Massachusetts Archives: 427 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

Massachusetts has long played a prominent role in American history. It is where the Pilgrims landed from the Mayflower and established Plymouth Colony in 1620. Boston, founded in 1630, was one of the centers of the revolt against Great Britain that led to the American Revolution. Although Massachusetts is the seventh smallest state in the country, it is the 14th most populous.

photo of a sunset on Cape Cod Bay, Brewster, Massachusetts

Photo: sunset on Cape Cod Bay, Brewster, Massachusetts. Credit: PapaDunes; Wikimedia Commons.

If you are researching your ancestry from Massachusetts, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online MA newspaper archives: 427 titles to help you search your family history in “The Bay State,” providing coverage from 1690 to Today. There are more than 207 million articles and records in our online Massachusetts newspaper archives!

Note that our Massachusetts historical newspaper collection contains The Boston News-Letter which was very first newspaper continuously published in colonial America. This early American newspaper is a fantastic resource to learn about the lives of your colonial ancestors.

masthead for the first issue of the Boston News-Letter newspaper 24 April 1704

Boston News-Letter (Boston, Massachusetts), First Issue: 24 April 1704

Dig deep into our online archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your Massachusetts ancestors in these MA newspapers. Our Massachusetts newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search Massachusetts Newspaper Archives (1690 – 1992)

Search Massachusetts Recent Obituaries (1988 – Current)

illustration: state flag of Massachusetts

Illustration: state flag of Massachusetts. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a list of online Massachusetts newspapers in the historical archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The MA newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

