Arkansas Archives: 216 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

If you are researching your ancestry from Arkansas, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online AR newspaper archives: 216 titles to help you search your family history in the “Natural State,” providing coverage from 1819 to Today. There are millions of articles and records in our online Arkansas newspaper archives!

Photo: Cedar Falls at the end of the Cedar Falls Trail at Petit Jean State Park near Morrilton, Arkansas
Photo: Cedar Falls at the end of the Cedar Falls Trail at Petit Jean State Park near Morrilton, Arkansas. Credit: Brandonrush; Wikimedia Commons.

Dig deep into our online archives and search for articles about your ancestors from Arkansas in these newspapers. Our AR newspapers are divided into two collections, each with their own search page:

  • Newspaper Archives (complete paper with all articles, including historical obituaries, with a number of very rare single-issue newspapers – many of them are the only known issues of the paper)
  • Obituaries (including both historical and recent obituaries, if obits are specifically what you are searching for)

Search Arkansas Newspaper Archives (1819 – 1999)

Search Arkansas Obituaries (1820 – Today)

Illustration: Arkansas state flag
Illustration: Arkansas state flag. Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a complete list of Arkansas newspapers in the online archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The AR newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

CityTitleYears of CoverageIssues AvailableCollection
ArkadelphiaDaily Siftings Herald03/15/2001 – 09/05/2018Obituaries
ArkadelphiaSouthern Standard10/12/1872 – 06/17/18763Newspaper Archives
Arkansas CityArkansas City Post02/26/1876 – 02/26/18761Newspaper Archives
AshdownLittle River news03/31/1915 – 05/30/1923728Newspaper Archives
AugustaAugusta Bulletin06/24/1876 – 06/24/18761Newspaper Archives
BatesvilleBatesville Daily Guard12/28/2000 – CurrentObituaries
BatesvilleBatesville News04/25/1839 – 11/05/18402Newspaper Archives
BatesvilleBatesville Republican06/28/1876 – 06/28/18761Newspaper Archives
BatesvilleNorth Arkansas Times06/15/1876 – 06/15/18761Newspaper Archives
Bella VistaWeekly Vista11/23/2011 – CurrentObituaries
BellefonteBeebe Weekly Magnet06/24/1876 – 06/24/18761Newspaper Archives
BellefonteBoone County Record02/05/1876 – 02/05/18761Newspaper Archives
BentonSaline Courier05/08/2008 – CurrentObituaries
BentonvilleBenton County Daily Record01/01/2001 – 01/28/2015Obituaries
BentonvilleTraveler06/11/1869 – 06/11/18691Newspaper Archives
BentonvilleWeekly Advance01/19/1875 – 01/19/18751Newspaper Archives
BerryvilleCarroll County Advocate05/13/1876 – 05/13/18761Newspaper Archives
BoonevilleBooneville Democrat10/23/2007 – CurrentObituaries
BoonevilleBooneville Enterprise06/07/1876 – 06/07/18761Newspaper Archives
BrinkleyBrinkley argus05/07/1896 – 02/05/1920646Newspaper Archives
CabotCabot Star-Herald08/22/2007 – 05/02/2017Obituaries
CamdenCamden News12/02/2011 – CurrentObituaries
CamdenOuachita Herald05/22/1856 – 03/30/18615Newspaper Archives
CamdenBeacon-Herald06/24/1876 – 06/24/18761Newspaper Archives
CarlisleCarlisle Independent03/21/2007 – 04/05/2016Obituaries
CarrolltonCarroll County Bowlder06/10/1876 – 06/10/18761Newspaper Archives
