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Handy List of Illinois Historical Newspapers

GenealogyBank has 131 Illinois newspapers with coverage from 1818 to Today.
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Belleville News Democrat (Belleville, IL). 1/2/1901 – 12/30/1922
Chicago Herald (Chicago, IL). 1/1/1890 – 12/31/1891
Chicago Times (Chicago, IL). 11/2/1854 – 7/3/1888
Daily Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL). 2/17/1874 – 9/16/1896
Edwardsville Spectator (Edwardsville, IL). 5/29/1819 – 10/20/1826
Illinois Advocate (Vandalia, IL). 11/2/1833 – 7/29/1835
Illinois Emigrant (Shawneetown, IL). 7/8/1818 – 5/15/1819
Illinois Intelligencer (Vandalia, IL). 1/27/1819 – 3/5/1822
Inter Ocean (Chicago, IL). 2/15/1874 – 12/31/1896
Latin Times (Chicago, IL). 2/1/1958 – 5/2/1975
Nauvoo Expositor (Nauvoo, IL). 6/7/1844 – 6/7/1844
Noticia Mundial (Chicago, IL). 8/7/1927 – 2/12/1928
Pomeroy’s Democrat (Chicago, IL). 1/6/1869 – 2/15/1879
Quincy Whig (Quincy, IL). 4/1/1869 – 12/31/1875
Sol de Chicago (Chicago, IL). 3/21/1960 – 3/21/1960
Sunday Times (Chicago, IL). 10/10/1869 – 6/23/1918
Vida Latina (Chicago, IL). 2/21/1952 – 7/21/1963
Vorbote (Chicago, IL). 2/28/1874 – 12/25/1875

Click here to see the complete list of Illinois newspapers in GenealogyBank.

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Written by Thomas Jay Kemp

Thomas Jay Kemp

Thomas Jay Kemp is the Director of Genealogy Products at GenealogyBank. Tom Kemp is an internationally known librarian and archivist – he is the author of over 35 genealogy books and hundreds of articles about genealogy and family history.

He previously served as the Chair of the National Council of Library & Information Associations (Washington, DC) and as Library Director of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

An active genealogist, he has been working on his own family history for 47 years. With the rapidly growing online archives at GenealogyBank – it is a great day for genealogy!

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