City Title Date Range* Collection
Acton Beacon 10/13/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Amesbury Amesbury News 11/11/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Andover Andover Townsman 04/04/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Arlington Arlington Advocate 08/25/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Ashburnham Community Journal 05/11/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Ashland Ashland TAB 12/17/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Attleboro Sun Chronicle 11/14/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Auburn Auburn Daily Voice 04/28/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Ayer Public Spirit 09/18/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Barnstable Barnstable Patriot 10/07/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Barre Barre Patriot 07/26/1844 – 11/30/1855 Newspaper Archives
Barre Farmer’s Gazette 06/13/1834 – 05/15/1835 Newspaper Archives
Barre Wachusett Star 11/23/1847 – 06/20/1848 Newspaper Archives
Barre Barre Gazette 06/05/1835 – 08/29/1862 Newspaper Archives
Bedford Bedford Minuteman 09/29/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Belchertown Hampshire Sentinel and Farmers and Manufacturers Journal 11/29/1826 – 05/04/1831 Newspaper Archives
Bellingham Country Gazette 09/22/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Belmont Belmont Citizen-Herald 08/18/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Beverly Beverly Citizen 04/13/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Beverly Salem News 05/31/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Beverly Beverly Citizen 10/13/1858 – 02/24/1893 Newspaper Archives
Billerica Billerica Minuteman 09/22/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Bolton Bolton Common 12/23/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston Saturday Morning Transcript 11/19/1831 – 12/28/1839 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Courier 01/04/1830 – 10/27/1864 Newspaper Archives
Boston Daily Atlas 11/08/1832 – 04/11/1857 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Patriot and Daily Chronicle 06/02/1817 – 12/31/1831 Newspaper Archives
Boston Weekly Messenger 10/25/1811 – 12/25/1860 Newspaper Archives
Boston Federal Gazette 01/01/1798 – 03/26/1798 Newspaper Archives
Boston Bay Windows 12/10/1998 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston Boston Herald 01/01/1997 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston Boston Spectator 01/01/1814 – 02/25/1815 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Evening-Post and the General Advertiser 10/20/1781 – 01/10/1784 Newspaper Archives
Boston Flag of Our Union 03/28/1846 – 12/28/1867 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Mirror 10/22/1808 – 07/21/1810 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston American 12/01/1951 – 09/30/1961 Newspaper Archives
Boston Huntington News 09/24/2002 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston Repertory 01/25/1804 – 12/30/1820 Newspaper Archives
Boston Saturday Evening Gazette 09/20/1856 – 12/30/1865 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Courier 06/13/1805 – 05/04/1809 Newspaper Archives
Boston Yankee 01/03/1812 – 01/20/1820 Newspaper Archives
Boston Daily Advertiser 06/05/1809 – 07/31/1809 Newspaper Archives
Boston Universalist Magazine 07/03/1819 – 01/12/1828 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Patriot 03/03/1809 – 05/31/1817 Newspaper Archives
Boston New-England Weekly Journal 03/20/1727 – 10/13/1741 Newspaper Archives
Boston Pilot 09/25/1812 – 01/15/1813 Newspaper Archives
Boston Agricultural Intelligencer, and Mechanic Register 01/14/1820 – 07/07/1820 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Recorder 01/03/1816 – 05/03/1872 Newspaper Archives
Boston Independent Chronicle and Boston Patriot 06/04/1817 – 12/31/1825 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Evening-Post 08/18/1735 – 04/24/1775 Newspaper Archives
Boston Exchange Advertiser 12/30/1784 – 12/21/1786 Newspaper Archives
Boston American Apollo 10/05/1792 – 12/25/1794 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Journal 01/01/1866 – 10/06/1917 Newspaper Archives
Boston Emancipator and Republican 02/17/1842 – 12/26/1850 Newspaper Archives
Boston American Traveller 11/14/1846 – 08/19/1876 Newspaper Archives
Boston Repertory 01/02/1821 – 07/29/1826 Newspaper Archives
Boston Fredonian 02/20/1810 – 05/15/1810 Newspaper Archives
Boston Satirist 01/16/1812 – 05/09/1812 Newspaper Archives
Boston Herald of Freedom 09/15/1788 – 07/19/1791 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Courant 01/06/1900 – 01/06/1900 Newspaper Archives
Boston Courier de Boston 04/23/1789 – 10/15/1789 Newspaper Archives
Boston Trumpet and Universalist Magazine 07/05/1828 – 06/28/1834 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston News-Letter 04/24/1704 – 02/29/1776 Newspaper Archives
Boston Columbian Detector 11/07/1808 – 05/19/1809 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Record American 12/02/1951 – 12/31/1972 Newspaper Archives
Boston Independent Chronicle 09/19/1776 – 05/29/1817 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Evening Transcript 01/01/1842 – 12/31/1866 Newspaper Archives
Boston Evening Post and General Advertiser 10/17/1778 – 02/26/1780 Newspaper Archives
Boston Massachusetts Spy 07/17/1770 – 04/06/1775 Newspaper Archives
Boston American Republican 03/20/1809 – 04/03/1809 Newspaper Archives
Boston Censor 11/23/1771 – 05/02/1772 Newspaper Archives
Boston Publick Occurrences 09/25/1690 – 09/25/1690 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Intelligencer 08/20/1814 – 12/27/1828 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Commercial Gazette 10/09/1800 – 01/23/1840 Newspaper Archives
Boston Courier 07/01/1795 – 12/30/1795 Newspaper Archives
Boston Metro – Boston 12/07/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston Independent Advertiser 01/04/1748 – 09/25/1749 Newspaper Archives
Boston New-England Palladium 03/11/1803 – 12/29/1820 Newspaper Archives
Boston Bostonian and Mechanics Journal 07/20/1822 – 06/28/1823 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Price-Current 09/07/1795 – 05/31/1798 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Daily Record 12/01/1951 – 09/30/1961 Newspaper Archives
Boston Massachusetts Mercury 01/01/1793 – 03/08/1803 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Herald 05/01/1848 – 04/30/1992 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Chronicle 10/22/1767 – 06/21/1770 Newspaper Archives
Boston Continental Journal, and Weekly Advertiser 05/30/1776 – 06/21/1787 Newspaper Archives
Boston Times, or, the Evening Entertainer 07/28/1794 – 11/08/1794 Newspaper Archives
Boston Massachusetts Journal 09/02/1826 – 12/18/1828 Newspaper Archives
Boston New-England Galaxy 10/10/1817 – 12/29/1820 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Telegraph 01/01/1824 – 12/23/1824 Newspaper Archives
Boston Columbian Centinel 06/16/1790 – 04/25/1840 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Post-Boy 04/21/1735 – 04/10/1775 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Daily Advertiser 03/03/1813 – 12/31/1900 Newspaper Archives
Boston Liberator 01/01/1831 – 12/29/1865 Newspaper Archives
Boston Ladies’ Port Folio 01/01/1820 – 07/08/1820 Newspaper Archives
Boston Constitutional Telegraph 10/02/1799 – 05/22/1802 Newspaper Archives
Boston Weekly Report 05/01/1819 – 05/10/1828 Newspaper Archives
Boston Polar-Star 10/06/1796 – 02/02/1797 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Traveler 07/05/1825 – 10/21/1862 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Advance 02/17/1900 – 02/17/1900 Newspaper Archives
Boston American Herald and the Washington Gazette 07/24/1790 – 12/13/1790 Newspaper Archives
Boston Times 12/12/1807 – 10/15/1808 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Phoenix 08/09/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston Masonic Mirror and Mechanic’s Intelligencer 01/22/1825 – 04/15/1826 Newspaper Archives
Boston New-England Courant 08/07/1721 – 06/25/1726 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Daily Bee 01/02/1843 – 12/31/1857 Newspaper Archives
Boston Christian Watchman 05/29/1819 – 12/26/1850 Newspaper Archives
Boston Scourge 08/10/1811 – 12/28/1811 Newspaper Archives
Boston Idiot, or, Invisible Rambler 12/20/1817 – 01/02/1819 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Cultivator 04/07/1866 – 04/07/1866 Newspaper Archives
Boston Argus 07/22/1791 – 06/28/1793 Newspaper Archives
Boston Liberator 09/18/1897 – 04/16/1898 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Post 01/10/1840 – 10/16/1876 Newspaper Archives
Boston Kaleidoscope 12/05/1818 – 11/13/1819 Newspaper Archives
Boston Congregationalist 11/03/1870 – 12/29/1870 Newspaper Archives
Boston Russell’s Gazette 06/07/1798 – 10/06/1800 Newspaper Archives
Boston Right Way 11/18/1865 – 03/02/1867 Newspaper Archives
Boston Weekly Rehearsal 09/27/1731 – 08/11/1735 Newspaper Archives
Boston Massachusetts Gazette 11/28/1785 – 11/11/1788 Newspaper Archives
Boston Federal Orrery 10/20/1794 – 10/31/1796 Newspaper Archives
Boston Compass 06/06/1818 – 08/21/1819 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Herald: Blogs 10/28/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston Boston Traveler 12/03/1850 – 07/08/1967 Newspaper Archives
Boston Independent Ledger 06/15/1778 – 10/16/1786 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Gazette 12/21/1719 – 09/17/1798 Newspaper Archives
Boston Democrat 01/04/1804 – 06/02/1809 Newspaper Archives
Boston American Herald 01/19/1784 – 06/30/1788 Newspaper Archives
Boston Republican Gazetteer 05/26/1802 – 03/30/1803 Newspaper Archives
Boston Gazetteer 04/02/1803 – 12/31/1803 Newspaper Archives
Boston South End News 06/07/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Boston New-England Chronicle 04/25/1776 – 09/12/1776 Newspaper Archives
Boston Boston Daily American Statesman 09/05/1825 – 12/13/1827 Newspaper Archives
Boston Massachusetts Centinel 03/24/1784 – 06/12/1790 Newspaper Archives
Bourne Bourne Courier 03/30/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Bourne Upper Cape Codder 01/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Braintree Braintree Forum 08/11/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Bridgewater Bridgewater Independent 06/06/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Brockton Enterprise 07/14/2000 – Current Recent Obituaries
Brookfield Moral and Political Telegraphe 05/06/1795 – 08/17/1796 Newspaper Archives
Brookfield Political Repository 08/14/1798 – 05/04/1802 Newspaper Archives
Brookfield Worcester Intelligencer: Or, Brookfield Advertiser 10/07/1794 – 04/28/1795 Newspaper Archives
Brookline Brookline TAB 09/08/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Burlington Burlington Union 10/06/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Cambridge New England Chronicle, or Essex Gazette 05/02/1775 – 03/28/1776 Newspaper Archives
Canton Canton Journal 09/09/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Cape Ann Cape Ann Beacon 09/28/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Carver Carver Reporter 11/14/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Charlestown American Recorder 12/09/1785 – 05/25/1787 Newspaper Archives
Charlestown Franklin Monitor 01/02/1819 – 06/03/1820 Newspaper Archives
Charlestown Bunker-Hill Sentinel 06/24/1820 – 07/29/1820 Newspaper Archives
Chatham Cape Cod Chronicle 01/18/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Chelmsford Chelmsford Independent 08/18/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Chicopee Herald 03/13/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Clinton Times & Courier 09/01/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Cohasset Cohasset Mariner 01/06/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Concord Middlesex Gazette 04/20/1816 – 10/14/1820 Newspaper Archives
Concord Concord Journal 01/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Concord Concord Gazette and Middlesex Yeoman 11/29/1823 – 02/11/1826 Newspaper Archives
Concord, Hanscom AFB Hansconian 02/17/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Danvers Danvers Herald 11/17/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Dartmouth Chronicle 02/18/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Dedham Dedham Gazette 08/20/1813 – 06/25/1819 Newspaper Archives
Dedham Columbian Minerva 01/03/1799 – 09/04/1804 Newspaper Archives
Dedham Minerva 10/11/1796 – 12/27/1798 Newspaper Archives
Dedham Dedham Transcript 08/29/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Dedham Village Register 06/09/1820 – 10/29/1829 Newspaper Archives
Dedham Norfolk Repository 05/14/1805 – 12/28/1809 Newspaper Archives
Dedham Norfolk Democrat 02/09/1839 – 09/15/1854 Newspaper Archives
Dedham Norfolk Advertiser 07/13/1832 – 02/02/1839 Newspaper Archives
Dorchester Dorchester Reporter 01/09/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Dover Dover-Sherborn Press 04/13/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Dracut Valley Dispatch 10/22/2004 – Current Recent Obituaries
Duxbury Duxbury Reporter 11/17/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Duxbury Duxbury Clipper 01/19/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
East Bridgewater Wicked Local: East Bridgewater 08/29/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
East Bridgewater East Bridgewater Star 09/05/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
East Longmeadow Reminder 03/13/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
East Longmeadow Metro West Reminder 03/13/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Easton Easton Journal 01/06/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Fall River Herald News 11/15/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Fall River O Jornal 02/02/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Falmouth Cape Cod Times 12/08/1998 – Current Recent Obituaries
Falmouth Falmouth Bulletin 07/24/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise 09/14/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Framingham Framingham TAB 06/16/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Framingham Westwood Press 08/25/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Framingham MetroWest Daily News 09/06/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Georgetown Georgetown Record 05/11/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Gloucester Cape Ann Light and Gloucester Telegraph 01/07/1843 – 08/02/1873 Newspaper Archives
Gloucester Gloucester Telegraph 01/01/1827 – 12/31/1851 Newspaper Archives
Gloucester Cape Ann Advertiser 12/05/1857 – 12/28/1877 Newspaper Archives
Gloucester Gloucester Democrat 08/19/1834 – 02/16/1838 Newspaper Archives
Gloucester Gloucester Daily Times 08/13/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Grafton Grafton Daily Voice 06/25/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Greenfield Greenfield Gazette 08/02/1792 – 02/05/1811 Newspaper Archives
Greenfield Traveller 02/12/1811 – 12/31/1811 Newspaper Archives
Greenfield Franklin Herald 01/07/1812 – 12/30/1817 Newspaper Archives
Groton Groton Landmark 09/18/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Halifax Halifax-Plympton Reporter 12/10/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hamilton Hamilton Wenham Chronicle 10/20/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hanover Hanover Mariner 01/04/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hanson Hanson Town Crier 10/04/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hanson Wicked Local: Hanson 08/26/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hanson Whitman-Hanson Express 10/01/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Harvard Harvard Post 01/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Harvard Harvard Hillside 09/18/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Harwich Harwich Oracle 01/04/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Haverhill Daily Evening Bulletin 07/11/1871 – 11/14/1894 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill Haverhill Observer 12/05/1800 – 11/27/1804 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill Haverhill Gazette 04/12/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Haverhill Haverhill Federal Gazette 10/26/1798 – 11/27/1799 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill Haverhill Museum 12/11/1804 – 11/22/1806 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill Essex Patriot 05/10/1817 – 01/25/1823 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill Merrimack Intelligencer 07/02/1808 – 02/08/1817 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill Haverhill Gazette 02/01/1823 – 12/25/1841 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill Guardian of Freedom 09/16/1793 – 11/05/1795 Newspaper Archives
Hingham Hingham Journal 03/09/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Holbrook Holbrook Sun 01/06/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Holden Landmark 04/26/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Holden Holden Daily Voice 04/28/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Holliston Holliston TAB 10/06/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hopkinton Hopkinton Independent 05/16/2013 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hopkinton Hopkinton Crier 07/29/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hudson Hudson Sun 07/06/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Ipswich Ipswich Chronicle 09/01/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Jamaica Plain Jamaica Plain Gazette 10/06/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Jamaica Plain Mission Hill Gazette 01/16/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Kingston Kingston Reporter 05/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lakeville Lakeville Call 11/19/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lawrence Eagle-Tribune 05/27/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Leicester Leicester Daily Voice 04/28/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lenox Berkshire Star and County Republican 01/10/1828 – 12/25/1828 Newspaper Archives
Lenox Berkshire Journal 09/03/1829 – 08/25/1831 Newspaper Archives
Leominster Rural Repository 10/22/1795 – 04/13/1797 Newspaper Archives
Leominster Telescope 01/02/1800 – 10/14/1802 Newspaper Archives
Leominster Weekly Messenger 02/06/1806 – 12/18/1806 Newspaper Archives
Leominster Leominster Champion 02/17/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lexington Winchester Star 08/11/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lexington Lexington Minuteman 09/08/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lincoln Lincoln Journal 06/01/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Littleton Littleton Independent 10/13/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lowell Lowell Patriot 01/02/1835 – 06/29/1837 Newspaper Archives
Lowell Sun 10/02/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lowell Lowell Mercury 11/14/1829 – 12/27/1833 Newspaper Archives
Lowell Lowell Daily Citizen and News 04/28/1856 – 12/31/1879 Newspaper Archives
Lynn Daily Item 09/23/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Lynnfield North Shore Sunday 01/13/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Malden Malden Observer 07/07/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Manomet Manomet Current 04/27/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Mansfield Mansfield News 01/06/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Marblehead Marblehead Reporter 08/04/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Marion Sentinel 07/26/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Marlborough Marlborough Enterprise 12/08/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Marshfield Marshfield Mariner 08/31/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Marshfield Abington Mariner-Rockland Mariner 09/02/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Maynard Beacon Villager 10/13/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Medfield Medfield Press 11/10/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Medford Medford Transcript 08/10/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Melrose Melrose Free Press 08/18/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Middleboro Middleboro Gazette 02/19/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Milford Milford Daily News 09/18/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Millbury Millbury-Sutton Chronicle 05/03/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Millbury Millbury Daily Voice 12/15/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Nantucket Nantucket Inquirer 09/20/1821 – 12/31/1849 Newspaper Archives
Nantucket Nantucket Commerce Gazette 05/06/1816 – 03/08/1817 Newspaper Archives
Nantucket Nantucket Independent 03/30/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Natick Natick Bulletin & TAB 06/02/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Needham Wellesley Townsman 02/23/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Needham Allston-Brighton TAB 11/11/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Needham Needham Times 01/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Needham Watertown TAB & Press 09/16/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Needham West Roxbury Transcript 07/13/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
New Bedford New Bedford Gazette 09/05/1831 – 01/25/1838 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford Medley or Newbedford Marine Journal 11/27/1792 – 10/18/1799 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford New-Bedford Mercury 08/07/1807 – 03/16/1877 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford New-Bedford Gazette 10/18/1811 – 07/17/1812 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford New-England Gazette 05/13/1823 – 01/27/1824 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford Whaleman’s Shipping List and Merchants’ Transcript 03/17/1843 – 09/13/1864 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford New-Bedford Courier 06/12/1827 – 05/28/1833 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford Old Colony Gazette 10/21/1808 – 10/11/1811 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford Columbian Courier 12/08/1798 – 03/01/1805 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford Standard Times 02/17/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
New Bedford Morning Mercury 12/04/1895 – 01/02/1919 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford New Bedford Register 01/22/1840 – 01/06/1846 Newspaper Archives
New Bedford Christian Philanthropist 05/14/1822 – 05/13/1823 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Newburyport Herald 10/31/1797 – 03/19/1847 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Newburyport Gazette 04/07/1807 – 09/18/1807 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Political Gazette 04/30/1795 – 10/27/1797 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport New-England Repertory 07/06/1803 – 01/21/1804 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Political Calendar 03/26/1804 – 06/17/1805 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Statesman 08/15/1808 – 03/09/1809 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport American Intelligencer 06/04/1801 – 07/30/1801 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Daily News of Newburyport 05/24/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Newburyport Merrimack Magazine and Ladies’ Literary Cabinet 08/17/1805 – 08/09/1806 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Newburyport Current 01/13/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Newburyport Impartial Herald 05/18/1793 – 10/27/1797 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Morning Star 04/08/1794 – 12/03/1794 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Essex Journal 12/04/1773 – 02/06/1777 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Independent Whig 04/05/1810 – 05/02/1811 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Merrimack Gazette 03/21/1803 – 02/18/1804 Newspaper Archives
Newburyport Essex Journal 07/09/1784 – 04/02/1794 Newspaper Archives
Newton Newton TAB 08/10/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
North Adams North Adams Transcript 08/08/2000 – Current Recent Obituaries
North Adams Advocate 06/09/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
North Andover North Andover Citizen 04/14/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
North Andover Valley Patriot 04/01/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
North Attleborough North Attleborough Free Press 01/16/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Northampton Anti-Monarchist and Republican Watchman 12/14/1808 – 11/28/1810 Newspaper Archives
Northampton Hampshire Gazette 09/20/1786 – 12/26/1843 Newspaper Archives
Northampton Hive 08/23/1803 – 01/22/1805 Newspaper Archives
Northampton Republican Spy 07/03/1804 – 11/16/1808 Newspaper Archives
Northampton Democrat 03/12/1811 – 08/17/1813 Newspaper Archives
Northborough Northborough Daily Voice 10/28/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Northborough, Southborough Villager 12/02/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Northbridge Northbridge Daily Voice 08/11/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Norton Norton Mirror 08/11/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Norwell Norwell Mariner 04/13/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Norwood Norwood Transcript & Bulletin 05/03/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Orleans Cape Codder 09/02/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Pembroke Pembroke Mariner and Express 01/04/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Pembroke Pembroke Express 03/28/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Pepperell Pepperell Free Press 09/18/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Pittsfield Berkshire Chronicle 05/08/1788 – 09/30/1790 Newspaper Archives
Pittsfield Pittsfield Sun 09/16/1800 – 12/31/1873 Newspaper Archives
Pittsfield Berkshire Reporter 01/03/1807 – 11/16/1815 Newspaper Archives
Pittsfield Berkshire Eagle 01/10/1998 – Current Recent Obituaries
Pittsfield Berkshire Gazette 01/18/1798 – 02/11/1800 Newspaper Archives
Pittsfield Berkshire County Whig 03/11/1841 – 02/22/1849 Newspaper Archives
Plymouth Wicked Local: Plymouth 05/12/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Plymouth Plymouth Bulletin 12/07/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Plymouth Old Colony Memorial 05/04/1822 – 12/29/1827 Newspaper Archives
Plymouth Old Colony Sentinel 12/08/1866 – 12/08/1866 Newspaper Archives
Plymouth Wareham Courier 11/04/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Plymouth Plymouth Journal, and the Massachusetts Advertiser 03/19/1785 – 06/13/1786 Newspaper Archives
Plymouth Old Colony Memorial 11/11/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Provincetown Provincetown Banner 06/15/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Quincy Patriot Ledger 07/17/2000 – Current Recent Obituaries
Quincy Patriot Ledger 01/01/1916 – 12/29/1922 Newspaper Archives
Randolph Randolph Herald 05/09/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Raynham Raynham Call 04/18/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Reading Reading Advocate 12/22/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Roslindale Roslindale Transcript 08/17/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Salem Salem Gazette 09/23/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Salem American Gazette, or, the Constitutional Journal 06/18/1776 – 07/30/1776 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Observer 12/20/1823 – 01/10/1874 Newspaper Archives
Salem Friend 01/03/1807 – 07/18/1807 Newspaper Archives
Salem Essex Gazette 08/02/1768 – 05/02/1775 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Mercury 10/14/1786 – 12/29/1789 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Gazette 01/05/1790 – 12/29/1849 Newspaper Archives
Salem Essex Register 07/23/1807 – 12/31/1827 Newspaper Archives
Salem Impartial Register 05/12/1800 – 12/31/1801 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Gazette 10/18/1781 – 11/22/1785 Newspaper Archives
Salem Weekly Visitant 08/02/1806 – 12/20/1806 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Chronicle, and Essex Advertiser 03/30/1786 – 08/03/1786 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Register 01/04/1802 – 07/16/1807 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Register 01/04/1841 – 01/22/1891 Newspaper Archives
Sandwich Sandwich Broadsider 10/13/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Saugus Saugus Advertiser 09/22/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Scituate Scituate Mariner 01/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sharon Sharon Advocate 10/07/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Shirley Shirley Oracle 09/18/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Daily Voice 02/08/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Shrewsbury Shrewsbury Chronicle 09/15/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Somerset Spectator 02/18/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Somerville Somerville Times 07/07/2004 – Current Recent Obituaries
Somerville Cambridge Chronicle 08/11/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Somerville Somerville Journal 08/11/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Springfield Springfield Daily News 01/02/1911 – 07/05/1969 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Hampden Federalist 08/06/1812 – 03/05/1823 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Republican Spy 06/14/1803 – 06/11/1804 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Hampshire Federalist 01/07/1806 – 07/23/1812 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Hampshire Chronicle 03/12/1787 – 09/06/1796 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Springfield Union 01/04/1864 – 01/29/1989 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Hampden Whig 02/24/1830 – 12/20/1837 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Springfield Republican 03/27/1844 – 09/26/1946 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Hampden Patriot 12/31/1818 – 12/25/1822 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Springfield Union-News 06/01/1987 – 01/31/1989 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Massachusetts Gazette 05/14/1782 – 07/20/1784 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Federal Spy 12/19/1792 – 12/31/1805 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Republican, The: Web Edition Articles 11/16/2012 – Current Recent Obituaries
Springfield Springfield Reminder 03/13/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Springfield Springfield Republican 07/03/1852 – 08/14/1941 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Hampden Journal and Advertiser 03/12/1823 – 11/26/1828 Newspaper Archives
Springfield Republican 06/16/1988 – Current Recent Obituaries
Springfield Hampshire Herald 07/27/1784 – 09/26/1786 Newspaper Archives
Stockbridge Berkshire Star 07/30/1808 – 01/03/1828 Newspaper Archives
Stockbridge Western Star 12/01/1789 – 11/08/1806 Newspaper Archives
Stockbridge Political Atlas 02/14/1807 – 07/22/1808 Newspaper Archives
Stoneham Stoneham Sun 11/02/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Stoughton Stoughton Sentinel 12/05/1863 – 12/23/1876 Newspaper Archives
Stoughton Wicked Local: Avon 12/01/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Stoughton Stoughton Journal 09/30/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Stoughton Avon Messenger 05/23/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Sudbury Sudbury Town Crier 09/22/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Swampscott Swampscott Reporter 02/16/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Taunton Columbian Reporter and Old Colony Journal 04/03/1822 – 09/22/1830 Newspaper Archives
Taunton Taunton Daily Gazette 10/08/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Taunton Taunton Call 04/18/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Tewksbury Tewksbury Advocate 07/06/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Topsfield Tri-Town Transcript 06/02/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Townsend Townsend Times 09/18/2001 – Current Recent Obituaries
Vineyard Grove Seaside Gazette 07/20/1872 – 08/30/1875 Newspaper Archives
Wakefield Wakefield Observer 09/01/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Walpole Walpole Times 07/17/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Waltham Waltham News Tribune 08/29/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Watertown Boston Gazette, or, Country Journal 06/05/1775 – 10/28/1776 Newspaper Archives
Wayland Wayland Town Crier 09/22/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
West Bridgewater West Bridgewater Times 02/27/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
West Bridgewater Wicked Local: West Bridgewater 08/29/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
West Springfield American Intelligencer 09/29/1795 – 11/28/1797 Newspaper Archives
Westborough Westborough News 10/28/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Westborough Westborough Daily Voice 04/28/2010 – Current Recent Obituaries
Westborough Community Advocate 06/29/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Westfield Westfield News 12/13/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Westford Westford Eagle 09/15/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Weston Weston Town Crier 12/22/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Weymouth Weymouth News 11/02/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Whitman Wicked Local: Whitman 08/29/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Whitman Whitman Times 05/02/2007 – Current Recent Obituaries
Wilmington Wilmington Advocate 01/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries
Woburn Woburn Advocate 08/11/2005 – Current Recent Obituaries
Worcester Worcester Telegram & Gazette 01/16/1989 – Current Recent Obituaries
Worcester Independent Gazetteer 11/27/1799 – 12/29/1801 Newspaper Archives
Worcester National Aegis 12/02/1801 – 12/30/1876 Newspaper Archives
Worcester Massachusetts Spy 05/03/1775 – 12/29/1876 Newspaper Archives
Worcester Worcester Daily Spy 01/01/1878 – 04/30/1904 Newspaper Archives
Worcester American Herald and the Worcester Recorder 08/21/1788 – 10/08/1789 Newspaper Archives
Yarmouthport Register 01/05/2006 – Current Recent Obituaries

