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Historic Illinois Cemetery Project Is Documenting the Dead

Like many historic cemeteries, the Herrin City Cemetery in Herrin, Illinois, is trying to document all of the persons buried in the cemetery.

screenshot from an article on the South Illinoisan website about the Herrin City Cemetery in Herrin, Illinois

Source: South Illinoisan (Summer 2015)

See: http://bit.ly/1I1HJdT

So far their efforts have uncovered “89 previously unknown burial sites.” Good work!

Are you working on a cemetery project this summer?

If you are, here’s a cemetery research tip.

screenshot of GenealogyBank's search results page for a search for “Herrin Cemetery”

Genealogy Tip: Use GenealogyBank to help you find all burials in America’s cemeteries. The example above shows a search using “Herrin Cemetery” in the “Include Keywords” search box. Since the cemetery name is not a common word, you could also expand the range of accurate results by searching on just “Herrin.”

Also see more of our previous articles about cemetery research: http://blog.genealogybank.com/tag/cemetery-research.

Armed with more information on people who have been buried there, it will be easier to document each gravesite.

Tell us what cemeteries you are working on this summer in the comments.

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A Native American Revolutionary War Veteran’s Final Request

When I am gone, beat the drum and fire the guns. ~ Captain and Chief Tishomingo

As we get closer to July 4th, we think back on the stories of our American ancestors who fought for our freedom in the Revolutionary War. This old newspaper obituary tells us about the story of one of those Revolutionary War veterans, whose heroic story deserves to be more widely known.

obituary for Chief Tishomingo, Evening Post newspaper article 24 June 1841

Evening Post (New York, New York), 24 June 1841, page 2

Chief Tishomingo was the last great chief of the Chickasaw Nation.

According to his obituary:

Although but little known beyond the limits of his nation, yet he was a man who had seen wars and fought battles; stood high among his own people as a brave and good man. He served under Gen. [Anthony] Wayne in the revolutionary war, for which he received a pension from the government of the United States; and in the late war with England [the War of 1812] he served under Gen. [Andrew] Jackson, and did many deeds of valor.

Chief Tishomingo was born in Tishomingo, Mississippi – the town was renamed in his honor. The early history of the 19th Century was not kind to Native Americans – even those like Chief Tishomingo who had “fought in nine battles for the United States.” He and his tribe were forced to relocate to Oklahoma. He died on the trip near Little Rock, Arkansas.

The first capital of Oklahoma was located in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, which was also named in Captain Tishomingo’s honor.

Watch this video about Chief Tishomingo’s life that was produced by Chickasaw.tv https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL9O9lNNzTk

Find your ancestors’ true life stories in more than one billion historical articles that cover over 300 years of American history from coast to coast. Start searching in GenealogyBank.com.

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Note: FamilySearch International (FamilySearch.org) and GenealogyBank are partnering to make over a billion records from recent and historical obituaries searchable online. The tremendous undertaking will make a billion records from over 100 million U.S. newspaper obituaries readily searchable online. The newspapers are from all 50 states and cover the period 1730 to the present.  Find out more at: http://www.genealogybank.com/family-search/

African American Slave Born in 1686 Dies at Age 116 in 1802!

While doing genealogy research recently in GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives, I came upon the obituary of a woman identified only as “a female slave named Alice,” who died at Bristol, Pennsylvania, at the remarkable age of 116!

obituary for a female slave named Alice, Newburyport Herald newspaper article 13 July 1802

Newburyport Herald (Newburyport, Massachusetts), 13 July 1802, page 3

Alice was only 10 when she was taken from her parents in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Bristol, Pennsylvania – where she lived in servitude as an African American slave the rest of her days. The newspaper article states that her parents were from Barbados.

Philadelphia was founded in 1682 – so her family had to be among the first African American slaves brought to that area. Bristol township in Bucks County was founded in 1692.

Illustration: “Alice, a Female Slave, ca. 1802” from Eccentric Biography; or Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters (Worcester, Mass., 1804), frontispiece

Illustration: “Alice, a Female Slave, ca. 1802” from Eccentric Biography; or Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters (Worcester, Mass., 1804), frontispiece. Source: Image Reference NW0120, as shown on www.slaveryimages.org, sponsored by the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities and the University of Virginia Library.

Because of her extreme old age and excellent memory, Alice served as a local historian for the community. According to her obituary:

Being a sensible, intelligent woman, and having a good memory, which she retained to the last, she would often make judicious remarks on the population and improvement of the city and country; hence her conversation became peculiarly interesting, especially to the immediate descendants of the first settlers, of whose ancestors she often related acceptable anecdotes.

The old news article relates some of the memories she shared with her neighbors:

She remembered the ground on which Philadelphia stands when it was wilderness, and when the Indians (its chief inhabitants) hunted wild game in the woods; while the panther, the wolf, and beasts of the forest, were prowling about the wigwams and cabins in which they lived.

She remembered William Penn, the proprietor of Pennsylvania; Thomas Story, James Logan, and several other distinguished characters of that day.

The old 1800s obituary also tells a wonderful story about Alice herself:

She was a worthy member of the Episcopal society, and attended their public worship as long as she lived. Indeed she was so zealous to perform this duty in proper season, that she has often been met on horseback in full gallop to church, at the age of 95 years.

The old newspapers in GenealogyBank’s archives have her remarkable life story.
Find your ancestors’ stories – don’t let them be lost to your family.

Note: FamilySearch International (FamilySearch.org) and GenealogyBank are partnering to make over a billion records from recent and historical obituaries searchable online. The tremendous undertaking will make a billion records from over 100 million U.S. newspaper obituaries readily searchable online. The newspapers are from all 50 states and cover the period 1730 to the present.  Find out more at: http://www.genealogybank.com/family-search/

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Have You Seen This Intricate Patchwork Heirloom Quilt?

In 1881 New Hampshire held its 26th Annual State Fair in Laconia, New Hampshire. The fair had not been held in Laconia since 1852.

The New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette devoted an entire page to reporting the handicrafts, food, animals and other award-winning items that were proudly displayed during this three-day event.

According to the newspaper report:

The fair of last week, although in many respects not meeting the expectations of all, was an unqualified success as far as attendance and receipts were concerned.

In reading over the description of the items on display, this brief mention of a quilt caught my eye:

Miss Jennie M. Huse a patchwork quilt of handsome pattern containing 10,368 pieces.

article about Jennie Huse and her quilt, New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette newspaper article 29 September 1881

New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette (Concord, New Hampshire), 29 September 1881, page 4

Remarkable patchwork – 10,368 pieces!