CharlestonCharleston Express06/03/2008 – CurrentObituaries
ClarendonClarendon Age06/21/1876 – 06/21/18761Newspaper Archives
ClintonVan Buren County Democrat01/26/2005 – CurrentObituaries
ConwayLog Cabin Democrat06/17/2009 – CurrentObituaries
ConwayConway log cabin06/26/1900 – 08/27/190159Newspaper Archives
ConwayLog cabin Democrat07/19/1906 – 03/16/1916290Newspaper Archives
ConwayLog cabin Democrat09/14/1908 – 04/19/19222760Newspaper Archives
ConwayArkansas Traveler07/13/1876 – 08/24/18762Newspaper Archives
CorningCorning Express05/06/1876 – 05/06/18761Newspaper Archives
DardanelleIndependent Arkansian08/11/1876 – 08/11/18761Newspaper Archives
DensonDenson Tribune03/02/1943 – 06/06/1944133Newspaper Archives
DermottDermott news10/02/1913 – 09/11/1919306Newspaper Archives
Des ArcConstitutional union11/16/1860 – 04/05/186119Newspaper Archives
Des ArcDes Arc weekly citizen08/14/1861 – 12/25/186113Newspaper Archives
Des ArcDes Arc Citizen11/13/1858 – 10/03/186095Newspaper Archives
Des ArcDes Arc Citizen02/20/1866 – 02/02/186745Newspaper Archives
Des ArcDes Arc semi-weekly citizen05/10/1861 – 08/14/186127Newspaper Archives
Des ArcDes Arc weekly citizen02/09/1867 – 03/23/1869101Newspaper Archives
Des ArcDes Arc Citizen06/03/1876 – 06/03/18761Newspaper Archives
DeWittIndicator06/10/1876 – 06/10/18761Newspaper Archives
El DoradoEl Dorado News-Times01/04/2002 – CurrentObituaries
FarmingtonWashington County Enterprise-Leader11/04/2009 – CurrentObituaries
FayettevilleNorthwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette01/01/2005 – CurrentObituaries
FayettevilleNorthwest Arkansas Times01/02/2001 – 01/11/2015Obituaries
FayettevilleNWAOnline: Web Edition Articles07/28/2009 – CurrentObituaries
FayettevilleWhole Hog Sports04/14/2007 – CurrentObituaries
FayettevilleArkansas Sentinel06/29/1876 – 06/29/18761Newspaper Archives
FayettevilleFayetteville Democrat06/17/1876 – 06/17/18761Newspaper Archives
Forrest CityHomeland10/01/1991 – 07/01/199990Newspaper Archives
Forrest CityForrest City Times10/08/1887 – 12/11/19141344Newspaper Archives
Forrest CityForrest City Times08/26/1876 – 08/26/18761Newspaper Archives
Fort ChaffeeHelping Hand05/02/1975 – 12/19/197538Newspaper Archives
Fort SmithTimes Record03/01/2000 – CurrentObituaries
Fort SmithFort Smith Elevator11/05/1880 – 02/27/1891491Newspaper Archives
Fort SmithFort Smith New Era01/20/1869 – 05/12/1880534Newspaper Archives
Fort SmithTimes Record: Web Edition Articles01/03/2017 – CurrentObituaries
Fort SmithFort Smith Herald08/05/1876 – 08/05/18761Newspaper Archives
Fort SmithFort Smith Standard05/21/1867 – 05/21/18671Newspaper Archives
Fort SmithThirty-Fifth Parallel07/24/1860 – 09/14/18602Newspaper Archives
Fort SmithWestern Independent01/08/1874 – 08/30/18762Newspaper Archives
GainsvilleGainesville Times12/09/1875 – 12/09/18751Newspaper Archives
GravetteWestside Eagle Observer08/04/2010 – CurrentObituaries
GreenwoodGreenwood Democrat06/03/2008 – 04/22/2019Obituaries
GreenwoodGreenwood Life04/09/2019 – CurrentObituaries
HarrisonHarrison Daily Times06/19/2001 – CurrentObituaries
HarrisonHighlander06/10/1876 – 06/10/18761Newspaper Archives
Heber SpringsSun Times11/13/2009 – CurrentObituaries
Heber SpringsJacksonian11/27/1890 – 05/31/1894167Newspaper Archives
HelenaWestern Clarion04/01/1865 – 12/16/186526Newspaper Archives