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

You can either print or create a PDF version of this Blog post by simply clicking on the green “Print/PDF” button below. The PDF version makes it easy to save this post onto your desktop or portable device for quick reference – all the Massachusetts newspaper links will be live.

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New Hampshire Archives: 75 Newspapers for Genealogy Research

One of the original Thirteen Colonies, New Hampshire was the first of the new United States to have its own state constitution. Part of the New England region, New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state in the nation, and the 9th least populous.

photo of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Ossipee Mountains, New Hampshire

Photo: Lake Winnipesaukee and the Ossipee Mountains, New Hampshire. Credit: Don Kasak; Wikimedia Commons.

If you are researching your ancestry from New Hampshire, you will want to use GenealogyBank’s online NH newspaper archives: 75 titles to help you search your family history in “The Granite State,” providing coverage from 1756 to Today. There are more than 3.5 million articles and records in our online New Hampshire archives!

Dig deep into our archives and search for historical and recent obituaries and other news articles about your New Hampshire ancestors in these NH newspapers online. Our New Hampshire newspapers are divided into two collections: Historical Newspapers (complete paper) and Recent Obituaries (obituaries only).

Search New Hampshire Newspaper Archives (1756 – 1891)

Search New Hampshire Recent Obituaries (1989 – Current)

illustration: state flag of New Hampshire

Illustration: state flag of New Hampshire. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Here is a list of online New Hampshire newspapers in the archives. Each newspaper title in this list is an active link that will take you directly to that paper’s search page, where you can begin searching for your ancestors by surnames, dates, keywords and more. The NH newspaper titles are listed alphabetically by city.