My wife and I have old heirloom quilts that have been passed down in our family, safely tucked away in the family cedar chest.

I wonder if Jennie Huse’s quilt was passed down in her family?

A quick check of her family history shows that while she never married, several of her siblings did.

screenshot of records from FamilySearch about the Huse family

Source: FamilySearch

Speaking of her family, both her father Thomas Muzzey Huse (1812-1877) and her brother David Scobey Huse (1844-1863) served in the Civil War. Her brother died during the war in Mound City, Illinois.

Genealogy Tip: Be sure to look for family photos using the Internet Archive Book Images tool. I wrote about this website before. See: Top Genealogy Websites Update: Internet Archive Book Images + Flickr

screenshot of the website Internet Archive Book Images

Source: Internet Archive Book Images

This handy site quickly lets you find photographs that were printed in the millions of books that they have digitized and put online.

In this example, you can see that this site quickly identified photographs of both Jennie’s father and her brother. Here’s an entry on her father:

screenshot from the website Internet Archive Book Images showing a photo of Thomas Huse

Source: Internet Archive Book Images

Here’s an entry on her brother:

screenshot from the website Internet Archive Book Images showing a photo of David Huse

Source: Internet Archive Book Images

Are you related to Jane “Jennie” Muzzey Huse?
Do you know where her intricate quilt is now?
If so, have you counted the pieces in her patchwork quilt? Does it really contain 10,368 pieces?

Please let us know in the comments section.

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Elisha Perkins Invented Metallic Tractors – in the 1700s?

Here is the death notice of Dr. Elisha Perkins (1741-1799). It is fairly straightforward.

obituary for Elisha Perkins, Norwich Courier newspaper article 11 September 1799

Norwich Courier (Norwich, Connecticut), 11 September 1799, page 3

The death notice tells us that Perkins died in New York City on Friday morning, 6 September 1799, and that he was the inventor of “metallic tractors.”

Wait – he was the inventor of the metal tractor? In the 1700s?

Didn’t John Deere (1804-1886) or Cyrus McCormick (1809-1884) invent the metal tractor in the 1800s?

What exactly did Elisha Perkins invent?

Looking for more information in GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives, I found this article in the Norwich Courier reporting that Perkins’ “metallic tractors” were being used to cure people in Great Britain – including over two hundred people in Durham, England.

article about the Perkinsian Institution founded by Elisha Perkins, Norwich Courier newspaper article 10 July 1805

Norwich Courier (Norwich, Connecticut), 10 July 1805, page 3

So, Perkins’ “metallic tractors” was some sort of medical device.

Dr. Perkins’ son Benjamin Douglas Perkins wrote a booklet in 1798: The Influence of Metallic Tractors on the Human Body, in Removing Various Painful Inflammatory Diseases, Such as Rheumatism, Pleurisy, Some Gouty Affections, &c. &c. Lately Discovered by Dr. Perkins, of North America.

title page of the book written by Benjamin Perkins about the medical device "metallic tractors"

Source: Internet Archive

This booklet has been digitized and is online on the Internet Archive.

(I wrote about the Internet Archive before – see “Top Genealogy Websites, Pt. 2: Google Books & Internet Archive.” This site has digitized and put online millions of early books and manuscripts. It is one of the “Best” websites online.)

Perkins’ metallic tractors were actually just two small metal rods he used to prod and massage areas of inflammation – not the kind of tractors used in farming, as we might initially assume when reading Perkins’ death notice.

According to Wikipedia: “The Connecticut Medical Society condemned the tractors as ‘delusive quackery,’ and expelled Perkins from membership on the grounds that he was ‘a patentee and user of nostrums.’”

Genealogy Tip: Don’t assume anything during your genealogy research. At first glance it appeared that Elisha Perkins had invented an early version of the farming tractor – but by digging deeper we see that his invention was actually a quack medical device.

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Sukey, I Never Knew You

This obituary caught my eye for several reasons.

obituaries, The Balance and Columbian Repository newspaper article 15 October 1801

The Balance and Columbian Repository (Hudson, New York), 15 October 1801, page 87

First is the header, with its poem and graphic.

“The Knell.”
Not “Deaths” or “Died” – which are very common headers for obituary notices even today – but instead “The Knell,” as in death knell.

Crisp. An excellent choice of words that immediately tells us this newspaper editor took time with the layout and content of each issue.

The poem also is on target to the newspaper’s audience.
It is mournful but upbeat.

Next is the illustration, centered toward the top of the article.
It evokes an image of the somber tone of the obituaries we are going to read in this newspaper article.

The tombstone, leaning to the side – the setting sun – the barren tree – all framed by the grass and the outline of the ground.

Remember – this was published in 1801. What a memorable graphic.
This is a good example of the care that “Sampson, Chittenden and Croswell” – the newspaper’s publishers – took with this newspaper.

Enter Last Name

The other part of this obituary that caught my eye was the first death notice:

In this city, Mrs. Sukey Smith, wife of Mr. Matthew Smith, aged 35.

Sukey – that name sounds so familiar – but at the same time, I don’t think I’ve ever met a person named “Sukey.”

I wondered if it was an abbreviation.
No, according to the dictionary it is “a Hebrew baby name… [and means] Graceful Lily.” (Source: SheKnows.com)

Hebrew name? So I checked the Bible to see if there were any women named Sukey who were mentioned in the Bible. Nope – no one named Sukey is listed in the Bible.

A quick search of GenealogyBank showed that there are only 6 people with the name Sukey in the Social Security Death Index; there are over 150 marriages and nearly 400 obituaries involving a person named Sukey.

Maybe “Sukey” sounded familiar to me because of Sukey Tawdry from the lyrics of “Mack the Knife” by Bobby Darin.

Do you have a Sukey in your family tree?

Note: FamilySearch International (FamilySearch.org) and GenealogyBank are partnering to make over a billion records from recent and historical obituaries searchable online. The tremendous undertaking will make a billion records from over 100 million U.S. newspaper obituaries readily searchable online. The newspapers are from all 50 states and cover the period 1730 to the present.  Find out more at: http://www.genealogybank.com/family-search/

My Ancestor’s Trip to America: Newspapers Tell the Story

I knew my ancestor William Kemp had come to America – but I didn’t know anything about the trip itself. What was it like for him as an immigrant traveling by passenger ship across the ocean to the new frontier?

Could GenealogyBank’s Historical Newspaper Archives help me find the answer?

I knew that William came to America on board the ship Benjamin Adams, arriving 21 October 1853. He left from Liverpool, England, and arrived in New York City.

painting: “The Bay and Harbor of New York” by Samuel Waugh (1814-1885)

Painting: “The Bay and Harbor of New York” by Samuel Waugh (1814-1885). Source: Wikipedia.

