Arizona Archives: 73 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

Arizona became a state on 14 February 1912 – the 48th state to join the Union, and the last of the nation’s contiguous states. AZ is the country’s sixth largest state and the 15th most populous. One of the Four Corners states (it touches Colorado), Arizona has borders with four other states (New Mexico, Utah, Nevada & California) as well as a 389-mile border with Mexico.

Arizona’s ethnic diversity is as varied as its beautiful natural terrain, given its unique history. Our AZ archives are a premier resource to research your Native American, Mormon, and Hispanic ancestry, as well as explore the California Gold Rush, O.K. Corral and other interesting people, places and events of the Old American West.

photo of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona
Photo: North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Credit: Staplegunther at English Wikipedia; Wikimedia Commons.

If you are researching your ancestry from Arizona, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online AZ newspaper archives: 73 titles to help you search your family history in “The Grand Canyon State,” providing coverage from 1859 to Today. There are more than 1.5 million articles and records in our online Arizona newspaper archives!

Dig deep into our online archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your Arizona ancestors in these AZ newspapers. Our Arizona newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search Arizona Newspaper Archives (1859 – 1977)

Search Arizona Recent Obituaries (1991 – Current)

illustration: state flag of Arizona
Illustration: state flag of Arizona. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a list of online Arizona newspapers in the historical archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The AZ newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

City Title Date Range* Collection
Apache Junction East Mesa Independent 11/13/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Apache Junction Chandler Independent 10/20/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Apache Junction Apache Junction-Gold Canyon Independent 11/13/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Apache Junction Queen Creek Independent 01/30/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Arizona City Arizona City Independent 05/31/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Benson San Pedro Valley News-Sun 01/27/1999 – Current Recent Obituaries
Bullhead City Mohave Valley Daily News 10/16/2000 – Current Recent Obituaries
Casa Grande Tri-Valley Dispatch 11/15/2000 – Current Recent Obituaries
Casa Grande Casa Grande Dispatch 05/13/2000 – Current Recent Obituaries
Cave Creek Sonoran News 09/01/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Coolidge Coolidge Examiner 01/09/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Coolidge Florence Reminder and Blade-Tribune 06/14/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Douglas Douglas Dispatch 09/24/1998 – Current Recent Obituaries
Eloy Eloy Enterprise 01/09/2002 – Current Recent Obituaries
Flagstaff Arizona Daily Sun 05/01/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Gilbert Gilbert Independent 10/20/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Glendale Peoria Times 01/17/2003 – Current Recent Obituaries
Glendale Glendale Star 12/13/2002 – Current Recent Obituaries
Green Valley Sahuarita Sun 02/08/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Green Valley Green Valley News & Sun 05/09/2003 – Current Recent Obituaries
Kearny Copper Basin News 09/12/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Kingman Mohave County Miner 10/30/1897 – 10/30/1897 Newspaper Archives
Maricopa Maricopa Monitor 12/23/2003 – Current Recent Obituaries
Maricopa Communicator 10/17/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Nogales Monitor 09/05/1890 – 09/05/1890 Newspaper Archives
Nogales Nogales International 12/18/2003 – Current Recent Obituaries
Phoenix Arizona Informant 05/04/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Phoenix Town of Paradise Valley Independent 01/16/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Phoenix North Scottsdale Independent 01/16/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Phoenix Weekly Republican 06/29/1899 – 03/07/1901 Newspaper Archives
Phoenix Weekly Phoenix Herald 01/02/1896 – 06/22/1899 Newspaper Archives
Phoenix Phoenix New Times 01/29/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Poston Poston Chronicle 12/22/1942 – 10/23/1945 Newspaper Archives
Prescott Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner 01/10/1866 – 12/26/1900 Newspaper Archives
Prescott Prescott Morning Courier 01/05/1891 – 06/30/1908 Newspaper Archives
Queen Creek Southeast Valley Ledger 01/29/2013 – Current Recent Obituaries
Rivers Gila News Courier 09/12/1942 – 09/05/1945 Newspaper Archives
Safford Eastern Arizona Courier 02/27/2002 – Current Recent Obituaries
San Manuel Pinal Nugget 03/05/2013 – Current Recent Obituaries
San Manuel San Manuel Miner 03/26/2002 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sierra Vista Sierra Vista Herald 04/11/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sonoita Bulletin 01/20/2004 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sun City Sun City West Independent 01/02/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sun City Peoria Independent 01/16/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sun City Surprise Independent 01/02/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sun City Sun City-Youngtown Independent 01/02/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Superior Superior Sun 09/12/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Tombstone Tombstone Daily Epitaph 07/20/1880 – 11/30/1890 Newspaper Archives
Tombstone Arizona Kicker 12/06/1893 – 02/28/1894 Newspaper Archives
Tombstone Weekly Tombstone Epitaph 05/01/1880 – 06/25/1899 Newspaper Archives
Tombstone Tombstone Epitaph Prospector 07/24/1880 – 08/12/1895 Newspaper Archives
Tombstone Tombstone Daily Prospector 01/01/1889 – 06/30/1899 Newspaper Archives
Tombstone Daily Tombstone 03/21/1885 – 12/07/1886 Newspaper Archives
Tubac Weekly Arizonian 05/26/1859 – 04/12/1860 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Fronterizo 01/09/1892 – 12/17/1892 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Arizona Weekly Star 05/03/1877 – 10/07/1882 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Iris 06/19/1886 – 06/19/1886 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Arizona Daily Star 01/03/1991 – Current Recent Obituaries
Tucson Tucsonense 03/17/1915 – 11/01/1931 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Arizona Citizen 10/15/1870 – 07/29/1876 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Explorer 01/16/2002 – Current Recent Obituaries
Tucson Tucson Citizen 07/05/1882 – 12/31/1922 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Ferrocarril 05/17/1885 – 05/17/1885 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Amigos 05/08/1975 – 12/21/1977 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Dos Republicas 08/23/1879 – 10/18/1879 Newspaper Archives
Tucson Alianza 08/23/1900 – 10/18/1900 Newspaper Archives
Tucson 01/28/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Vail Vail Sun 03/24/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Wickenburg Wickenburg Sun 11/17/2004 – Current Recent Obituaries
Willcox Arizona Range News 01/10/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Window Rock Navajo Times 04/01/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Yuma Sun 05/30/2002 – Current Recent Obituaries
Yuma Arizona Sentinel 09/27/1873 – 07/15/1876 Newspaper Archives

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

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