HelenaArkansas State Democrat, and Helena Commercial Advertiser06/26/1840 – 02/12/18418Newspaper Archives
HelenaDemocratic Star05/03/1854 – 12/20/185554Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Daily Mail09/03/1876 – 09/03/18761Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Daily World08/04/1876 – 08/04/18761Newspaper Archives
HelenaHelena Spy04/14/1838 – 04/14/18381Newspaper Archives
HelenaSouthern Shield07/23/1841 – 01/03/18522Newspaper Archives
HelenaState Rights Democrat03/27/1856 – 08/07/18567Newspaper Archives
HelenaWeekly Mail06/17/1876 – 06/17/18761Newspaper Archives
Helena, West HelenaDaily World02/09/2001 – 08/30/2019Obituaries
HopeHope Star10/20/2008 – 08/02/2018Obituaries
HopeHope City Times07/26/1876 – 07/26/18761Newspaper Archives
HopeHope Star05/27/1876 – 05/27/18761Newspaper Archives
Hot SpringsHot Springs Village Voice09/03/2008 – CurrentObituaries
Hot SpringsSentinel-Record03/01/2002 – CurrentObituaries
Hot SpringsSentinel=Record01/01/1962 – 12/31/1964971Newspaper Archives
Hot SpringsSentinel=record10/02/1909 – 05/15/19191496Newspaper Archives
Hot SpringsDaily Courier-Advertiser08/21/1876 – 08/21/18761Newspaper Archives
Hot SpringsHot Springs Courier08/21/1874 – 08/21/18741Newspaper Archives
JacksonportJacksonport Herald06/24/1876 – 06/24/18761Newspaper Archives
JacksonportReveille05/03/1864 – 05/03/18641Newspaper Archives
JacksonvilleJacksonville Patriot04/18/2007 – 05/10/2017Obituaries
JasperNewton County Times08/19/2010 – CurrentObituaries
JonesboroJonesboro Sun08/25/1999 – CurrentObituaries
JonesboroJonesboro Daily News10/19/1908 – 05/31/1910226Newspaper Archives
JonesboroJonesboro Daily Times-Enterprise09/03/1904 – 10/16/1908614Newspaper Archives
JonesboroJonesboro Daily Tribune01/01/1910 – 12/30/19223225Newspaper Archives
JonesboroJonesboro Evening Sun12/08/1904 – 12/27/19224476Newspaper Archives
JonesboroJonesboro Weekly Sun03/03/1904 – 02/21/1923700Newspaper Archives
JonesboroJonesboro Weekly Times-Enterprise05/18/1905 – 01/16/190847Newspaper Archives
JonesboroJonesboro Weekly Tribune06/01/1905 – 02/17/192114Newspaper Archives
La CrosseLa Crosse Post06/17/1876 – 06/17/18761Newspaper Archives
Lake VillageChicot Press01/17/1861 – 01/17/18611Newspaper Archives
Lake VillageLake Shore Sentinel02/11/1876 – 02/11/18761Newspaper Archives
LeachvilleWorld’s cresset07/02/1903 – 12/26/1918691Newspaper Archives
LewisburgWeekly State09/01/1876 – 09/01/18761Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Democrat-Gazette10/30/2011 – CurrentObituaries
Little RockArkansas Democrat-Gazette: Web Edition Articles03/30/2007 – CurrentObituaries
Little RockArkansas Times07/07/2005 – CurrentObituaries
Little RockArkansas Times: Blogs04/12/2006 – CurrentObituaries
Little RockARPreps05/28/2011 – 01/23/2016Obituaries
Little RockAmerican Guide01/27/1900 – 01/27/19001Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Advocate07/28/1830 – 03/27/183326Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Banner12/03/1845 – 02/18/186392Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Campaign Gazette12/20/1867 – 03/13/18684Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Democrat09/15/1876 – 03/31/199216306Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Freeman10/05/1869 – 10/05/18691Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Gazette12/23/1820 – 10/18/199139556Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas State Press05/09/1941 – 10/30/1959892Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Times and Advocate12/11/1834 – 03/11/1844135Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Weekly Mansion06/23/1883 – 04/19/188441Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Whig05/22/1851 – 05/24/1855144Newspaper Archives