Since I knew that shipping was big business, I wondered if newspapers could tell me more about the movements of the Benjamin Adams and William’s trip to America.

In testing my search I found that the name of the passenger ship appeared multiple ways in various newspaper articles – so I strategized that I needed to search every possible variation for any mention of the Benjamin Adams, from the spring to the fall of 1853, to make sure I didn’t miss any articles.

To find all of the articles I needed to search GenealogyBank’s archives using:

  • Benjamin Adams
  • Adams
  • Benj. Adams
  • Benj Adams
  • B. Adams
  • B Adams

This should give me all references to the passenger ship and William’s voyage to America.

Here’s what I found.

This Maine newspaper told me that by 23 August 1853, the passengers had boarded the Benjamin Adams and the ship was positioned “outward bound” in the Mersey River in Liverpool.

shipping news about the ship "Benjamin Adams," Portland Weekly Advertiser newspaper article 13 September 1853

Portland Weekly Advertiser (Portland, Maine), 13 September 1853, page 3

This Massachusetts newspaper gave me the critical fact that the ship sailed the next day – 24 August 1853. Wow – good to know.

shipping news about the ship "Benjamin Adams," Daily Atlas newspaper article 10 September 1853

Daily Atlas (Boston, Massachusetts), 10 September 1853, page 2

Next I looked for reports of the passenger ship arriving in America.

Here it is – this New York newspaper reported that the ship had docked in New York on 21 October 1853.

shipping news about the ship "Benjamin Adams," Weekly Herald newspaper article 22 October 1853

Weekly Herald (Albany, New York), 22 October 1853, page 344

The trip to New York took 56 days. There were 620 passengers – but here’s where the news turned more somber.

The old newspaper article reported:

Sept. 10, while laying to under a close reefed topsail in a heavy gale from the NW, lost all three topgallant masts, closed reefed mizzen topsail, foresail, mainsail, stern boat, and received other damage.

The ship was damaged in a fierce storm just 17 days after leaving Liverpool. The passengers must have been terrified – wondering if they were going to make it.

But there was more bad news:

Had 15 deaths on the passage.

Significant storm damage to the ship and 15 people died?
Fifteen people died?
Wow. Was that normal on these trips? Why did so many die?

William was lucky to make it safely to America!

In a follow-up article a week later, the Weekly Herald explained why so many had died on the passage. These passengers just didn’t die of random causes – they died from an outbreak of cholera, which struck  many ships.

…it is pretty certain that the disease which carried them off was cholera. ….The sickness on the Benjamin Adams was decidedly cholera.

shipping news about the ship "Benjamin Adams," Weekly Herald newspaper article 29 October 1853

Weekly Herald (Albany, New York), 29 October 1853, page 350

This was a tough trip.

GenealogyBank’s newspapers continued to tell me more about William’s trip.

This New York newspaper mentioned that the ship Benjamin Adams had arrived “from Syria.”

shipping news about the ship "Benjamin Adams" and cholera, Albany Evening Journal newspaper article 22 October 1853

Albany Evening Journal (Albany, New York), 22 October 1853, page 2

From Syria?
I thought they left from Liverpool?

They did – but before arriving in Liverpool, the ship had been in Syria.

This Massachusetts newspaper told me that the Benjamin Adams had docked in Beirut, Syria, on 25 July 1853, before it went to Liverpool to pick up William Kemp and the other 619 passengers.

shipping news about the ship "Benjamin Adams," Daily Atlas newspaper article 1 September 1853

Daily Atlas (Boston, Massachusetts), 1 September 1853, page 2

The reason for the trip to the Holy Land was explained in this Massachusetts newspaper. The Benjamin Adams picked up artifacts there to display at the World’s Fair:  “an Arab plough and other agricultural implements for the World’s Fair…canes from the banks of the Jordan, branches from the Mount of Olives and cedars of Lebanon…” and apparently somewhere along the way it picked up cholera.

shipping news about the ship "Benjamin Adams," Springfield Republican newspaper article 25 October 1853

Springfield Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts), 25 October 1853, page 2

GenealogyBank doesn’t just give you the names, dates and places for your family tree – it gives you the stories of our ancestors’ lives.

You know when your ancestors arrived in America – dig in GenealogyBank and find out the rest of their stories.

Genealogy Tip: Search Wide Geo Areas

Did you notice a pattern with the newspaper articles in this blog post?

There were newspapers in Maine, New York, Massachusetts and beyond that reported on the Benjamin Adams. You want to search for this type of article and for the articles about your ancestors across all 8,000 of GenealogyBank’s newspapers. To find these articles, you cannot limit your search to only the newspapers of one or two states. If you limit your search geographically, you might miss an article critical to the telling of your ancestor’s story.

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List of 450+ Historical Newspapers Just Added Continued – Page 4

We just made a major addition of more than 450 historical newspapers, all of them new to our online newspaper archives.This is a continuation of our complete list of 450+ historical newspapers just added to GenealogyBank. You are currently viewing page 4 which lists newspapers 301 to the end.

