GenealogyBank adds newspapers from 13 States

GenealogyBank announced today that it has added another 14 newspapers from 13 States to the America’s Obituaries section of GenealogyBank.

This brings the modern obituaries to nearly 28 million obituaries & death notices. There are millions more obituaries in the 2,500 newspapers in the Historical Newspaper section and in the Historical Documents section.

With data on more than 1 billion people – GenealogyBank is packed with the facts about our ancestors.

Your membership in GenealogyBank helps us to make even more records available.

Membership entitles you to read the complete text of over 230 million articles and records – search for more than 1 billion of your relatives.

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List of new titles added:
Valley Times-News, (Lanett, AL)
Obituaries: 04/17/1999 – Current
Death Notices: 03/18/1999 – Current

Marietta Daily Journal (Marietta, GA)
Obituaries: 12/07/1998 – Current
Death Notices: 12/07/1998 – Current
Thomasville Times-Enterprise (Thomasville, GA)
Obituaries: 11/27/2007 – Current
Death Notices: 11/14/2007 – Current

Decatur Daily Democrat (Decatur, IN)
Obituaries: 04/29/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 03/11/2008 – Current

Clinton Herald (Clinton, IA)
Obituaries: 09/28/2007 – Current
Death Notices: 08/29/2007 – Current

Daily News, (Middlesboro, KY)
Obituaries: 02/02/2007 – Current
Death Notices: 02/01/2007 – Current

Daily Times Leader (West Point, MS)
Obituaries: 04/27/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 03/27/2008 – Current

North Carolina
Tryon Daily Bulletin, (Tryon, NC)
Obituaries: 09/12/2007 – Current
Death Notices: 05/14/2007 – Current

Daily Sentinel, (Pomeroy, OH)
Obituaries: 10/17/2005 – Current
Death Notices: 10/17/2005 – Current
Evening Leader, (St. Marys, OH)
Obituaries: 04/07/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 04/02/2008 – Current

York Weekly Record (York, PA)
Obituaries: 01/23/2004 – Current
Death Notices: See York Daily Record

South Carolina
Union Daily Times, (Union, SC)
Obituaries: 01/02/2006 – Current
Death Notices: 01/02/2006 – Current

San Marcos Daily Record (San Marcos, TX)
Obituaries: 05/08/2008 – Current
Death Notices: 04/12/2008 – Current

Daily Herald, (Everett, WA)
Obituaries: 08/16/2005 – Current

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Written by Thomas Jay Kemp

Thomas Jay Kemp

Thomas Jay Kemp is the Director of Genealogy Products at GenealogyBank. Tom Kemp is an internationally known librarian and archivist – he is the author of over 35 genealogy books and hundreds of articles about genealogy and family history.

He previously served as the Chair of the National Council of Library & Information Associations (Washington, DC) and as Library Director of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

An active genealogist, he has been working on his own family history for 47 years. With the rapidly growing online archives at GenealogyBank – it is a great day for genealogy!

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3 thoughts on “GenealogyBank adds newspapers from 13 States

  1. Yes – we are planning to expand our coverage of the Baltimore, MD Sun and we are also adding these Maryland titles:

    Annapolis. Maryland Gazette. 1854 to1872
    Baltimore. American & Commercial Daily Advertiser. 1805 to 1820
    Baltimore. Baltimore Bulletin. 1872to 1875
    Baltimore. Dunlap’s Maryland Gazette. 1775 to 1779
    Baltimore. Federal Gazette. 1801 to1813
    Baltimore. Federal Gazette and Baltimore Daily Advertiser. 1821 to 1838
    Baltimore. Maryland Journal. 1773 to 1784
    Bel Air . Southern Aegis. 1857 to 1858
    Belair. Hartford Gazette & General Advertiser. 1848 to 1852
    Bel-Air. National American. 1861to1865
    Chestertown. Chestertown Transcript. 1866 to 1876
    Cumberland. Phoenix Civilian. 1835 to 1839
    Easton. Easton Gazette. 1821 to 1876
    Easton. Maryland Herald and Eastern Shore Intelligencer. 1790 to 1797
    Elkton. Cecil Democrat. 1845 to 1876
    Frederick. Republican Citizen & State Advertiser. 1827 to 1831
    Frederick. Reservoir & Public Reflector.1826 to 1829
    Fredericktown. Republican Advocate.1808 to 1818
    Fredericktown. Rights of Man. 1794 to 1800
    Fredericktown. The Hornet. 1811 to 1814
    Fredrick. Republican Gazette and General Advertiser. 1822 to 1823
    Hagerstown. Torchlight & Public Advertiser. 1822 to 1823
    Uniontown. Engine of Liberty and Uniontown Advertiser. 1813 to 1815

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