August Update: GenealogyBank Just Added New Content for 88 Titles!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding new content for 88 titles from 19 states and the District of Columbia, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's homepage showing the announcement for new content added in August 2017

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:

  • A total of 88 titles from 19 states and the District of Columbia
  • 65 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • We’ve shown the newspaper issue date ranges in the list below so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research

To see our newspaper archives’ complete title list of more than 7,000 newspapers, click here.

Here is the complete title list of the content newly added in August.

StateCityTitleCoverage Added Issues Added Collection
CaliforniaEl CentroImperial Valley press New!07/23/1907 – 12/31/1910175Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaEl CentroImperial Valley press and the Imperial press New!03/24/1906 – 07/17/190760Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaImperialImperial press New!04/04/1903 – 09/30/190585Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaImperialImperial press New!04/20/1901 – 10/26/190127Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaImperialImperial press and farmer New!11/02/1901 – 03/14/190345Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaJacksonAmador Weekly Ledger New!01/05/1900 – 12/30/1910564Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaLa JollaLa Jolla Light New!01/03/2007 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
CaliforniaLlanoLlano Colonist New!03/11/1922 – 12/30/192240Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaLos AngelesLos Angeles Daily Herald New!10/02/1873 – 12/31/19109258Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaSacramentoSacramento Daily Union01/01/1880 – 12/31/18996528Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaSan FranciscoCall-chronicle-examiner New!04/19/1906 – 04/19/19061Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaSan FranciscoSan Francisco Call Bulletin New!04/01/1890 – 12/31/19138454Newspaper Archives
CaliforniaSanta AnaOrange County Register, The: Blogs New!01/19/2006 – 04/05/2017Recent Obituaries
ConnecticutBridgeportBridgeport Evening Farmer01/02/1909 – 12/30/19224285Newspaper Archives
ConnecticutDanburyRepublican Farmer04/02/1909 – 08/13/1920130Newspaper Archives
ConnecticutNew HavenMorning Journal and Courier New!01/01/1880 – 12/31/19088627Newspaper Archives
ConnecticutNorwichNorwich Morning Bulletin01/01/1909 – 12/30/19224379Newspaper Archives
DelawareMiddletownMiddletown transcript New!01/04/1868 – 12/30/19222128Newspaper Archives
DelawareWilmingtonDaily Gazette New!04/02/1872 – 12/07/18833567Newspaper Archives
District Of ColumbiaWashington (DC)Evening Star10/09/1854 – 12/31/192221930Newspaper Archives
District Of ColumbiaWashington (DC)New National Era New!01/13/1870 – 09/01/187034Newspaper Archives
FloridaArcadiaChampion New!01/04/1906 – 12/24/190898Newspaper Archives
FloridaArcadiaDe Soto County news New!08/11/1905 – 12/28/1916114Newspaper Archives
FloridaChipleyChipley banner New!06/19/1897 – 12/26/1912337Newspaper Archives
FloridaCrawfordvilleGulf Coast breeze New!06/04/1897 – 07/23/191586Newspaper Archives
FloridaDaytona BeachDaytona Daily News New!01/02/1905 – 02/27/19221278Newspaper Archives
FloridaDaytona BeachDaytona Gazette=News New!01/05/1901 – 12/25/1909463Newspaper Archives
FloridaDe LandDe Land News New!01/01/1903 – 12/31/1909183Newspaper Archives
FloridaFernandinaNassau County leader New!01/17/1896 – 04/14/192220Newspaper Archives
FloridaFort PierceFort Pierce news New!11/16/1906 – 12/08/1911171Newspaper Archives
FloridaGainesvilleGainesville star New!05/01/1903 – 10/04/1904147Newspaper Archives
FloridaGainesvilleGainesville Sun New!01/01/1905 – 12/31/19091584Newspaper Archives
FloridaJacksonvilleFlorida agriculturist New!11/01/1905 – 08/29/190644Newspaper Archives
FloridaLive OakLive Oak daily Democrat New!08/27/1906 – 12/27/1907182Newspaper Archives
FloridaMadisonEnterprise-recorder New!06/25/1908 – 08/30/1912214Newspaper Archives
FloridaMadisonNew enterprise New!09/05/1901 – 06/18/1908300Newspaper Archives
FloridaOcalaOcala Banner New!01/04/1901 – 12/31/1909467Newspaper Archives
FloridaOcalaOcala Evening Star New!06/24/1895 – 12/30/19228002Newspaper Archives
FloridaOcalaOcaleean ensign / New!01/31/1918 – 05/09/19186Newspaper Archives
FloridaPalatkaPalatka daily news New!10/18/1919 – 12/31/1922467Newspaper Archives
FloridaPalatkaPalatka daily news New!03/01/1884 – 03/04/1888905Newspaper Archives
FloridaPalatkaPalatka news New!03/24/1905 – 12/27/190793Newspaper Archives
FloridaPalatkaPalatka news and advertiser New!01/09/1902 – 03/17/1905164Newspaper Archives
FloridaPalatkaPalatka news and advertiser New!01/07/1910 – 12/28/1917407Newspaper Archives