State City Title Date Range


301 New Mexico> Santa Fe Santa Fe Daily New Mexican 12/9/1869–12/31/1877 Newspaper Archives
302 New Mexico> Silver City Southwest Sentinel 11/03/1887–03/28/1888 Newspaper Archives
303 New York Canandaigua Ontario Messenger 11/25/1806–10/16/1810 Newspaper Archives
304 New York Kingston Ulster County Whig 09/17/1834–11/16/1836 Newspaper Archives
305 New York New York Argus 1/2/1797–3/8/1800 Newspaper Archives
306 New York New York Evening Star 10/10/1833–7/6/1840 Newspaper Archives
307 New York New York Frank Leslie’s Illustrirte Zeitung 01/02/1858–01/27/1866 Newspaper Archives
308 New York New York National Advocate for the Country 3/3/1813–12/25/1827 Newspaper Archives
309 New York New York National Police Gazette 11/07/1846–12/21/1876 Newspaper Archives
310 New York New York New York Aurora 5/26/1807–6/7/1809 Newspaper Archives
311 New York New York New York Semi-Weekly Express 8/26/1862–7/12/1867 Newspaper Archives
312 New York New York New-York Gazette 5/11/1730–5/26/1740 Newspaper Archives
313 New York New York New-York Gazette, or Weekly Post-Boy 07/25/1743–01/12/1747 Newspaper Archives
314 New York Ossining Westchester Herald 1/2/1821–12/23/1856 Newspaper Archives
315 New York Poughkeepsie New-York Journal, or, General Advertiser 7/20/1778–11/19/1781 Newspaper Archives
316 New York Troy Farmer’s Oracle 02/28/1797–04/17/1798 Newspaper Archives
317 New York Troy Federal Herald 04/28/1788–06/07/1790 Newspaper Archives
318 New York Troy Lansingburgh Gazette 9/18/1798–10/23/1827 Newspaper Archives
319 New York Westfield Chautauque Phenix 10/03/1828–11/01/1831 Newspaper Archives
320 North Carolina Edenton Edenton Gazette 2/26/1806–2/26/1821 Newspaper Archives
321 North Carolina Fayetteville North Carolina Chronicle or Fayetteville Gazette 02/01/1790–07/19/1790 Newspaper Archives
322 North Carolina Lincolnton Lincoln Courier 5/2/1846–2/15/1851 Newspaper Archives
323 North Carolina Lincolnton Lincoln Republican 01/23/1840–05/25/1842 Newspaper Archives
324 North Carolina Milton Milton Gazette and Roanoke Advertiser 05/03/1822–04/21/1825 Newspaper Archives
325 North Carolina Murfreesboro Hornets’ Nest 10/01/1812–07/22/1813 Newspaper Archives
326 North Carolina New Bern North-Carolina Gazette 03/24/1775–07/14/1775 Newspaper Archives
327 North Carolina Raleigh North-Carolina Minerva 05/16/1803–12/31/1804 Newspaper Archives
328 North Carolina Raleigh Raleigh Register 06/04/1819–12/28/1821 Newspaper Archives
329 North Carolina Raleigh Semi-Weekly Standard 01/14/1852–12/31/1853 Newspaper Archives
330 North Carolina Raleigh Star 02/13/1850–09/29/1852 Newspaper Archives
331 North Carolina Tarboro Tarboro Press 01/04/1840–03/02/1844 Newspaper Archives
332 North Carolina Washington American Recorder 4/28/1815–5/27/1825 Newspaper Archives
333 North Carolina Wilmington True Republican or American Whig 01/03/1809–11/07/1809 Newspaper Archives
334 North Carolina Wilmington Wilmington Centinel and General Advertiser 06/18/1788–06/18/1788 Newspaper Archives
335 North Carolina Wilmington Wilmington Gazette 01/01/1801–/01/1816 Newspaper Archives
336 North Dakota Fort Rice Frontier Scout 06/15/1865–10/12/1865 Newspaper Archives
337 North Dakota Mandan Daily Pioneer 1/4/1883–12/29/1883 Newspaper Archives
338 North Dakota Mandan Sunday Pioneer 11/11/1883–12/23/1883 Newspaper Archives
339 North Dakota Tower City Tower City Herald 05/02/1884–02/06/1885 Newspaper Archives
340 Ohio Chillicothe Ohio Herald 07/27/1805–11/15/1806 Newspaper Archives
341 Ohio Cincinnati Centinel of the North-Western Territory 5/23/1795–3/5/1799 Newspaper Archives
342 Ohio Cincinnati Liberty Hall 12/23/1805–12/30/1814 Newspaper Archives
343 Ohio Lebanon Western Star 02/13/1807–06/08/1811 Newspaper Archives
344 Ohio Marietta American Friend 4/24/1813–6/19/1818 Newspaper Archives
345 Ohio Steubenville Jefferson Democrat and Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Advocate 05/25/1831–02/06/1833 Newspaper Archives
346 Ohio Warren Trump of Fame 11/01/1816–08/07/1861 Newspaper Archives
347 Ohio Xenia Greene County Torch-Light 07/31/1845–12/26/1850 Newspaper Archives
348 Oklahoma Caddo Caddo Free Press 11/01/1878–11/01/1878 Newspaper Archives
349 Oklahoma Doaksville Choctaw Intelligencer 04/02/1851–04/02/1851 Newspaper Archives
350 Oklahoma Fort Washita Chickasaw Intelligencer 04/21/1855–04/21/1855 Newspaper Archives
351 Oregon Corvallis Oregon Statesman 10/13/1855–12/08/1855 Newspaper Archives
352 Oregon Oregon City Oregon Spectator 02/10/1848–05/12/1854 Newspaper Archives
353 Oregon Oregon City Oregon Statesman 01/06/1852–02/26/1853 Newspaper Archives
354 Oregon Portland Oregon Weekly Times 12/25/1852–03/03/1860 Newspaper Archives
355 Pennsylvania Carlisle Cumberland Register 09/20/1805–06/22/1814 Newspaper Archives
356 Pennsylvania Germantown Pensylvanische Berichte 1/16/1746–12/24/1757 Newspaper Archives
357 Pennsylvania Lancaster Hive 07/06/1803–06/12/1805 Newspaper Archives
358 Pennsylvania Lancaster Lancaster Inquirer 7/7/1863–2/13/1864 Newspaper Archives
359 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Complete Counting House Companion 5/28/1785–10/30/1790 Newspaper Archives
360 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Pennsylvania Gazette 1/3/1776–12/18/1793 Newspaper Archives
361 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Philadelphische Zeitung 05/06/1732–06/24/1732 Newspaper Archives
362 Pennsylvania Philadelphia Press 1/1/1859–12/31/1865 Newspaper Archives
363 Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Gazette 8/12/1786–9/23/1831 Newspaper Archives
364 Pennsylvania Tunkhannock Wyoming Democrat 09/24/1850–09/24/1850 Newspaper Archives
365 Pennsylvania Washington Western Telegraphe 08/17/1795–07/04/1807 Newspaper Archives
366 Rhode Island Providence Independent Inquirer 8/28/1823–8/20/1830 Newspaper Archives
367 Rhode Island Providence Microcosm 01/08/1831–03/30/1833 Newspaper Archives
368 Rhode Island Providence New Age and Constitutional Advocate 11/20/1840–3/8/1842 Newspaper Archives
369 Rhode Island Providence Rhode Island Press 06/29/1861–12/29/1877 Newspaper Archives
