City Directories

Thousands of city directories are going online.

City directories are a basic tool for genealogists. City directories are like an annual census of the cities and towns across America. Now – thousands of them are being digitized and put online.

Read about the history of city directories here: Williams, A.V. Growth and Development of City Directories. Cincinnati, OH: Williams Directory, Co., 1913. 152p.
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City directories usually listed all adult residents of the community. Typical entries give:

Name; address; occupation; relationships; notification that a person moved & where they moved to; divorce dates/remarriages; widows etc.

Here is an example of entries identifying widows – giving the names of their deceased husbands in the Indianapolis 1914 City Directory. Here are just a few examples of the city directories that are going online:

Google Books

Internet Archive

Google Books

Google Books

Google Books

Google Books

Internet Archive has over 2,300 city directories online and Google Books has over 1,000 city directories online. These directories are not on GenealogyBank. All genealogists should use those sites to find city directories. Good things are happening all across the Internet.

It is a great day for genealogy!

Chicago, IL Key Genealogy Resources Online – Handy Guide

Chicago Genealogy Resources.
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Your handy guide to the sources you will actually use to build your family tree.

Birth Certificates – 1878-1922
FamilySearch Pilot
Birth Registers – 1871-1915
FamilySearch Pilot

1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
1850 – Mortality, 1850 – Slave Schedule
FamilySearch Pilot

City Directory
1844; 1855; 1856; 1863-1864

Deaths – pre 1916. Illinois Statewide Index
Illinois State Archives
Deaths 1916-1950. Illinois Statewide Index
Illinois State Archives

Deaths 1937-Present. SSDI

Land Records – Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales
Illinois State Archives

Marriage Records – 1871-1920. Chicago, IL
FamilySearch Pilot
Marriage Records – 1763-1900. Illnois Statewide Index
Illinois State Archives

Military – WWII Draft Registration Cards
FamilySearch Pilot

Illinois State Archives- Military Database Projects
Illinois Veterans’ History Project
Illinois War of 1812 Veterans
Illinois Winnebago War Veterans
Illinois Black Hawk War Veterans
Illinois Mexican War Veterans
Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls
Illinois Civil War Veterans Serving in the U.S. Navy
Illinois Civil War Veterans of Missouri Units
Illinois Spanish–American War Veterans
Database of the 1929 Illinois Roll of Honor
Illinois Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home Residents

Newspapers: 1854 – Today
Bags & Baggage. (Chicago, IL) 1937-1943
Bulletin. (Chicago, IL) 1968-1969
Central South Sider. (Chicago, IL) 1929
Chicago Courier. (Chicago, IL) 1974-1975
Chicago Herald. (Chicago, IL) 1890-1891
Chicago Metro News. (Chicago, IL) 1973-1990
Chicago Sun-Times (Chicago, IL) 1/1/1986-Current
Chicago Times. (Chicago, IL) 1854-1888
Chicago Tribune. (Chicago, IL) 1/1/1985-Current
Chicago World. (Chicago, IL) 1925-1935
Daily Inter Ocean. (Chicago, IL) 1874-1896
Daily Southtown (Chicago, IL) 7/31/2004-11/17/2007
Illinois Sentinel. (Chicago, IL) 1937
Inter Ocean. (Chicago, IL) 1874-1896
Latin Times. (Chicago, IL) 1868-1975
Metropolitan Post. (Chicago, IL) 1938-1939
Noticia Mundial. (Chicago, IL) 1927-1928
Olivet Baptist Church Herald. (Chicago, IL) 1936
Pomeroy’s Democrat. (Chicago, IL) 1869-1879
Skyline (Chicago, IL) 12/8/2005-12/6/2007
Sol de Chicago. (Chicago, IL) 1960
SouthtownStar (Chicago, IL) 11/18/2007-Current
Sunday Times. (Chicago, IL) 1869-1876
Vida Latina. (Chicago, IL) 1952-1963
Vorbote. (Chicago, IL) 1874-1875

Slave Records
Database of Illinois Servitude and Emancipation Records
Illinois State Archives

Searching historical Illinois newspapers

Handy List of Illinois Historical Newspapers

GenealogyBank has 131 Illinois newspapers with coverage from 1818 to Today.
Click here to see the complete list of Illinois newspapers in GenealogyBank.

Use these handy links to speed up your research:
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Search all Illinois Historical Newspapers. 1818-1975

Search specific Illinois newspapers:
Belleville News Democrat (Belleville, IL). 1/2/1901 – 12/30/1922
Chicago Herald (Chicago, IL). 1/1/1890 – 12/31/1891
Chicago Times (Chicago, IL). 11/2/1854 – 7/3/1888
Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL). 2/17/1874 – 9/16/1896
Edwardsville Spectator (Edwardsville, IL). 5/29/1819 – 10/20/1826
Illinois Advocate (Vandalia, IL). 11/2/1833 – 7/29/1835
Illinois Emigrant (Shawneetown, IL). 7/8/1818 – 5/15/1819
Illinois Intelligencer (Vandalia, IL). 1/27/1819 – 3/5/1822
Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL). 2/15/1874 – 12/31/1896
Latin Times (Chicago, IL). 2/1/1958 – 5/2/1975
Nauvoo Expositor (Nauvoo, IL). 6/7/1844 – 6/7/1844
Noticia Mundial (Chicago, IL). 8/7/1927 – 2/12/1928
Pomeroy’s Democrat (Chicago, IL). 1/6/1869 – 2/15/1879
Quincy Whig (Quincy, IL). 4/1/1869 – 12/31/1875
Sol de Chicago (Chicago, IL). 3/21/1960 – 3/21/1960
Sunday Times (Chicago, IL). 10/10/1869 – 6/23/1918
Vida Latina (Chicago, IL). 2/21/1952 – 7/21/1963
Vorbote (Chicago, IL). 2/28/1874 – 12/25/1875

Click here to see the complete list of Illinois newspapers in GenealogyBank.