City Title Date Range* Collection
Amherst Farmer’s Cabinet 11/11/1802 – 12/29/1882 Newspaper Archives
Amherst Amherst Village Messenger 01/09/1796 – 12/05/1801 Newspaper Archives
Amherst Hillsboro Telegraph 01/01/1820 – 06/29/1822 Newspaper Archives
Amherst Amherst Journal 01/16/1795 – 01/02/1796 Newspaper Archives
Bedford Bedford Bulletin 01/08/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Candia, Auburn Candia-Auburn Post 12/04/2014 – Current Recent Obituaries
Chester, Hampstead, Sandown Tri-Town Times: Web Edition Articles 02/28/2013 – Current Recent Obituaries
Chester, Hampstead, Sandown Tri-Town Times 01/20/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Concord Republican Gazetteer 11/22/1796 – 04/04/1797 Newspaper Archives
Concord New Star 04/11/1797 – 10/03/1797 Newspaper Archives
Concord New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette 04/18/1809 – 04/10/1890 Newspaper Archives
Concord Republican Gazette 02/05/1801 – 04/28/1803 Newspaper Archives
Concord Courier of New Hampshire 02/13/1794 – 10/30/1805 Newspaper Archives
Concord New Hampshire Observer 04/01/1822 – 12/26/1834 Newspaper Archives
Concord Concord Observer 01/04/1819 – 03/25/1822 Newspaper Archives
Concord Mirrour 09/06/1792 – 09/02/1799 Newspaper Archives
Concord American Patriot 10/18/1808 – 04/11/1809 Newspaper Archives
Concord Concord Herald 01/06/1790 – 02/06/1794 Newspaper Archives
Concord Concord Gazette 07/19/1806 – 05/01/1819 Newspaper Archives
Derry Nutfield News 01/13/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Derry Derry News 01/08/2008 – Current Recent Obituaries
Dover Political and Sentimental Repository, or Strafford Recorder 07/29/1790 – 01/04/1792 Newspaper Archives
Dover Phoenix 02/08/1792 – 08/22/1795 Newspaper Archives
Dover Foster’s Daily Democrat 03/04/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Dover Sun 10/10/1795 – 12/26/1820 Newspaper Archives
Dover New-Hampshire Republican 01/03/1825 – 10/30/1829 Newspaper Archives
Exeter Newhampshire Gazetteer 08/18/1789 – 02/13/1793 Newspaper Archives
Exeter American Herald of Liberty 06/04/1793 – 11/18/1795 Newspaper Archives
Exeter Constitutionalist 05/21/1810 – 06/14/1814 Newspaper Archives
Exeter Exeter Journal 02/24/1778 – 05/25/1779 Newspaper Archives
Exeter Freeman’s Oracle, and New-Hampshire Advertiser 07/01/1786 – 10/07/1789 Newspaper Archives
Exeter Exeter Watchman 01/07/1817 – 12/07/1819 Newspaper Archives
Goffstown Goffstown News 01/08/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Hanover Dartmouth Gazette 08/27/1799 – 02/09/1820 Newspaper Archives
Hanover Eagle 07/22/1793 – 06/01/1799 Newspaper Archives
Hanover American 02/07/1816 – 04/02/1817 Newspaper Archives
Haverhill New Hampshire Intelligencer 12/27/1820 – 11/26/1823 Newspaper Archives
Hooksett Hooksett Banner 01/08/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Keene Columbian Informer or Cheshire Journal 05/09/1793 – 04/21/1795 Newspaper Archives
Keene Cheshire Advertiser 01/19/1792 – 12/06/1792 Newspaper Archives
Keene New Hampshire Sentinel 03/23/1799 – 12/30/1891 Newspaper Archives
Keene New-Hampshire Recorder 08/21/1787 – 02/24/1791 Newspaper Archives
Keene Rising Sun 08/11/1795 – 06/23/1798 Newspaper Archives
Kingston Carriage Towne News 10/08/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Laconia Lake Village Times 01/18/1868 – 12/30/1876 Newspaper Archives
Londonderry Londonderry Times 02/10/2011 – Current Recent Obituaries
Manchester Weekly Union 01/24/1851 – 12/26/1871 Newspaper Archives
Manchester New Hampshire Journal of Agriculture 02/26/1850 – 10/26/1853 Newspaper Archives
Manchester Telescope 01/13/1849 – 10/13/1849 Newspaper Archives
Manchester Mirror and Farmer 01/07/1865 – 12/30/1876 Newspaper Archives
Manchester Manchester Daily Mirror 01/01/1851 – 12/31/1863 Newspaper Archives
Manchester New Hampshire Union Leader / New Hampshire Sunday News 08/15/1989 – Current Recent Obituaries
Nashua Telegraph 07/28/1998 – Current Recent Obituaries
Portsmouth War Journal 03/12/1813 – 12/10/1813 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth New-Hampshire Gazette 10/07/1756 – 12/30/1851 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Federal Observer 11/22/1798 – 05/29/1800 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth United States Oracle 01/04/1800 – 10/15/1803 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Intelligencer 12/04/1806 – 05/15/1817 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth People’s Advocate 09/24/1816 – 05/17/1817 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Portsmouth Oracle 10/22/1803 – 06/30/1821 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth New-Hampshire Spy 10/24/1786 – 03/02/1793 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics 07/07/1821 – 12/30/1876 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Herald of Gospel Liberty 09/01/1808 – 03/08/1816 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Portsmouth Herald 02/18/2015 – Current Recent Obituaries
Portsmouth Oracle Post 10/25/1803 – 06/18/1805 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Political Star 06/28/1804 – 11/08/1804 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Oracle of the Day 06/04/1793 – 12/28/1799 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth New-Hampshire Mercury and General Advertiser 12/24/1784 – 03/12/1788 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Freeman’s Journal 05/25/1776 – 06/09/1778 Newspaper Archives
Portsmouth Oracle of New-Hampshire 05/22/1817 – 09/11/1817 Newspaper Archives
Salem Salem Observer 01/08/2009 – Current Recent Obituaries
Walpole Democratic Republican 07/04/1812 – 07/05/1813 Newspaper Archives
Walpole Newhampshire Journal, or, the Farmer’s Weekly Museum 04/11/1793 – 03/28/1797 Newspaper Archives
Walpole Farmer’s Weekly Museum 04/04/1797 – 10/15/1810 Newspaper Archives
Walpole Political Observatory 11/19/1803 – 03/20/1809 Newspaper Archives

*Date Ranges may have selected coverage unavailable.

You can either print or create a PDF version of this Blog post by simply clicking on the green “Print/PDF” button below. The PDF version makes it easy to save this post onto your desktop or portable device for quick reference—all the New Hampshire newspaper links will be live.

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Bloody News: Battles of Lexington & Concord Begin April 1775

Stirring front page news – as gripping as a breaking news bulletin on television today

Bloody News – This town has been in a continual alarm since Mid-day… the attack began at Lexington (about 12 miles from Boston) by the regular troops, the 18th Inft., before sunrise… From thence they proceeded to Concord where they made a general attack…

article about the Battles of Lexington and Concord, New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Chronicle newspaper article 21 April 1775

New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Chronicle (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), 21 April 1775, page 1

The British had attacked: the Battles of Lexington and Concord began the fighting between Great Britain and its 13 American colonies that led to the Revolutionary War and the founding of a new nation.

article about the Battles of Lexington and Concord, New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Chronicle newspaper article 21 April 1775

New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Chronicle (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), 21 April 1775, page 1

The reports continued to be published in Colonial newspapers up and down the coast. The newspapers printed them all – and the New Hampshire Gazette and Historical Chronicle added: “The foregoing is the different accounts we have receiv’d, but how far and what part is authentic, presume not to determine.”

This reads like any breaking news story today – when the reporters read every detail as the “raw news” comes in over the satellite feeds.

Enter Last Name

The British had attacked and the committees of safety from colony to colony were responding and getting the word out – through the newspapers – that it was time to act.

Thanks to GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives we can read the same newspapers our American colonial ancestors read and feel the impact of the news as they lived it. No other site has the depth of coverage found on GenealogyBank – spanning the news from 1690 to today.

Illustration: “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere"

Illustration: “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.” Credit: National Archives’ Pictures of the Revolutionary War — Beginnings in New England, 1775-76; Wikimedia Commons.

In his long-famous poem, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of that day:

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,
On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;
Hardly a man is now alive
Who remembers that famous day and year.

He said to his friend, “If the British march
By land or sea from the town to-night,
Hang a lantern aloft in the belfry arch
Of the North Church tower as a signal light,
One if by land, and two if by sea;
And I on the opposite shore will be,
Ready to ride and spread the alarm
Through every Middlesex village and farm,
For the country folk to be up and to arm.”

Then he said “Good-night!” and with muffled oar
Silently rowed to the Charlestown shore,
Just as the moon rose over the bay,
Where swinging wide at her moorings lay
The Somerset, British man-of-war;
A phantom ship, with each mast and spar
Across the moon like a prison bar,
And a huge black hulk, that was magnified
By its own reflection in the tide.

Meanwhile, his friend through alley and street
Wanders and watches, with eager ears,
Till in the silence around him he hears
The muster of men at the barrack door,
The sound of arms, and the tramp of feet,
And the measured tread of the grenadiers,
Marching down to their boats on the shore.

Then he climbed the tower of the Old North Church,
By the wooden stairs, with stealthy tread,
To the belfry chamber overhead,
And startled the pigeons from their perch
On the sombre rafters, that round him made
Masses and moving shapes of shade,–
By the trembling ladder, steep and tall,
To the highest window in the wall,
Where he paused to listen and look down
A moment on the roofs of the town
And the moonlight flowing over all.

Beneath, in the churchyard, lay the dead,
In their night encampment on the hill,
Wrapped in silence so deep and still
That he could hear, like a sentinel’s tread,
The watchful night-wind, as it went
Creeping along from tent to tent,
And seeming to whisper, “All is well!”
A moment only he feels the spell
Of the place and the hour, and the secret dread
Of the lonely belfry and the dead;
For suddenly all his thoughts are bent
On a shadowy something far away,
Where the river widens to meet the bay,–
A line of black that bends and floats
On the rising tide like a bridge of boats.

Meanwhile, impatient to mount and ride,
Booted and spurred, with a heavy stride
On the opposite shore walked Paul Revere.
Now he patted his horse’s side,
Now he gazed at the landscape far and near,
Then, impetuous, stamped the earth,
And turned and tightened his saddle girth;
But mostly he watched with eager search
The belfry tower of the Old North Church,
As it rose above the graves on the hill,
Lonely and spectral and sombre and still.
And lo! as he looks, on the belfry’s height
A glimmer, and then a gleam of light!
He springs to the saddle, the bridle he turns,
But lingers and gazes, till full on his sight
A second lamp in the belfry burns.

A hurry of hoofs in a village street,
A shape in the moonlight, a bulk in the dark,
And beneath, from the pebbles, in passing, a spark
Struck out by a steed flying fearless and fleet;
That was all! And yet, through the gloom and the light,
The fate of a nation was riding that night;
And the spark struck out by that steed, in his flight,
Kindled the land into flame with its heat.
He has left the village and mounted the steep,
And beneath him, tranquil and broad and deep,
Is the Mystic, meeting the ocean tides;
And under the alders that skirt its edge,
Now soft on the sand, now loud on the ledge,
Is heard the tramp of his steed as he rides.

It was twelve by the village clock
When he crossed the bridge into Medford town.
He heard the crowing of the cock,
And the barking of the farmer’s dog,
And felt the damp of the river fog,
That rises after the sun goes down.

It was one by the village clock,
When he galloped into Lexington.
He saw the gilded weathercock
Swim in the moonlight as he passed,
And the meeting-house windows, black and bare,
Gaze at him with a spectral glare,
As if they already stood aghast
At the bloody work they would look upon.

It was two by the village clock,
When he came to the bridge in Concord town.
He heard the bleating of the flock,
And the twitter of birds among the trees,
And felt the breath of the morning breeze
Blowing over the meadow brown.
And one was safe and asleep in his bed
Who at the bridge would be first to fall,
Who that day would be lying dead,
Pierced by a British musket ball.

You know the rest. In the books you have read
How the British Regulars fired and fled,
How the farmers gave them ball for ball,
From behind each fence and farmyard wall,
Chasing the redcoats down the lane,
Then crossing the fields to emerge again
Under the trees at the turn of the road,
And only pausing to fire and load.

So through the night rode Paul Revere;
And so through the night went his cry of alarm
To every Middlesex village and farm,
A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
And a word that shall echo for evermore!
For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
Through all our history, to the last,
In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
The people will waken and listen to hear
The hurrying hoof-beats of that steed,
And the midnight message of Paul Revere.

April is National Poetry Month. Did you know GenealogyBank’s newspaper collection has a special search category for Poems & Songs? Come take a look today and see what poetic gems you can find.

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Finding Out about My Ancestor Jeremy Hanson Using Newspapers

Using GenealogyBank’s historical newspaper archives for my genealogy research just gets better and better!

