince Edward, Cumberland, Buckingham, Appomatox and Neighboring Counties New!06/15/1876 – 06/15/1876Newspaper Archives
VirginiaRichmondNational Virginian New!01/27/1871 – 01/27/1871Newspaper Archives
WashingtonPuyallupPuyallup Commerce. Hop Reporter and Fruit Journal05/14/1887 – 08/04/1888Newspaper Archives
WashingtonTacomaTacoma Commerce New!05/15/1886 – 04/30/1887Newspaper Archives
WisconsinMilwaukeeMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel02/16/1957 – 06/20/1962Newspaper Archives
WisconsinJanesvilleJanesville Daily Gazette07/01/1865 – 10/21/1876Newspaper Archives
WisconsinMilwaukeeDaily Milwaukee News06/10/1871 – 12/31/1873Newspaper Archives
WisconsinMadisonMadison Daily Democrat01/20/1871 – 07/11/1873Newspaper Archives
WisconsinLa CrosseDaily Republican and Leader New!10/09/1874 – 01/08/1876Newspaper Archives
WisconsinDurandDurand Weekly Times New!09/01/1876 – 09/01/1876Newspaper Archives
WisconsinKenoshaKenosha Union New!07/27/1876 – 07/27/1876Newspaper Archives
WisconsinEllsworthPierce County Herald New!08/23/1876 – 08/23/1876Newspaper Archives

Genealogy Tip: One of the ways to take advantage of the fact that GenealogyBank is constantly adding new content is to use a feature on the newspapers’ search box that lets you search just on the content added since a certain time:

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's newspaper search page showing the ability to seach only on the most recently added content

GenealogyBank adds millions of new records monthly, so keep searching. And good luck with your family history research!

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