370 Rhode Island Providence Rhode-Island Farmer 08/09/1804–01/31/1805 Newspaper Archives
371 South Carolina Beaufort Free South 01/10/1863–04/16/1864 Newspaper Archives
372 South Carolina Charleston Carolina Weekly Messenger 8/11/1807–11/7/1809 Newspaper Archives
373 South Carolina Charleston Charleston Mercury 6/4/1831–11/14/1868 Newspaper Archives
374 South Carolina Charleston Charleston Spectator 08/09/1806–12/05/1806 Newspaper Archives
375 South Carolina Charleston Royal Gazette 02/09/1782–02/09/1782 Newspaper Archives
376 South Carolina Charleston Royal South Carolina Gazette 06/08/1780–07/16/1782 Newspaper Archives
377 South Carolina Charleston South-Carolina Gazette 1/11/1735–12/29/1737 Newspaper Archives
378 South Carolina Charleston South-Carolina and American General Gazette 03/11/1768–10/01/1778 Newspaper Archives
379 South Carolina Pendleton Miller’s Weekly Messenger 01/03/1821–04/02/1841 Newspaper Archives
380 South Dakota Artesian Diana Sentinel 11/23/1883–08/01/1884 Newspaper Archives
381 South Dakota Fort Randall Independent 01/18/1865–12/20/1865 Newspaper Archives
382 South Dakota Pierre Pierre Daily Capital 8/20/1890–3/31/1891 Newspaper Archives
383 Tennessee Knoxville Knoxville Register 8/10/1816–10/22/1839 Newspaper Archives
384 Tennessee Knoxville Press and Messenger 01/08/1873–12/15/1875 Newspaper Archives
385 Tennessee Memphis Memphis Evening Post 04/27/1868–05/31/1869 Newspaper Archives
386 Tennessee Nashville Nashville Clarion 2/16/1808–7/20/1819 Newspaper Archives
387 Tennessee Nashville Nashville Examiner 09/29/1813–05/25/1814 Newspaper Archives
388 Texas Corpus Christi Corpus Christi Gazette 01/08/1846–04/02/1846 Newspaper Archives
389 Texas Houston Morning Star 04/15/1839–03/12/1846 Newspaper Archives
390 Texas Houston National Banner 04/25/1838–04/25/1838 Newspaper Archives
391 Texas Houston National Intelligencer 03/01/1839–07/04/1839 Newspaper Archives
392 Texas Houston Weekly Houstonian 05/27/1841–07/22/1841 Newspaper Archives
393 Texas Paris Texas Vindicator 10/29/1867–06/21/1871 Newspaper Archives
394 Texas Pittsburg Pittsburg Gazette 01/06/1887–12/30/1892 Newspaper Archives
395 Texas San Luis San Luis Advocate 09/04/1840–05/11/1841 Newspaper Archives
396 Utah Ogden Ogden Junction 3/12/1870–8/19/1876 Newspaper Archives
397 Utah Salt Lake City Kirk Anderson’s Valley Tan 12/3/1858–1/25/1860 Newspaper Archives
398 Utah Salt Lake City Telegraph 12/19/1864–05/17/1866 Newspaper Archives
399 Vermont Bellows Falls Vermont Intelligencer 01/01/1821–12/30/1822 Newspaper Archives
400 Vermont Bennington Bennington Banner 2/27/1841–12/31/1885 Newspaper Archives
401 Vermont Burlington Burlington Mercury 6/3/1796–3/24/1797 Newspaper Archives
402 Vermont Montpelier Freemen’s Press 08/25/1809–08/27/1812 Newspaper Archives
403 Vermont Montpelier State Journal 10/25/1832–10/25/1832 Newspaper Archives
404 Vermont Montpelier Watchman 11/20/1807–12/31/1873 Newspaper Archives
405 Vermont Westimnster Vermont Gazette or Green-Mountain Post-Boy 04/02/1781–09/27/1871 Newspaper Archives
406 Vermont Windsor Vermont Republican 08/08/1829–10/09/1834 Newspaper Archives
407 Vermont Woodstock Woodstock Observer 1/7/1823–6/5/1832 Newspaper Archives
408 Virginia Alexandria Local News 10/07/1861–02/10/1862 Newspaper Archives
409 Virginia Charlottesville Virginia Advocate 08/25/1827–04/02/1830 Newspaper Archives
410 Virginia Fredericksburg New Era 05/23/1865–06/29/1866 Newspaper Archives
411 Virginia Lynchburg Lynchburg Star 2/27/1806–1/8/1812 Newspaper Archives
412 Virginia Norfolk American Beacon 11/02/1821–02/28/1827 Newspaper Archives
413 Virginia Norfolk American Gazette and Norfolk and Portsmouth Weekly Advertiser 10/10/1792–08/28/1795 Newspaper Archives
414 Virginia Norfolk New Regime 03/08/1864–04/16/1864 Newspaper Archives
415 Virginia Richmond Observatory, or A View of the Times 3/1/1798–11/26/1798 Newspaper Archives
416 Virginia Richmond Sentinel 6/19/1863–1/3/1866 Newspaper Archives
417 Virginia Richmond Virginia Federalist 06/01/1799–03/01/1800 Newspaper Archives
418 Virginia Richmond Virginia Independent Chronicle 05/23/1787–04/01/1789 Newspaper Archives
419 Virginia Winchester Virginia Gazette and Winchester Advertiser 08/29/1787–10/14/1789 Newspaper Archives
420 Washington Olympia Echo 07/29/1876–07/29/1876 Newspaper Archives
421 Washington Olympia Pioneer and Democrat 02/11/1854–11/16/1860 Newspaper Archives
422 Washington Port Townsend Puget Sound Weekly Argus 08/04/1870–04/26/1883 Newspaper Archives
423 Washington Steilacoom Puget Sound Express 10/22/1874–08/070/1880 Newspaper Archives
424 West Virginia Charles Town Farmers’ Repository 12/15/1824–11/15/1826 Newspaper Archives
425 West Virginia Martinsburg Potomak Guardian and Berkeley Advertiser 9/3/1792–4/2/1800 Newspaper Archives
426 West Virginia Shepherdstown Potowmac Guardian and Berkeley Advertiser 12/27/1791–12/27/1791 Newspaper Archives
427 Wisconsin Galesville Galesville Independent 11/5/1874–8/30/1889 Newspaper Archives
428 Wisconsin Green Bay Green-Bay Intelligencer and Wisconsin Democrat 12/11/1833–06/01/1836 Newspaper Archives
429 Wisconsin Green Bay Wisconsin Free Press 10/03/1835–03/30/1836 Newspaper Archives
430 Wisconsin Lancaster Grant County Herald 03/18/1843–12/05/1850 Newspaper Archives
431 Wisconsin Madison Daily Argus and Democrat 01/03/1854–07/21/1854 Newspaper Archives
432 Wisconsin Milwaukee Milwaukee Advertiser 07/14/1836–03/20/1841 Newspaper Archives
433 Wisconsin New Lisbon Juneau County Argus 11/8/1858–12/6/1894 Newspaper Archives
434 Wisconsin Oshkosh Oshkosh True Democrat 02/09/1849–05/12/1857 Newspaper Archives
435 Wisconsin Racine Weekly Racine Advocate 1/8/1851–4/25/1866 Newspaper Archives
436 Wisconsin Sheboygan Sheboygan Nieuwsbode 10/06/1849–11/07/1850 Newspaper Archives
437 Wyoming Cheyenne Cheyenne Argus 11/14/1867–11/14/1867 Newspaper Archives
438 Wyoming Cheyenne Cheyenne Daily Argus 04/02/1868–04/05/1868 Newspaper Archives
439 Wyoming Cheyenne Cheyenne Daily Leader 04/03/1868–04/03/1868 Newspaper Archives
440 Wyoming Evanston Evanston Age 10/03/1876–10/03/1876 Newspaper Archives
441 Wyoming Laramie Laramie Daily Sentinel 10/21/1876–10/21/1876 Newspaper Archives