Every time I dive back into GenealogyBank’s newspapers I look for articles about my family. With over 1.4 billion records to select from—and more added every day—there are still a lot of family finds yet to be discovered.

Recently I was looking for more information in GenealogyBank about my ancestor Jeremy Hanson from Gilmanton, New Hampshire.

Since he lived in New Hampshire and “Jeremy” is a fairly unique name, I started by searching on just his first and last name—limiting my search to only New Hampshire and Massachusetts newspapers.

Finding My Ancestor’s Farm in the Newspaper

I soon found this real estate ad about a Jeremy Hanson who was selling his farm in Gilmanton, New Hampshire, in 1829.

real estate ad for the farm of Jeremy Hanson, New Hampshire Patriot newspaper advertisement 9 November 1829

New Hampshire Patriot (Concord, New Hampshire), 9 November 1829, page 3

Since many of my ancestor Jeremy Hanson’s children were born in Gilmanton, this old news article is probably about him.

The real estate ad says that his farm was “one mile south of the Academy…on the road that leads to Concord.”

Gilmanton Academy?

I drove past that Academy thousands of times growing up in New Hampshire.

photo of Gilmanton Academy, New Hampshire

Photo: Gilmanton Academy. Credit: Wikipedia.

“One mile south of the Academy…on the road that leads to Concord.” A quick Internet search can find that location.

screenshot of Google Maps showing the area around Concord, New Hampshire

Credit: Google Maps

So—now we know where his farm stood in 1829.

Look at some of the details provided in the old real estate ad:

  • 135 acres of “good land”
  • 80 acres are divided into mowing fields, pasture and tillage land

I recognize that type of division.

Our property when I was growing up was further south of where Jeremy’s farm was located, closer to the intersection of State Routes 107 and 129. We had fields that had been planted and mowed since the days of the Revolutionary War. No doubt the Mudgett family that owned our property in days gone by knew Jeremy Hanson back in the day.

There are more details in the historical ad:

  • “Good orchards that make 15 barrels of cider yearly”—so they must have loved their homemade cider
  • “A well of never failing water”—sounds terrific. It’s good to see the ad copy used by people selling a home in 1829. He didn’t just have a well, he had “A well of never failing water.”
  • A home that was a 30’x40’ one-story house
  • A “well finished barn 22 x 49, sound and good”

We can picture exactly how big these two buildings were.

There were also three more buildings on his property:

  • A “wood and corn house, 24 by 30 two stories”
  • A “shed 30 feet long”
  • And “one more out building 15 by 20”

This is impressive. Since I’ve walked these hills and farms for years, I can picture how Jeremy’s farm must have looked.

Finding My Ancestor’s Occupations in Newspapers

Looking at the other newspaper search result hits, I found this article about Jeremy Hanson, the town clerk in Lincoln, New Hampshire.

notice about Jeremy Hanson, the town clerk in Lincoln, New Hampshire, New Hampshire Patriot newspaper article 21 April 1842

New Hampshire Patriot (Concord, New Hampshire), 21 April 1842, page 3

This fits: my records show that several of Jeremy’s children died in Lincoln, Grafton County, New Hampshire.

In another old newspaper article Jeremy is named as the tax collector.

notice mentioning Jeremy Hanson as a tax collector in New Hampshire, New Hampshire Patriot newspaper article 21 December 1843

New Hampshire Patriot (Concord, New Hampshire), 21 December 1843, page 4

Newspapers tell us our family’s story, giving us the details of our ancestors’ lives.

Wow—it’s a great day for genealogy!

GenealogyBank Is Growing Rapidly!

Every day we add more newspapers to GenealogyBank’s online newspaper archives, updating our coverage for more than 3,000 newspapers.

Rain, snow, it doesn’t matter—we digitize and post daily papers published today across America, as well as newspapers published 300 years ago. Millions of records are added every month to our archives.

We add new titles and expand the date ranges of newspapers already in our collection.

When we add a back run of a newspaper we may not yet have tracked down every issue ever published by that newspaper. However, we digitize and put online all the issues we can find, while continuing to track back issues with the goal of someday getting every possible issue online.

Here is just a partial list of what we have been working on in the past few weeks. I think it will give you a sense of the enormous scale of the service that GenealogyBank is bringing to genealogists online. Notice that we found one more issue of the Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia) and over 1,500 issues of the American & Commercial Daily Advertiser (Baltimore, Maryland): as we find back issues we digitize and index them, then put them online.

It’s a great day for genealogy.

Location Newspaper





Albany, NY Albany Evening Journal





Annapolis, MD Maryland Gazette





Augusta, GA Augusta Chronicle




Baltimore, MD American and Commercial Daily Advertiser





Baltimore, MD Baltimore American





Bangor, ME Bangor Weekly Register




Beaumont, TX Beaumont Enterprise





Beaumont, TX Beaumont Journal




Bellows Falls, VT Bellows Falls Gazette





Benicia, CA California Gazette




Bennington, VT Vermont Gazette




Biddeford, ME Justice de Biddeford





Boston, MA American Traveller





Boston, MA Boston Courier




Boston, MA Boston Daily Advertiser




Boston, MA Boston Herald





Boston, MA Boston Post





Boston, MA Repertory





Boston, MA Weekly Messenger





Brattleboro, VT Vermont Phoenix




Camden, SC Camden Journal





Charleston, SC Charleston Courier





Charleston, SC Charleston News and Courier





Charleston, SC South-Carolina State-Gazette





Cherry Valley, NY Cherry-Valley Gazette





Chillicothe, OH Scioto Gazette





Cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Daily Times





Columbia, SC South Carolina State Gazette





Concord, NH New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette





Egg Harbor City, NJ Egg Harbor Pilot





Emporia, KS Emporia Gazette





Exeter, NH Freeman’s Oracle





Frankfort, KY Guardian Of Freedom





Galveston, TX Galveston Weekly News




Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids Press





Hallowell, ME Hallowell Gazette





Harrisburg, PA Patriot





Harrisburg, PA Unparteyische Harrisburg Morgenroethe Zeitung





Hartford, CT Connecticut Courant





Hartford, CT Connecticut Courant





Jackson, MI Jackson Citizen Patriot





Jonesboro, AR Jonesboro Daily Tribune




Jonesboro, AR Jonesboro Evening Sun





Lancaster, PA Lancaster Journal





Litchfield, CT Litchfield Republican





Miami, OK Miami District Daily News





Morristown, NJ Genius of Liberty





Natchez, MS Ariel




Nebraska City, NB Daily Nebraska Press





New Bern, NC North Carolina Sentinel





New Haven, CT Columbian Register





New Haven, CT Connecticut Herald





New Orleans, LA Courrier de la Louisiane




New Orleans, LA Times-Picayune





New York, NY Commercial Advertiser





New York, NY Courrier des Etats-Unis





New York, NY Evening Post





New York, NY Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper





New York, NY Morning Telegraph




New York, NY National Advocate





New York, NY New York Herald




New York, NY New York Herald-Tribune





New York, NY Statesman





Newark, NJ Centinel Of Freedom





Newark, NJ Newark Daily Advertiser





Northampton, MA Hampshire Gazette





Norwich, CT Norwich Courier





Pensacola, FL Pensacola Gazette





Philadelphia, PA National Gazette





Philadelphia, PA Public Ledger





Pittsburg, PA Commonwealth





Portland, ME Portland Advertiser





Portland, ME Portland Daily Press





Portland, OR Daily Oregon Herald





Providence, RI Manufacturers’ and Farmers’ Journal





Richmond, VA Richmond Times Dispatch




Richmond, VA Richmond Whig





Richmond, VA Virginia Patriot





Salem, MA Salem Observer





Salem, MA Salem Register





Salem, NJ Salem Standard and Jerseyman





Salt Lake City, UT Salt Lake Telegram





San Francisco, CA Weekly Pacific News





Saratoga Springs, NY Saratoga Sentinel




Savannah, GA Georgian




Schenectady, NY Cabinet





St. Albans, VT St. Albans Advertiser




St. Albans, VT St. Albans Daily Messenger





St. Albans, VT St. Albans Messenger





St. Augustine, FL Florida Herald and Southern Democrat





Steubenville, OH Steubenville Herald





Trenton, NJ Trenton Evening Times





Trenton, NJ True American




Tulsa, OK Tulsa World




Utica, NY Columbian Gazette





Washington, DC Washington Sentinel





Washington, PA Washington Reporter





Washington, PA Washington Review and Examiner




Waterford, NY Waterford Gazette





West Springfield, MA American Intelligencer





Wilmington, DE Delaware and Eastern-Shore Advertiser




Wilmington, DE Mirror of the Times, and General Advertiser





Worcester, MA National Aegis




More Newspapers Online for Genealogists from GenealogyBank

GenealogyBank has added the backfiles of more than 100 newspapers from 28 U.S. states! This is great news for genealogists—so start searching now.

Every day we work to fill in missing issues in our newspaper archives of more than 6,100 titles so that you can do deeper genealogy research. Thousands of newspaper pages were added in this latest addition, totaling more than 25 million articles to help you fill in the gaps on your family tree.

Five newspapers (marked with an asterisk in the table below) are titles new to GenealogyBank.

These new titles include one newspaper from Florida and four from Georgia:

  • Plant City Observer (Plant City, Florida)
  • Fayette Chronicle (Fayetteville, Georgia)
  • Fayette County News (Fayette, Georgia)
  • Today in Peachtree City (Fayetteville, Georgia)
  • East Coweta Journal (Senoia, Georgia)

Here is the complete list of our latest newspaper additions. Each title is an interactive link taking you directly to that newspaper’s search form.