Little RockMorning Republican11/25/1867 – 06/03/18741832Newspaper Archives
Little RockReal Estate Advertiser12/01/1876 – 12/01/18761Newspaper Archives
Little RockSouthern Mediator Journal06/22/1962 – 02/25/19662Newspaper Archives
Little RockWeekly Arkansas Gazette11/20/1819 – 10/31/19522469Newspaper Archives
Little RockWestern Baptist08/23/1876 – 08/23/18761Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas true Democrat06/09/1857 – 09/24/1862257Newspaper Archives
Little RockTrue Democrat04/18/1854 – 06/02/1857143Newspaper Archives
Little RockDaily true Democrat03/09/1861 – 03/16/18617Newspaper Archives
Little RockTrue Democrat10/01/1862 – 07/08/186336Newspaper Archives
Little RockTrue Democrat bulletin09/29/1862 – 09/29/18621Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Freie Presse07/01/1876 – 07/01/18761Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Journal05/10/1865 – 05/10/18651Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Patriot01/08/1863 – 01/08/18631Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas State Democrat06/05/1846 – 10/26/184931Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Weekly Herald06/14/1876 – 06/14/18761Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Weekly Republican07/17/1867 – 10/14/186816Newspaper Archives
Little RockDaily National Democrat05/03/1864 – 05/03/18641Newspaper Archives
Little RockDaily News04/03/1866 – 04/03/18661Newspaper Archives
Little RockLittle Rock Daily Herald09/30/1876 – 09/30/18761Newspaper Archives
Little RockNational Democrat10/06/1863 – 05/06/186527Newspaper Archives
Little RockSemi-weekly [Arkansas Gazette]09/18/1876 – 09/18/18761Newspaper Archives
Little RockUnconditional Union05/06/1864 – 08/25/18643Newspaper Archives
Little RockArkansas Star09/07/1839 – 02/01/184117Newspaper Archives
LonokeLonoke Democrat03/21/2007 – 08/14/2018Obituaries
LonokeLonoke Weekly Democrat07/27/1876 – 07/27/18761Newspaper Archives
MagnoliaBanner-News11/19/2011 – CurrentObituaries
MalvernMalvern Daily Record08/01/2008 – CurrentObituaries
MariannaCourier-index08/03/1917 – 07/01/1921197Newspaper Archives
MariannaMarianna Index06/24/1876 – 06/24/18761Newspaper Archives
MaumelleMaumelle Monitor03/14/2006 – 03/13/2017Obituaries
McGeheeRohwer Outpost10/24/1942 – 07/21/1945279Newspaper Archives
McGeheeRohwer Relocator08/01/1945 – 11/09/194515Newspaper Archives
MenaMena weekly star04/19/1906 – 03/23/1922659Newspaper Archives
MenaMena weekly star08/26/1896 – 02/09/189873Newspaper Archives
MenaMena star03/16/1898 – 09/07/189974Newspaper Archives
MonticelloMonticellonian06/22/1876 – 06/22/18761Newspaper Archives
NewportNewport Independent01/25/2002 – CurrentObituaries
NewportNewport daily independent05/15/1902 – 02/24/19191981Newspaper Archives
NewportNewport Weekly News04/22/1876 – 04/22/18761Newspaper Archives
North Little RockTimes04/26/2006 – 08/15/2018Obituaries