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List of 450+ Historical Newspapers Just Added Continued – Page 3

We just made a major addition of more than 450 historical newspapers, all of them new to our online newspaper archives.This is a continuation of our complete list of 450+ historical newspapers just added to GenealogyBank. You are currently viewing page 3 which lists newspapers 201 – 300.

State City Title Date Range Collection
201 Maryland Cumberland Cumberland Daily News 04/05/1871–04/02/1872 Newspaper Archives
202 Maryland Elkton Cecil Whig 08/14/1841–09/01/1866 Newspaper Archives
203 Maryland Frederick Examiner 7/8/1857–12/29/1875 Newspaper Archives
204 Massachusetts Belchertown Hampshire Sentinel and Farmers and Manufacturers Journal 11/29/1826–05/04/1831 Newspaper Archives
205 Massachusetts Boston American Republican 03/20/1809–04/03/1809 Newspaper Archives
206 Massachusetts Boston Boston Daily Advertiser 1/1/1824–4/30/1841 Newspaper Archives
207 Massachusetts Boston Boston Daily American Statesman 9/5/1825–12/13/1827 Newspaper Archives
208 Massachusetts Boston Boston Daily Bee 1/2/1843–12/31/1857 Newspaper Archives
209 Massachusetts Boston Boston Intelligencer 8/20/1814–12/27/1828 Newspaper Archives
210 Massachusetts Boston Boston Patriot and Daily Chronicle 01/01/1825–12/31/1831 Newspaper Archives
211 Massachusetts Boston Boston Telegraph 01/01/1824–12/23/1824 Newspaper Archives
212 Massachusetts Boston Bostonian and Mechanics Journal 07/20/1822–06/28/1823 Newspaper Archives
213 Massachusetts Boston Christian Watchman 1/6/1821–12/26/1850 Newspaper Archives
214 Massachusetts Boston Columbian Centinel 1/4/1826–4/25/1840 Newspaper Archives
215 Massachusetts Boston Compass 06/06/1818–08/21/1819 Newspaper Archives
216 Massachusetts Boston Evening Post and General Advertiser 10/17/1778–2/26/1780 Newspaper Archives
217 Massachusetts Boston Exchange Advertiser 12/30/1784–12/21/1786 Newspaper Archives
218 Massachusetts Boston Flag of Our Union 3/28/1846–12/28/1867 Newspaper Archives
219 Massachusetts Boston Independent Advertiser 01/04/1748–09/25/1749 Newspaper Archives
220 Massachusetts Boston Masonic Mirror and Mechanic’s Intelligencer 01/22/1825–04/15/1826 Newspaper Archives
221 Massachusetts Boston Massachusetts Journal 09/02/1826–12/18/1828 Newspaper Archives
222 Massachusetts Boston Right Way 11/18/1865–3/2/1867 Newspaper Archives
223 Massachusetts Boston Weekly Messenger 1/4/1832–12/25/1860 Newspaper Archives
224 Massachusetts Boston Weekly Report 5/19/1821–5/10/1828 Newspaper Archives
225 Massachusetts Concord Concord Gazette and Middlesex Yeoman 11/29/1823–2/11/1826 Newspaper Archives
226 Massachusetts Concord Middlesex Gazette 04/20/1816–10/14/1820 Newspaper Archives
227 Massachusetts Haverhill Guardian of Freedom 09/16/1793–11/05/1795 Newspaper Archives
228 Massachusetts Haverhill Haverhill Federal Gazette 10/26/1798–11/27/1799 Newspaper Archives
229 Massachusetts New Bedford New-England Gazette 05/13/1823–01/27/1824 Newspaper Archives
230 Massachusetts Northampton Democrat 3/12/1811–8/17/1813 Newspaper Archives
231 Massachusetts Plymouth Old Colony Memorial 5/4/1822–12/29/1827 Newspaper Archives
232 Massachusetts Salem Weekly Visitant 08/02/1806–12/20/1806 Newspaper Archives
233 Massachusetts Springfield Hampden Federalist 8/6/1812–12/28/1815 Newspaper Archives
234 Massachusetts Stockbridge Berkshire Star 7/30/1808–11/24/1814 Newspaper Archives
235 Massachusetts Taunton Columbian Reporter and Old Colony Journal 4/3/1822–9/22/1830 Newspaper Archives
236 Michigan Coldwater Coldwater Sentinel 4/16/1841–11/11/1870 Newspaper Archives
237 Michigan Detroit Detroit Gazette 07/25/1817–04/22/1830 Newspaper Archives
238 Michigan Detroit Michigan Herald 09/13/1826–04/30/1829 Newspaper Archives
239 Michigan Sault Ste. Marie Lake Superior News and Mining Journal 6/12/1847–11/11/1848 Newspaper Archives
240 Minnesota Red Wing Goodhue County Republican 6/26/1863–12/28/1876 Newspaper Archives
241 Minnesota St. Paul Daily Minnesotian 01/06/1854–01/06/1854 Newspaper Archives
242 Minnesota St. Paul Minnesota Democrat 1/14/1851–10/31/1855 Newspaper Archives
243 Minnesota St. Paul Weekly Minnesotian 06/04/1853–12/25/1858 Newspaper Archives
244 Mississippi Natchez Misissippi Herald and Natchez Gazette 8/10/1802–12/31/1807 Newspaper Archives
245 Mississippi Natchez Mississippi Messenger 9/7/1804–7/7/1808 Newspaper Archives
246 Mississippi Natchez Mississippi Republican 04/29/1812–12/22/1824 Newspaper Archives
247 Mississippi Natchez Mississippian 12/08/1808–09/10/1810 Newspaper Archives
248 Mississippi Natchez Natchez Daily Courier 11/20/1861–11/08/1862 Newspaper Archives
249 Mississippi Natchez Natchez Gazette and Mississippi General Advertiser 06/20/1811–05/07/1812 Newspaper Archives