State City Title Date Range Collection
Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 01/29/1878–11/05/1898 Historical Newspapers
Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas Weekly Gazette 08/01/1824–11/27/1866 Historical Newspapers
Arkansas Little Rock Morning Republican 03/20/1868–03/20/1868 Historical Newspapers
California Sacramento Weekly Rescue 02/01/1864–09/20/1877 Historical Newspapers
California San Francisco San Francisco Abend Post 01/12/1871–12/30/1876 Historical Newspapers
Connecticut Hartford Connecticut Courant 01/03/1852–12/26/1874 Historical Newspapers
Connecticut New Haven Columbian Register 11/26/1859–11/26/1859 Historical Newspapers
Connecticut New Haven Connecticut Journal 09/27/1825–02/24/1835 Historical Newspapers
Connecticut New Haven Daily Herald 05/18/1839–12/15/1843 Historical Newspapers
Connecticut New Haven New Haven Palladium 09/19/1863–09/19/1863 Historical Newspapers
Connecticut New London New London Daily Chronicle 08/02/1852–07/15/1861 Historical Newspapers
Connecticut Norwich Norwich Aurora 06/11/1864–07/29/1868 Historical Newspapers
Florida Pensacola Pensacola Gazette 06/12/1830–04/08/1848 Historical Newspapers
Florida Plant City Plant City Observer* 07/12/2012–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Georgia Augusta Augusta Chronicle 05/04/1799–03/26/1882 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Augusta Daily Constitutionalist 10/31/1861–11/07/1869 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Fayetteville Fayette Chronicle* 08/25/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Georgia Fayetteville Fayette County News* 12/02/2010–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Georgia Fayetteville Today in Peachtree City* 05/02/2012–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Georgia Savannah Georgian 01/09/1830–05/10/1830 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Savannah Savannah Republican 12/08/1807–03/04/1825 Historical Newspapers
Georgia Senoia East Coweta Journal* 11/11/2010–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Kentucky Lexington Kentucky Gazette 08/07/1823–12/22/1826 Historical Newspapers
Louisiana New Orleans Times-Picayune 01/01/1906–01/01/1906 Historical Newspapers
Maine Portland Daily Eastern Argus 08/18/1863–03/17/1888 Historical Newspapers
Maryland Baltimore Baltimore American 04/30/1903–06/04/1911 Historical Newspapers
Maryland Easton Easton Star 04/30/1844–04/15/1856 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston American Traveller 01/20/1826–09/30/1834 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston Boston Commercial Gazette 01/02/1823–06/25/1829 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston Boston Evening Transcript 07/01/1857–05/31/1862 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston Boston Herald 11/07/1920–11/14/1920 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston Boston Post 02/06/1862–10/08/1866 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston Boston Recorder 01/01/1821–05/03/1872 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston Saturday Morning Transcript 11/19/1831–11/21/1835 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Boston Trumpet and Universalist Magazine 06/07/1834–06/07/1834 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Lowell Lowell Patriot 01/02/1835–04/06/1837 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Nantucket Nantucket Inquirer 08/08/1825–07/24/1840 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts New Bedford New-Bedford Mercury 05/14/1869–05/14/1869 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts New Bedford Whaleman’s Shipping List and Merchants’ Transcript 02/25/1845–03/06/1855 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Newburyport Newburyport Herald 01/02/1838–03/17/1846 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Springfield Springfield Union 12/01/1963–12/01/1963 Historical Newspapers
Massachusetts Stoughton Wicked Local: Avon* 12/01/2008–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Massachusetts Worcester Massachusetts Spy 03/03/1876–03/03/1876 Historical Newspapers
Michigan Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette 05/27/1917–05/27/1917 Historical Newspapers
Minnesota Winona Winona Post* 02/12/2006–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Mississippi Indianola Indianola Enterprise-Tocsin* 09/16/2010–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Montana Helena Helena Weekly Herald 05/09/1867–05/09/1867 Historical Newspapers
New Hampshire Amherst Amherst Village Messenger* 01/09/1796–12/05/1801 Historical Newspapers
New Hampshire Concord New Hampshire Patriot 10/24/1878–10/24/1878 Historical Newspapers
New Hampshire Concord New Hampshire Patriot* 10/24/1878–10/24/1878 Historical Newspapers
New Hampshire Concord Republican Gazette 09/06/1802–09/06/1802 Historical Newspapers
New Hampshire Portsmouth Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics 12/16/1876–12/16/1876 Historical Newspapers
New Jersey Newark Centinel Of Freedom 09/18/1821–09/19/1876 Historical Newspapers
New Jersey Newark Newark Daily Advertiser* 01/03/1834–12/31/1836 Historical Newspapers
New York Albany Albany Argus 12/08/1829–01/05/1855 Historical Newspapers
New York Albany Albany Evening Journal 2/28/1854–6/27/1872 Historical Newspapers
New York Albany Daily Albany Argus 05/25/1826–09/08/1875 Historical Newspapers
New York Auburn Auburn Journal and Advertiser 01/13/1841–04/20/1842 Historical Newspapers
New York Auburn Cayuga Tocsin 01/02/1812–07/06/1814 Historical Newspapers
New York Auburn Wisconsin Chief 01/04/1849–12/28/1852 Historical Newspapers
New York Batavia Republican Advocate 11/19/1819–07/27/1821 Historical Newspapers
New York New York Commercial Advertiser 01/06/1845–12/31/1850 Historical Newspapers
New York New York Courrier des Etats-Unis 03/29/1862–12/10/1882 Historical Newspapers
New York New York Daily Graphic 07/01/1875–04/13/1876 Historical Newspapers
New York New York Evening Post 07/08/1822–11/08/1876 Historical Newspapers
New York New York Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper 10/24/1863–04/21/1866 Historical Newspapers
New York New York Morning Telegraph 1/12/1873–1/12/1873 Historical Newspapers
New York New York National Advocate 04/27/1821–01/31/1829 Historical Newspapers
New York New York New York Herald-Tribune 3/4/1880–3/4/1880 Historical Newspapers
New York New York Spectator 06/18/1845–12/27/1849 Historical Newspapers
New York Potsdam North Country Now* 05/22/2010–Current Newspaper Obituaries
New York Poughkeepsie Dutchess Observer 01/02/1822–04/26/1826 Historical Newspapers
New York Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie Journal 08/25/1789–06/01/1814 Historical Newspapers
New York Schenectady Cabinet 05/31/1826–12/30/1856 Historical Newspapers
New York Stony Brook Statesman, The: SUNY, Stony Brook* 12/08/2008–Current Newspaper Obituaries
New York Utica Columbian Gazette 6/23/1807–6/23/1807 Historical Newspapers
North Carolina Belhaven Beaufort-Hyde News* 07/27/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Edenton Chowan Herald, The* 07/12/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Farmville Farmville Enterprise, The* 07/13/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Fayetteville Carolina Observer 02/24/1831–02/23/1863 Historical Newspapers
North Carolina Grifton Times-Leader, The* 07/20/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Hertford Perquimans Weekly* 07/13/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Hillsborough Hillsborough Recorder 10/30/1861–10/30/1861 Historical Newspapers
North Carolina Kenansville Duplin Times, The* 09/29/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Kenansville Duplin Today – Pink Hill Review* 03/08/2012–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Snow Hill Standard Laconic, The* 07/13/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Williamston Martin County Enterprise and Weekly Herald* 08/02/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
North Carolina Windsor Bertie Ledger-Advance* 07/13/2011–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Ohio Bowling Green Sentinel-Tribune, The* 06/02/2012–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Ohio Cincinnati Cincinnati Daily Gazette 6/21/1867–5/26/1881 Historical Newspapers
Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer 12/28/1893–07/08/1908 Historical Newspapers
Ohio Columbus Crisis 11/16/1864–10/07/1868 Historical Newspapers
Oklahoma Hobart Hobart Daily Republican 08/08/1908–05/29/1920 Historical Newspapers
Oklahoma Perry Perry Journal 11/07/1901–02/27/1902 Historical Newspapers
Oklahoma Perry Perry Republican 08/29/1918–08/29/1918 Historical Newspapers
Pennsylvania Canton Canton Independent-Sentinel, The* 02/05/2008–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Patriot 01/13/1872–09/03/1921 Historical Newspapers
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Pennsylvania Journal 12/09/1742–09/18/1793 Historical Newspapers
Pennsylvania Reading Reading Adler 05/29/1855–12/12/1876 Historical Newspapers
Pennsylvania Washington Washington Reporter 03/09/1853–06/02/1869 Historical Newspapers
Pennsylvania Washington Washington Review and Examiner 09/27/1820–01/31/1877 Historical Newspapers
Rhode Island Providence Providence Evening Press 03/20/1872–01/07/1874 Historical Newspapers
South Carolina Charleston Charleston Courier 08/01/1834–02/20/1857 Historical Newspapers
South Carolina Georgetown Winyaw Intelligencer 12/30/1829–04/06/1831 Historical Newspapers
South Carolina Greenwood Index-Journal, The* 07/01/2012–Current Newspaper Obituaries
Texas Clarksville Standard 10/5/1850–10/5/1850 Historical Newspapers
Texas Dallas Dallas Morning News 1/24/1979–12/22/1984 Historical Newspapers
Utah Salt Lake City Salt Lake Telegram 01/07/1903–01/11/1921 Historical Newspapers
Vermont Bellows Falls Bellows Falls Gazette 03/07/1842–09/23/1843 Historical Newspapers
Vermont St. Albans St. Albans Daily Messenger 04/13/1893–08/06/1908 Historical Newspapers
Vermont St. Albans St. Albans Messenger 04/14/1859–01/22/1903 Historical Newspapers
Virginia Alexandria Alexandria Gazette 03/13/1850–12/31/1851 Historical Newspapers
Virginia Alexandria Virginia Journal* 01/05/1786–05/21/1789 Historical Newspapers
Virginia Richmond Richmond Whig 07/13/1869–12/07/1869 Historical Newspapers
Washington Tukwila Tukwila Reporter* 08/18/2012–Current Newspaper Obituaries



Thomas Hill—American Revolutionary War Minuteman Hero Gone

“Hardly a man is now alive

Who remembers that famous day and year.”

—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In searching through early 19th Century newspapers, time and again we find historical obituaries about the passing of “Revolutionary Heroes,” as America’s newspapers recorded the honored service of those who fought to secure this country’s freedom from England.

This 1851 American Revolutionary War soldier’s obituary of Thomas Hill is a good example.

Thomas Hill Revolutionary War Hero Obituary - Massachusetts Spy Newspaper 1851

Massachusetts Spy (Worcester, Massachusetts), 15 July 1851, page 3.

This soldier’s obituary says of Thomas Hill: “He was in the battle of Concord, and was on Bunker Hill, but not in the engagement.”

Wait—he was there at the battle but didn’t fight?

Why was he given a pension by the U.S. federal government and called a “Revolutionary Hero” in this historical obituary if he was there at the battle but not engaged in the fighting?

Digging deeper in GenealogyBank I found this old newspaper article profiling Thomas Hill when he was 89, one year before he died. It was published in the New Hampshire Gazette (Portsmouth, New Hampshire), 23 April 1850, page 2, giving more details about his military service.

Thomas Hill New Hampshire Gazette NewspaperSo he was at the Battle of Concord as a 14-year-old boy and also at the Battle of Bunker Hill “with his father and eldest brother Abraham.” They were part of “the volunteer minute men who fought.”

Thomas Hill went on to fight in “two campaigns in the Jerseys and New York.”

Thomas Hill was honored along with “four other survivors, being all that could be found in the country around who were active in the scenes of 1775.”

And honored he was—the historical newspaper article went on to say:

Thomas Hill New Hampshire Gazette Newspaper 1850We can picture the old Revolutionary War veteran being escorted by the grateful citizens of West Cambridge over the same route used by the British when they attacked Lexington and Concord.

It calls to mind the words of the poet Longfellow:

“Listen my children and you shall hear

Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere,

On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five;

Hardly a man is now alive

Who remembers that famous day and year.”

Longfellow’s immortal words were published in January 1861, 11 years after the 1850 tribute to Thomas Hill. Perhaps he was inspired by this celebration honoring Hill and the other four remaining men “who remembered that famous day and year.”

GenealogyBank gives us the key opportunity to dig in and find the details of the thousands who served as soldiers in the American Revolutionary War. Search GenealogyBank’s newspaper archives and document your ancestors—don’t let their stories be lost.

31 Million Records Added to Our Archives in February!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our online collections to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available anywhere. In fact, we’ve already added 31 million new genealogy records to our historical newspaper archives and obituary archives this February 2012 and we’re just getting started!