OsceolaOsceola Times08/12/1876 – 08/12/18761Newspaper Archives
OzarkSpectator08/02/1918 – 06/23/1922317Newspaper Archives
OzarkOzark spectator06/09/1916 – 08/29/191779Newspaper Archives
OzarkOzark Banner06/28/1876 – 06/28/18761Newspaper Archives
OzarkSpectator08/04/1914 – 06/02/1916187Newspaper Archives
ParagouldParagould Daily Press07/11/2002 – CurrentObituaries
ParagouldDaily soliphone01/01/1902 – 05/31/190258Newspaper Archives
ParagouldWeekly soliphone01/01/1915 – 08/30/191797Newspaper Archives
ParagouldParagould soliphone06/01/1921 – 12/29/1922244Newspaper Archives
ParisParis Express02/02/2005 – CurrentObituaries
Pea RidgeTimes of Northeast Benton County10/05/2005 – CurrentObituaries
Pine BluffPine Bluff Commercial10/29/1998 – CurrentObituaries
Pine BluffPine Bluff Weekly Herald01/27/1900 – 01/27/19001Newspaper Archives
Pine BluffPine Bluff Commercial01/01/1996 – 12/31/19981095Newspaper Archives
Pine BluffJefferson Republican01/04/1876 – 01/04/18761Newspaper Archives
Pine BluffPine Bluff Democrat05/22/1858 – 05/22/18581Newspaper Archives
Pine BluffPine Bluff Weekly Press12/08/1870 – 06/15/18762Newspaper Archives
PrescottGurdon Times12/17/2009 – 07/25/2019Obituaries
PrescottNevada County Picayune10/05/2009 – 09/10/2018Obituaries
PrescottPrescott daily news04/08/1907 – 06/30/19213859Newspaper Archives
PrescottNevada news12/21/1916 – 12/21/19161Newspaper Archives
PrescottNevada County picayune10/08/1885 – 05/05/1892334Newspaper Archives
PrescottNevada County picayune01/10/1906 – 05/31/1923932Newspaper Archives
PrescottNevada picayune11/27/1884 – 10/01/188544Newspaper Archives
PrescottPrescott clipper07/07/1877 – 07/07/18771Newspaper Archives
PrescottPrescott Banner02/23/1876 – 02/23/18761Newspaper Archives
PrescottDaily picayune04/06/1908 – 07/15/1921344Newspaper Archives
RogersRogers Morning News10/26/2009 – 01/11/2015Obituaries
RussellvilleCourier08/20/2008 – CurrentObituaries
RussellvilleRussellville Democrat01/28/1875 – 12/21/1893887Newspaper Archives
RussellvilleRussellville Democrat06/15/1876 – 06/15/18761Newspaper Archives
SearcyDaily Citizen02/09/2001 – CurrentObituaries
SearcyWhite County Record07/01/1876 – 07/01/18761Newspaper Archives
SherwoodSherwood Voice05/18/2007 – 10/26/2016Obituaries
Siloam SpringsSiloam Springs Herald-Leader12/28/2005 – CurrentObituaries
SpringdaleSpringdale Morning News10/26/2009 – 01/11/2015Obituaries
Springdale, RogersMorning News of Northwest Arkansas10/23/2007 – 11/30/2009Obituaries
StuttgartStuttgart Daily Leader03/15/2001 – 08/27/2019Obituaries
TexarkanaTexarkana Democrat05/06/1876 – 05/06/18761Newspaper Archives
Van BurenAlma Journal06/25/2008 – 04/10/2013Obituaries
Van BurenPress Argus Courier01/24/2005 – CurrentObituaries
Van BurenArkansas Intelligencer02/15/1845 – 10/01/1858113Newspaper Archives
Van BurenVan Buren Argus06/29/1876 – 06/29/18761Newspaper Archives
Van BurenVan Buren Press08/02/1867 – 06/13/18762Newspaper Archives
WashingtonWashington Telegraph05/15/1861 – 11/04/18742Newspaper Archives
White HallWhite Hall Journal09/30/2009 – CurrentObituaries
White HallWhite Hall Progress02/09/2007 – 04/17/2015Obituaries
WittsburgWittsburg Phoenix06/24/1876 – 06/24/18761Newspaper Archives

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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