250 Mississippi Natchez Washington Republican and Natchez Intelligencer 04/24/1816–06/14/1817 Newspaper Archives
251 Mississippi Natchez Weekly Chronicle 07/06/1808–07/01/1812 Newspaper Archives
252 Mississippi Port Gibson Port Gibson Correspondent 01/22/1824–03/14/1829 Newspaper Archives
253 Mississippi Vicksburg Daily Citizen 07/02/1863–07/02/1863 Newspaper Archives
254 Missouri Kansas City Soldier’s Letter 08/08/1864–10/15/1864 Newspaper Archives
255 Missouri St. Louis Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser 07/19/1810–08/15/1812 Newspaper Archives
256 Missouri St. Louis St. Louis Daily Market Reporter 1/3/1871–10/28/1874 Newspaper Archives
257 Missouri St. Louis St. Louis Weekly Market Reporter 1/7/1871–10/16/1875 Newspaper Archives
258 Missouri St. Louis Weekly Missouri Republican 7/13/1849–12/8/1865 Newspaper Archives
259 Montana Deer Lodge New Northwest 04/11/1874–09/29/1876 Newspaper Archives
260 Montana Fort Benton River Press 05/11/1887–09/26/1888 Newspaper Archives
261 Montana Helena Daily Rocky Mountain Gazette 01/03/1871–10/25/1873 Newspaper Archives
262 Montana Helena Helena Daily Herald 01/02/1872–12/31/1889 Newspaper Archives
263 Montana Helena Helena Weekly Herald 01/04/1872–12/27/1888 Newspaper Archives
264 Nebraska Bloomington Franklin County Guard 08/30/1872–08/13/1874 Newspaper Archives
265 Nebraska Omaha Florence Courier 09/23/1858–10/14/1858 Newspaper Archives
266 Nebraska Omaha Omaha Arrow 08/04/1854–10/20/1854 Newspaper Archives
267 Nevada Carson City New Daily Appeal 09/14/1872–03/09/1873 Newspaper Archives
268 Nevada Eureka Eureka Daily Republican 02/28/1878–03/20/1878 Newspaper Archives
269 Nevada Eureka Eureka Daily Sentinel 06/18/1871–08/24/1876 Newspaper Archives
270 Nevada Pioche Daily Journal 01/01/1876–04/26/1876 Newspaper Archives
271 New Hampshire Amherst Farmer’s Cabinet 1/6/1880–12/29/1882 Newspaper Archives
272 New Hampshire Concord New Hampshire Observer 3/3/1832–12/26/1834 Newspaper Archives
273 New Hampshire Dover Sun 08/25/1818–12/26/1820 Newspaper Archives
274 New Hampshire Exeter American Herald of Liberty 6/4/1793–11/18/1795 Newspaper Archives
275 New Hampshire Exeter Exeter Watchman 1/7/1817–12/7/1819 Newspaper Archives
276 New Hampshire Keene Cheshire Advertiser 1/19/1792–12/6/1792 Newspaper Archives
277 New Hampshire Keene Columbian Informer or Cheshire Journal 5/9/1793–4/21/1795 Newspaper Archives
278 New Hampshire Laconia Lake Village Times 01/18/1868–12/30/1876 Newspaper Archives
279 New Hampshire Manchester Manchester Daily Mirror 1/1/1851–12/31/1863 Newspaper Archives
280 New Hampshire Manchester Mirror and Farmer 1/7/1865–12/30/1876 Newspaper Archives
281 New Hampshire Manchester New Hampshire Journal of Agriculture 2/26/1850–10/26/1853 Newspaper Archives
282 New Hampshire Manchester Weekly Union 1/24/1851–12/26/1871 Newspaper Archives
283 New Jersey Bridgeton Bridgeton Chronicle 12/23/1837–6/30/1860 Newspaper Archives
284 New Jersey Bridgeton West Jersey Observer 3/14/1829–12/31/1836 Newspaper Archives
285 New Jersey Camden Camden Mail and General Advertiser 04/02/1834–04/08/1840 Newspaper Archives
286 New Jersey Camden New Republic 12/14/1867–12/25/1875 Newspaper Archives
287 New Jersey Camden West Jersey Press 01/02/1861–12/27/1876 Newspaper Archives
288 New Jersey Morristown Jerseyman 10/18/1826–06/16/1841 Newspaper Archives
289 New Jersey New Brunswick Brunswick Gazette 02/01/1791–10/30/1792 Newspaper Archives
290 New Jersey New Brunswick Guardian or New Brunswick Advertiser 11/7/1792–7/26/1804 Newspaper Archives
291 New Jersey Newark Woods’s Newark Gazette 05/19/1791–11/01/1797 Newspaper Archives
292 New Jersey Trenton Emporium and true american 6/16/1821–9/10/1847 Newspaper Archives
293 New Jersey Vineland Vineland Weekly 1/2/1875–12/25/1875 Newspaper Archives
294 New Mexico> Elizabethtown Railway Press and Telegraph 12/07/1872–12/07/1872 Newspaper Archives
295 New Mexico> Farmington San Juan Times 06/28/1894–05/18/1900 Newspaper Archives
296 New Mexico> Gallup Gallup Gleaner 05/01/1889–04/25/1896 Newspaper Archives
297 New Mexico> Las Cruces Borderer 07/24/1872–01/10/1874 Newspaper Archives
298 New Mexico> Las Cruces Independent Democrat 01/18/1893–12/28/1898 Newspaper Archives
299 New Mexico> Lincoln Lincoln Independent 10/25/1889–04/29/1892 Newspaper Archives
300 New Mexico> Mesilla Mesilla Times 05/25/1861–05/25/1861 Newspaper Archives

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List of 450+ Historical Newspapers Just Added Continued – Page 2

We just made a major addition of more than 450 historical newspapers, all of them new to our online newspaper archives.This is a continuation of our complete list of 450+ historical newspapers just added to GenealogyBank. You are currently viewing page 2 which lists newspapers 101 – 200.