FloridaPanama CityPanama City Pilot New!05/30/1907 – 12/31/190884Newspaper Archives
FloridaPensacolaPensacola Journal New!01/01/1905 – 12/31/19225734Newspaper Archives
FloridaPensacolaPensacola News New!02/02/1900 – 04/19/190064Newspaper Archives
FloridaPunta GordaPunta Gorda herald New!01/10/1902 – 12/29/1922523Newspaper Archives
FloridaStarkeBradford County telegraph New!02/22/1895 – 12/09/191096Newspaper Archives
FloridaTallahasseeMorning sun New!04/01/1907 – 06/05/190995Newspaper Archives
FloridaTitusvilleFlorida Star New!01/05/1900 – 01/07/1910260Newspaper Archives
GeorgiaAugustaAugusta Chronicle, The: Web Edition Articles New!01/07/2005 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
IllinoisPeoriaJournal Star09/06/1975 – 08/31/19884281Newspaper Archives
KentuckyDanvilleWestern Presbyterian New!05/10/1866 – 05/10/18661Newspaper Archives
MainePortlandChristian Mirror08/12/1873 – 12/25/187583Newspaper Archives
MichiganAnn ArborAnn Arbor Democrat New!09/12/1878 – 10/07/18981017Newspaper Archives
MichiganAnn ArborAnn Arbor Local News New!07/21/1857 – 08/21/1860152Newspaper Archives
MichiganAnn ArborMichigan Argus02/12/1835 – 10/10/18791882Newspaper Archives
MichiganBay CityBay City Daily Tribune New!05/01/1895 – 12/31/19464154Newspaper Archives
MichiganBay CityEvening Press New!03/22/1880 – 05/15/18913241Newspaper Archives
MichiganYpsilantiYpsilanti Commercial03/11/1864 – 11/25/1882632Newspaper Archives
New HampshireConcordCongregational Journal01/05/1843 – 12/25/1862997Newspaper Archives
New HampshireGilfordReformer New!02/14/1832 – 02/14/18321Newspaper Archives
New JerseyBridgetonDollar Weekly News New!05/10/1879 – 12/28/1906598Newspaper Archives
New YorkAlbanyChristian Herald and Messenger05/03/1855 – 01/01/185762Newspaper Archives
New YorkAuburnNorthern Christian Advocate New!12/20/1848 – 09/21/186454Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkAmerican Baptist01/18/1859 – 05/18/186952Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkExaminer and Chronicle03/02/1865 – 04/06/1876140Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkMetropolitan Record and New York Vindicator01/03/1863 – 12/26/186352Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew York Evangelist01/09/1873 – 01/09/18731Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew York Freeman’s Journal01/01/1854 – 06/28/185452Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkNew-York Observer08/30/1823 – 07/12/18771725Newspaper Archives
New YorkNew YorkProtestant Churchman07/04/1867 – 12/31/186854Newspaper Archives
New YorkSyracuseGospel Messenger New!01/04/1872 – 10/10/187241Newspaper Archives
New YorkUticaGospel Messenger and Church Record of Western New-York03/12/1868 – 12/21/1871145Newspaper Archives
New YorkWoodstockWoodstock Times New!01/05/2017 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
OhioChillicotheWeekly Recorder11/22/1815 – 11/22/18151Newspaper Archives
OhioCincinnatiChristian Herald and Presbyterian Recorder New!06/26/1862 – 06/26/18621Newspaper Archives
OhioMansfieldRichland Source New!06/18/2013 – CurrentRecent Obituaries
PennsylvaniaChambersburgGerman Reformed Messenger12/13/1848 – 10/29/1862232Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaCatholic Standard04/22/1871 – 12/25/1875128Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaChristian Instructor and Western United Presbyterian New!11/22/1873 – 10/26/18789Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaChristian Recorder of the African Methodist Episcopal Church New!02/01/1868 – 09/14/18762Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphiaNational Baptist01/05/1865 – 03/27/1873336Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaPittsburghPresbyterian Advocate New!02/02/1853 – 02/02/18531Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaWashingtonWashington Observer New!05/09/1892 – 12/31/1895983Newspaper Archives
PennsylvaniaWashingtonWashington Observer New!01/18/1872 – 12/30/18951473Newspaper Archives
South CarolinaColumbiaState06/30/1959 – 09/01/2001657Newspaper Archives
TexasCorpus ChristiCorpus Christi Caller-Times New!09/01/1932 – 09/30/19633787Newspaper Archives
VirginiaNorfolkVirginian-Pilot01/01/1912 – 10/30/1912188Newspaper Archives
WashingtonTacomaTacoma Daily Ledger02/01/1951 – 12/31/19561132Newspaper Archives
WisconsinMilwaukeeMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel07/18/1884 – 11/19/19341243Newspaper Archives

Genealogy Tip: One of the ways to take advantage of the fact that GenealogyBank is constantly adding new content is to use a feature on the newspapers’ search box that lets you search just on the content added since a certain time:

A screenshot of GenealogyBank's search page showing the ability to search only on content recently added

GenealogyBank adds new content to its Historical Newspaper Archives monthly, so keep searching. And good luck with your family history research!

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