Here are some details about our most recent newspaper content additions (we actually added new content to thousands of newspaper titles, but the following is a representative sample):

  • A total of 120 newspaper titles from 30 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia
  • Newspaper titles marked with an asterisk (*) are obituaries only and are new to our obituary archives
  • Newspaper titles marked with a plus sign (+) are historical newspapers new to our historical newspaper archives
  • We’ve shown the newspaper date ranges so that you can determine if the new content is relevant to your genealogy research

If a recent newspaper addition to our online archives interests you, simply click on that newspaper’s title: it is an active link leading to that paper’s search form.

State City Newspaper Title Start Date End Date
AK Bethel Delta Discovery* 2011 Current
AL Mobile Mobile Register 1858 1869
AR Jonesboro Jonesboro Daily News 1909 1909
AR Little Rock Arkansas Democrat-Gazette* 2011 Current
AR Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 1819 1908
AR Sil. Springs Siloam Sp. Herald-Leader* 2011 Current
AR Jonesboro Jonesboro Evening Sun 1906 1922
AR Jonesboro Jo. Weekly Times-Enterprise 1906 1906
AR Jonesboro Jonesboro Weekly Sun 1922 1922
CA San Diego San Diego Union 1912 1965
CA San Diego Evening Tribune 1900 1932
CA Riverside Riverside Daily Press 1939 1949
CA El Centro Imperial Valley Press* 2001 Current
CO Denver Den. Rocky Mountain News 1880 1922
CO Denver Denver Post 1906 1906
CO Denver Rocky Mountain News 1859 1862
CT Hartford Connecticut Courant 1842 1843
CT Hartford Times 1836 1837
CT Hartford American Mercury 1830 1833
CT Norwich Norwich Aurora 1858 1873
CT New Haven Columbian Register 1831 1851
CT Litchfield Litchfield Republican 1848 1855
DC Washington United States Telegraph 1827 1829
DE Wilmington Delaware Gazette 1787 1787
FL Tampa Tampa Tribune 1929 1931
FL Pensacola Pensacola Gazette+ 1843 1848
GA Marietta Marietta Journal 1979 1985
GA Augusta Daily Constitutionalist+ 1840 1861
GA Milledgeville Georgia Journal 1822 1832
GA Savannah Daily Georgian 1826 1832
GA Augusta Augusta Chronicle 1792 1922
IA Forest City Britt News Tribune* 2003 Current
ID Idaho Falls Idaho Register 1892 1892
ID Twin Falls Twin Falls News 1920 1920
IL Rockford Register-Republic 1957 1957
IL Rockford Register Star 2007 2007
IL Shorewood Shorewood Sentinel* 2011 Current
IL Springfield Illinois State Register+ 1840 1844
IL Niles Bugle* 2011 Current
KY Maysville Ledger Independent* 2002 Current
LA New Orleans Courrier de la Louisiane 1823 1824
LA New Orleans Times-Picayune 1901 1914
LA Baton Rouge Advocate 1945 1985
LA Baton Rouge Daily Advocate 1869 1883
LA Baton Rouge State Times Advocate 1922 1922
MA Boston Weekly Messenger 1831 1831
MA Northampton Hampshire Gazette 1826 1840
MA Worcester National Aegis 1822 1876
MA Boston Repertory 1821 1821
MA Newburyport Newburyport Herald 1834 1837
MA Boston Boston Commercial Gazette 1835 1840
MA Worcester Massachusetts Spy 1821 1869
MA W. Springfield American Intelligencer 1796 1796
MA Springfield Hampden Whig 1830 1837
MA Springfield Springfield Union 1913 1915
MA Boston Sat. Morning Transcript+ 1835 1838
MA Nantucket Nantucket Inquirer 1826 1841
MA Boston Boston Herald 1893 1907
MA New Bedford New-Bedford Mercury 1857 1869
MA Salem Salem Register 1841 1856
MA Boston Boston Courier 1845 1845
MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette 1876 1876
MI Petoskey Petoskey News-Review* 2001 Current
MI Charlevoix Charlevoix Courier* 2009 Current
MI Jackson Jackson Citizen 1897 1897
MN Winona Winona Daily News* 2001 Current
NC Cary Cary News* 2011 Current
NC Wins.-Salem Winston-Salem Journal 1917 1928
NC Smithfield Smithfield Herald* 2011 Current
NC Zebulon Eastern Wake News* 2011 Current
NC Fayetteville Carolina Observer+ 1824 1830
NE Omaha Omaha World Herald 1957 1983
NE Beatrice Beatrice Daily Sun* 2002 Current
NH Portsmouth P. Jrnl. of Lit. and Politics 1860 1872
NH Concord New-Hampshire Patriot 1861 1861
NJ Trenton True American 1801 1812
NJ Morristown Genius of Liberty 1798 1805
NJ Trenton Trenton Evening Times 1916 1916
NY Cazenovia Pilot 1818 1822
NY New York Spectator 1842 1851
NY Sara. Springs Saratoga Sentinel 1826 1837
NY New York New York Herald-Tribune 1887 1887
NY New York New-York Gazette 1803 1803
NY New York Commercial Advertiser 1821 1876
NY Auburn Aub. Journal and Advertiser+ 1837 1846
NY New York Weekly Visitor 1822 1823
NY Syracuse Post-Standard: Blogs* 2011 Current
NY New York New York Herald 1876 1876
NY Albany Albany Argus 1823 1869
OH Chillicothe Supporter & Scioto Gazette+ 1821 1827
OH Cleveland Plain Dealer 1847 1922
OH Canton Repository 1939 1939
OR Portland Oregonian 1904 1904
PA Somerset Daily American* 2011 Current
PA Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer 1830 1859
PA Washington Washington Reporter 1821 1869
PA Philadelphia National Gazette 1827 1835
PA Harrisburg Patriot 1866 1912
PA Pittsburgh Tree of Liberty 1801 1802
PA Harrisburg Harrisburg Republican 1816 1818
SC Charleston Charleston Courier 1822 1872
SC Charleston South-Carolina State-Gazette 1801 1801
SC Charleston Charleston Mercury 1860 1868
TX Dallas Dallas Morning News 1983 1984
TX Marble Falls River Cities Daily Tribune* 2010 Current
TX Lexington Lexington Leader* 2009 Current
TX Texarkana Texarkana Gazette* 2011 Current
VA Richmond Virginia Patriot 1814 1814
VA Richmond Richmond Times Dispatch 1929 1930
VA Richmond Richmond Enquirer 1867 1870
VA Norfolk N. Gazette & Publick Ledger 1804 1816
VA Alexandria Alexandria Gazette 1823 1870
VA Richmond Richmond Whig 1833 1874
VT St. Albans St. Albans Daily Messenger 1861 1872
VT St. Albans St. Albans Transcript+ 1873 1873
VT St. Albans St. Albans Messenger 1850 1921
VT Windsor Vermont Journal 1862 1862
VT Windsor Vermont Republican 1821 1828
VT Brattleboro Vermont Phoenix 1866 1866
WI Chip. Falls Chippewa Herald* 1999 Current

You can also view our complete title list of U.S. newspapers by state.

Millions of New Newspaper Records Added in January

GenealogyBank adds new content daily to its U.S. newspaper archives, an expansive online collection of 5,850 newspapers and more than one billion articles and records—and growing!

January 2012 was one of our best months ever: GenealogyBank added 31 million digitized records with newspapers from 31 states to our archives for you to search online. Here is a listing of all of January’s newspaper content additions.

State City Title Coverage  
Alabama Mobile Mobile Register 07/01/1858–10/31/1869
Alaska Bethel Delta Discovery, The* 07/15/2011–Current Obituaries Only
Arkansas Jonesboro Jonesboro Daily News 01/07/1909–04/08/1909
Arkansas Jonesboro Jonesboro Evening Sun 12/08/1906–12/23/1922
Arkansas Jonesboro Jonesboro Weekly Sun 05/31/1922–05/31/1922
Arkansas Jonesboro Jonesboro Weekly Times-Enterprise 05/10/1906–05/10/1906
Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas Democrat-Gazette* 10/30/2011–Current Obituaries Only
Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas Gazette 11/20/1819–11/01/1908
Arkansas Siloam Springs Siloam Springs Herald-Leader, The* 11/16/2011–Current Obituaries Only
California El Centro Imperial Valley Press* 01/02/2001–Current Obituaries Only
California Riverside Riverside Daily Press 7/1/1939–2/8/1949
California San Diego Evening Tribune 1/1/1900–10/24/1932
California San Diego San Diego Union 4/3/1912–6/30/1965
Colorado Denver Denver Post 3/8/1906–3/8/1906
Colorado Denver Denver Rocky Mountain News 10/2/1880–12/25/1922
Colorado Denver Rocky Mountain News 4/23/1859–4/19/1862
Connecticut Hartford American Mercury 01/19/1830–06/25/1833
Connecticut Hartford Connecticut Courant 02/19/1842–12/23/1843
Connecticut Hartford Times 2/27/1836–8/5/1837
Connecticut Litchfield Litchfield Republican 05/04/1848–09/28/1855
Connecticut New Haven Columbian Register 01/08/1831–09/13/1851
Connecticut Norwich Norwich Aurora 01/02/1858–12/24/1873
Delaware Wilmington Delaware Gazette 04/11/1787–10/31/1787
District of Columbia Washington United States Telegraph 05/21/1827–07/07/1829
Florida Pensacola Pensacola Gazette* 01/14/1843–03/25/1848
Florida Tampa Tampa Tribune 3/17/1929–10/7/1931
Georgia Augusta Augusta Chronicle 01/21/1792–12/31/1922
Georgia Augusta Daily Constitutionalist* 05/14/1840–04/09/1861
Georgia Marietta Marietta Journal 10/14/1979–9/9/1985
Georgia Milledgeville Georgia Journal 07/02/1822–03/08/1832
Georgia Savannah Daily Georgian 09/16/1826–07/19/1832
Idaho Idaho Falls Idaho Register 08/05/1892–08/05/1892
Idaho Twin Falls Twin Falls News 09/17/1920–09/17/1920
Illinois Niles Bugle, The* 08/18/2011–Current Obituaries Only
Illinois Rockford Register Star 3/31/2007–5/30/2007
Illinois Rockford Register-Republic 6/21/1957–6/21/1957
Illinois Shorewood Shorewood Sentinel, The* 06/13/2011–Current Obituaries Only
Illinois Springfield Illinois State Register* 11/13/1840–12/27/1844
Iowa Forest City Britt News Tribune* 03/20/2003–Current Obituaries Only
Kentucky Maysville Ledger Independent, The* 07/11/2002–Current Obituaries Only
Louisiana Baton Rouge Advocate 6/29/1945–12/31/1985
Louisiana Baton Rouge Daily Advocate 9/8/1869–3/27/1883
Louisiana Baton Rouge State Times Advocate 1/7/1922–8/25/1922
Louisiana New Orleans Courrier de la Louisiane 01/06/1823–01/14/1824
Louisiana New Orleans Times-Picayune 04/26/1901–05/21/1914
Massachusetts Boston Boston Commercial Gazette 04/16/1835–01/23/1840
Massachusetts Boston Boston Courier 1/2/1845–7/17/1845
Massachusetts Boston Boston Herald 7/4/1893–12/6/1907
Massachusetts Boston Repertory 1/11/1821–3/27/1821
Massachusetts Boston Saturday Morning Transcript* 02/07/1835–12/29/1838
Massachusetts Boston Weekly Messenger 03/03/1831–03/03/1831
Massachusetts Nantucket Nantucket Inquirer 04/22/1826–12/04/1841
Massachusetts New Bedford New-Bedford Mercury 01/02/1857–12/31/1869
Massachusetts Newburyport Newburyport Herald 02/07/1834–01/03/1837
Massachusetts Northampton Hampshire Gazette 01/04/1826–09/02/1840
Massachusetts Salem Salem Register 11/18/1841–8/4/1856
Massachusetts Springfield Hampden Whig 02/24/1830–09/27/1837
Massachusetts Springfield Springfield Union 1/1/1913–3/31/1915
Massachusetts West Springfield American Intelligencer 08/09/1796–08/09/1796
Massachusetts Worcester Massachusetts Spy 03/14/1821–12/31/1869
Massachusetts Worcester National Aegis 10/23/1822–12/23/1876
Michigan Charlevoix Charlevoix Courier* 01/02/2009–Current Obituaries Only
Michigan Jackson Jackson Citizen 01/08/1897–04/23/1897
Michigan Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette 07/21/1876–07/21/1876
Michigan Petoskey Petoskey News-Review* 04/16/2001–Current Obituaries Only
Minnesota Winona Winona Daily News* 05/15/2001–Current Obituaries Only
Nebraska Beatrice Beatrice Daily Sun* 06/10/2002–Current Obituaries Only
Nebraska Omaha Omaha World Herald 12/15/1957–12/25/1983
New Hampshire Concord New-Hampshire Patriot 2/20/1861–2/20/1861
New Hampshire Portsmouth Portsmouth Journal of Literature and Politics 01/07/1860–09/28/1872
New Jersey Morristown Genius of Liberty 10/25/1798–04/11/1805
New Jersey Trenton Trenton Evening Times 03/14/1916–06/29/1916
New Jersey Trenton True American 12/29/1801–12/14/1812
New York Albany Albany Argus 01/03/1823–04/30/1869
New York Auburn Auburn Journal and Advertiser* 05/31/1837–12/30/1846
New York Cazenovia Pilot 05/13/1818–11/28/1822
New York New York Commercial Advertiser 04/04/1821–11/21/1876
New York New York New York Herald 4/14/1876–4/14/1876
New York New York New York Herald-Tribune 12/24/1887–12/24/1887
New York New York New-York Gazette 03/03/1803–03/04/1803
New York New York Spectator 04/30/1842–08/18/1851
New York New York Weekly Visitor 11/03/1822–04/26/1823
New York Saratoga Springs Saratoga Sentinel 5/9/1826–3/14/1837
New York Syracuse Post-Standard, The: Blogs* 02/18/2011–Current Obituaries Only
North Carolina Cary Cary News, The* 02/13/2011–Current Obituaries Only
North Carolina Fayetteville Carolina Observer* 12/09/1824–11/04/1830
North Carolina Smithfield Smithfield Herald, The* 01/19/2011–Current Obituaries Only
North Carolina Winston-Salem Winston-Salem Journal 5/30/1917–4/28/1928
North Carolina Zebulon Eastern Wake News* 01/19/2011–Current Obituaries Only
Ohio Canton Repository 9/1/1939–9/22/1939
Ohio Chillicothe Supporter and Scioto Gazette* 02/21/1821–02/08/1827
Ohio Cleveland Plain Dealer 07/23/1847–11/05/1922
Oregon Portland Oregonian 08/04/1904–08/04/1904
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Harrisburg Republican 12/17/1816–07/17/1818
Pennsylvania Harrisburg Patriot 01/01/1866–12/19/1912
Pennsylvania Philadelphia National Gazette 9/20/1827–6/9/1835
Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphia Inquirer 02/04/1830–05/28/1859
Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Tree of Liberty 02/22/1801–10/16/1802
Pennsylvania Somerset Daily American, The* 01/12/2011–Current Obituaries Only
Pennsylvania Washington Washington Reporter 01/01/1821–06/16/1869
South Carolina Charleston Charleston Courier 07/08/1822–04/25/1872
South Carolina Charleston Charleston Mercury 04/18/1860–07/11/1868
South Carolina Charleston South-Carolina State-Gazette 9/24/1801–9/24/1801
Texas Dallas Dallas Morning News 11/16/1983–4/20/1984
Texas Lexington Lexington Leader* 04/09/2009–Current Obituaries Only
Texas Marble Falls River Cities Daily Tribune, The* 02/25/2010–Current Obituaries Only
Texas Texarkana Texarkana Gazette* 10/28/2011–Current Obituaries Only
Vermont Brattleboro Vermont Phoenix 2/23/1866–12/14/1866
Vermont St. Albans St. Albans Daily Messenger 04/24/1861–10/23/1872
Vermont St. Albans St. Albans Messenger 10/10/1850–09/29/1921
Vermont St. Albans St. Albans Transcript* 04/05/1873–04/05/1873
Vermont Windsor Vermont Journal 02/15/1862–02/15/1862
Vermont Windsor Vermont Republican 01/01/1821–05/10/1828
Virginia Alexandria Alexandria Gazette 01/02/1823–03/31/1870
Virginia Norfolk Norfolk Gazette and Publick Ledger 07/17/1804–09/17/1816
Virginia Richmond Richmond Enquirer 07/29/1867–04/28/1870
Virginia Richmond Richmond Times Dispatch 9/15/1929–3/3/1930
Virginia Richmond Richmond Whig 02/16/1833–12/29/1874
Virginia Richmond Virginia Patriot 04/27/1814–04/27/1814
Wisconsin Chippewa Falls Chippewa Herald, The* 01/30/1999–Current Obituaries Only


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Alabama. Grove Hill. Grove Hill Herald*. 03/06/1850–12/06/1854
Arkansas. Little Rock. Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Web Edition Articles*. 03/30/2007–Current
Arkansas. Little Rock. ARPreps*. 05/28/2011–Current
Arkansas. Fayetteville. Whole Hog Sports*. 04/14/2007–Current
Arkansas. Camden. Camden News*. 12/02/2011–Current
Arkansas. Fort Chaffee. Helping Hand *. 05/02/1975–12/19/1975
Arkansas. Bella Vista. Weekly Vista, The*. 11/30/2011–Current
Arkansas. Little Rock. Arkansas State Press. 08/23/1957–08/23/1957
Arkansas. Fayetteville. NW Arkansas Times*. 11/14/2011–Current
Arkansas. Fayetteville. NWAOnline: Web Edition Articles*. 07/28/2009–Current
Arkansas. El Dorado. El Dorado News-Times*. 12/01/2011–Current
Arkansas. Magnolia. Banner-News*. 11/19/2011–Current
Arkansas. Springdale. Springdale Morning News*. 11/18/2011–Current
Arkansas. Rogers. Rogers Morning News*. 11/14/2011–Current
Arkansas. Searcy. Daily Citizen, The*. 08/26/2003–Current
California. San Francisco. Alaska Appeal *. 03/06/1879–04/15/1880
California. Santa Anita. Santa Anita Pacemaker *. 04/24/1942–07/29/1942
California. Tanforan. Tanforan Totalizer *. 05/15/1942–09/12/1942
California. San Diego. Evening Tribune. 7/1/1925–1/25/1935
California. Riverside. Riverside Daily Press. 5/20/1938–10/1/1942
California. San Diego. San Diego Union. 3/1/1908–7/8/1934
Colorado. Denver. Denver Rocky Mountain News. 12/3/1880–1/5/1881
Connecticut. New Haven. Columbian Register. 1/1/1831–5/27/1876
Florida. Tampa. Tampa Tribune. 10/31/1928–9/22/1932
Florida. Jacksonville. Florida Times-Union, The: Web Edition Articles*. 11/28/2011–Current
Georgia. Savannah. Closeup*. 11/11/1999–Current
Georgia. Marietta. Marietta Journal. 7/22/1966–6/30/1989
Illinois. Rockford. Register Star. 8/31/2006–4/20/2007
Louisiana. New Orleans. Times-Picayune. 3/30/1841–2/28/1915
Louisiana. Baton Rouge. Daily State. 1/14/1907–1/1/1910
Louisiana. Baton Rouge. State Times Advocate. 3/24/1911–12/30/1922
Louisiana. Baton Rouge. Daily Advocate. 9/17/1855–1/4/1889
Louisiana. Baton Rouge. Weekly Advocate. 6/28/1855–6/28/1902
Louisiana. Baton Rouge. Advocate. 10/23/1925–5/31/1985
Louisiana. New Orleans. Courrier de la Louisiane. 10/01/1821–10/01/1821
Massachusetts. Boston. Boston Herald. 10/11/1893–8/31/1907
Massachusetts. Springfield. Springfield Daily News. 11/16/1916–11/16/1916
Massachusetts. Springfield. Springfield Union. 09/10/1963–12/26/1986
Michigan. Gaylord. Gaylord Herald Times*. 01/01/2001–Current
Michigan. Jackson. Jackson Citizen Patriot. 06/15/1875–12/07/1921
Missouri. Lake Ozark. Lake Today, The*. 05/06/2009–Current
North Carolina. Charlotte. Carolina Israelite*. 02/01/1944–12/01/1958
North Carolina. Winston-Salem. Winston-Salem Journal. 1/5/1917–7/31/1920
Nebraska. Omaha. Omaha World Herald. 8/1/1945–12/4/1983
New Jersey. New Brunswick. Jewish Journal. 06/14/1963–04/28/1967
New York. Westbury. Westbury Times, The*. 12/04/1997–Current
New York. New York. Irish American Weekly. 02/08/1873–07/04/1914
New York. New York. Truth *. 07/06/1880–01/06/1884
New York. New York. Irish Nation *. 11/26/1881–10/06/1883
New York. New York. Socialist Call. 06/09/1944–08/13/1948
New York. New York. Daily People. Current–Current
New York. New York. Worker. 05/04/1903–02/23/1907
New York. New York. People. 05/03/1891–03/22/1896
Oregon. Portland. Oregonian. 04/08/1917–04/08/1917
Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh. National Labor Tribune. 03/19/1903–07/01/1958
Pennsylvania. Erie. Erie Labor Press *. 06/18/1921–12/31/1921
Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh. Welsh-American *. 01/08/1914–12/15/1918
Pennsylvania. Erie. Truth *. 10/25/1913–06/11/1921
Rhode Island. Providence. Providence Evening Press*. 03/14/1859–12/29/1869
South Carolina. Charleston. Charleston Mercury. 7/2/1860–12/31/1866
South Carolina. Clemson. Tiger, The*. 04/14/2002–Current.
South Carolina. Charleston. Charleston Courier. 7/14/1859–3/19/1866
Texas. Dallas. Dallas Morning News. 4/4/1983–1/29/1984
Utah. Salt Lake City. Intermountain Catholic*. 10/05/2007–Current
Virginia. Richmond. Richmond Times Dispatch. 7/1/1929–3/14/1930
Wisconsin. Fond du Lac. Fond du Lac Trade Extension*. 02/13/1918–02/13/1918
Wisconsin. Gratiot. Gratiot Reporter *. 06/13/1912–10/09/1913
Wisconsin. Grafton. Grafton Enterprise *. 07/27/1927–08/03/1927
Wisconsin. Fox Lake. Fox Lake Representative*. 12/15/1911–12/20/1917