State City Title Date Range


101 Georgia Savannah Columbian Museum 1/3/1800–10/3/1822 Newspaper Archives
102 Georgia Savannah Georgia Journal and Independent Federal Register 12/25/1793–01/01/1794 Newspaper Archives
103 Georgia Savannah Georgian 01/04/1819–04/05/1820 Newspaper Archives
104 Georgia Savannah Public Intelligencer 4/18/1807–10/18/1808 Newspaper Archives
105 Georgia Savannah Royal Georgia Gazette 08/12/1779–10/12/1780 Newspaper Archives
106 Georgia Savannah Savannah Republican 11/07/1817–05/27/1819 Newspaper Archives
107 Georgia Savannah Savannah Wholesale Prices Current 03/18/1819–05/18/1820 Newspaper Archives
108 Georgia Savannah Southern Patriot 07/26/1805–03/24/1806 Newspaper Archives
109 Georgia Washington Monitor 10/7/1800–8/6/1814 Newspaper Archives
110 Georgia Washington News 02/23/1816–04/09/1819 Newspaper Archives
111 Hawaii Honolulu Punch Bowl 07/01/1869–09/01/1869 Newspaper Archives
112 Hawaii Honolulu Sandwich Island Gazette and Journal of Commerce 08/06/1836–07/27/1839 Newspaper Archives
113 Idaho Boise Idaho Democrat 1/28/1871–6/28/1871 Newspaper Archives
114 Idaho Rathdrum Kootenai Courier 06/29/1889–06/21/1890 Newspaper Archives
115 Idaho Salmon City Semi-weekly Mining News 08/11/1867–08/11/1867 Newspaper Archives
116 Idaho Silver City Owyhee Semi-Weekly Tidal Wave 12/15/1868–02/10/1870 Newspaper Archives
117 Illinois Chicago Chicago Daily Herald 1/21/1860–12/23/1873 Newspaper Archives
118 Illinois Chicago Chicago Democrat 10/28/1835–12/20/1837 Newspaper Archives
119 Illinois Chicago Chicago Ledger 10/09/1871–12/29/1877 Newspaper Archives
120 Illinois Chicago Chicago Post 10/10/1871–6/30/1873 Newspaper Archives
121 Illinois Chicago Daily Inter Ocean 6/9/1865–12/14/1871 Newspaper Archives
122 Illinois Kaskaskia Illinois Intelligencer 4/29/1818–7/1/1818 Newspaper Archives
123 Illinois Quincy Quincy Whig 3/14/1840–8/2/1856 Newspaper Archives
124 Illinois Shawneetown Illinois Gazette 03/16/1820–03/30/1820 Newspaper Archives
125 Illinois Vandalia Illinois Intelligencer 01/29/1824–01/07/1832 Newspaper Archives
126 Indiana Attica Fountain Ledger 11/18/1852–05/19/1853 Newspaper Archives
127 Indiana Bloomington Indiana Gazette 11/27/1824–01/15/1825 Newspaper Archives
128 Indiana Brookville Plain Dealer 11/05/1816–11/12/1816 Newspaper Archives
129 Indiana Corydon Indiana Gazette 06/21/1817–11/29/1821 Newspaper Archives
130 Indiana Covington Fountain Ledger 07/03/1851–10/29/1852 Newspaper Archives
131 Indiana Indianapolis Indianapolis Gazette 07/12/1825–02/25/1830 Newspaper Archives
132 Indiana Lawrenceburg Dearborn Gazette 08/17/1818–08/17/1818 Newspaper Archives
133 Indiana Madison Indiana Republican 10/04/1817–05/20/1829 Newspaper Archives
134 Indiana Madison Madison Daily Banner 03/23/1849–11/27/1851 Newspaper Archives
135 Indiana Madison Western Eagle 08/06/1813–04/08/1814 Newspaper Archives
136 Indiana New Albany New-Albany Chronicle 11/11/1820–07/28/1821 Newspaper Archives
137 Indiana New Harmony Disseminator 06/29/1830–04/30/1840 Newspaper Archives
138 Indiana Richmond Public Ledger 03/06/1824–08/18/1827 Newspaper Archives
139 Indiana Salem Annotator of News Politics and Literature 01/01/1827–01/08/1827 Newspaper Archives
140 Indiana Salem Indiana Farmer 05/30/1823–11/18/1825 Newspaper Archives
141 Indiana Salem Tocsin 03/31/1818–07/05/1819 Newspaper Archives
142 Indiana Terre Haute Wabash Courier 03/31/1826–12/06/1826 Newspaper Archives
143 Indiana Vevay Indiana Register 09/16/1816–11/25/1817 Newspaper Archives
144 Indiana Vincennes Indiana Centinel 01/13/1821–09/08/1821 Newspaper Archives
145 Indiana Vincennes Indiana Gazette 08/07/1804–08/14/1805 Newspaper Archives
146 Indiana Vincennes Western Sun and General Advertiser 08/05/1820–11/04/1843 Newspaper Archives
147 Iowa Anamosa Anamosa Eureka 9/3/1858–12/28/1876 Newspaper Archives
148 Iowa Denison Crawford County Bulletin 11/13/1873–10/29/1878 Newspaper Archives
149 Iowa Eddyville Daily City Item 05/23/1866–05/23/1866 Newspaper Archives
150 Iowa Jefferson Jefferson Era 04/08/1868–09/16/1868 Newspaper Archives
151 Iowa La Porte City La Porte City Progress 02/01/1871–08/09/1876 Newspaper Archives
152 Kansas Centropolis Kansas Leader 6/17/1857–2/17/1858 Newspaper Archives
153 Kansas Fort Riley Soldier’s Letter 12/20/1864–01/09/1865 Newspaper Archives
154 Kansas Leavenworth Leavenworth Daily Conservative 4/28/1861–12/31/1865 Newspaper Archives
155 Kansas Leavenworth Leavenworth Daily Times 8/1/1860–11/10/1867 Newspaper Archives
156 Kansas Minneola Kansas Leader 02/24/1858–04/21/1858 Newspaper Archives
157 Kansas Topeka Kansas State Record 01/07/1871–11/27/1871 Newspaper Archives
158 Kentucky Bardstown Bardstown Repository 06/29/1814–10/30/1816 Newspaper Archives
159 Kentucky Bardstown Candid Review 07/14/1807–08/27/1810 Newspaper Archives
160 Kentucky Frankfort Commentator 07/10/1818–02/15/1831 Newspaper Archives
161 Kentucky Lexington American Statesman 07/20/1811–08/14/1813 Newspaper Archives
162 Kentucky Lexington Independent Gazetteer 04/19/1803–11/16/1805 Newspaper Archives
163 Kentucky Lexington Lexington Public Advertiser 03/13/1822–10/09/1824 Newspaper Archives
164 Kentucky Lexington Reporter 01/01/1827–06/15/1831 Newspaper Archives
165 Kentucky Louisville Daily Louisville Public Advertiser 1/22/1830–12/28/1830 Newspaper Archives
166 Kentucky Louisville Louisville Correspondent 05/11/1814–06/28/1817 Newspaper Archives
167 Kentucky Louisville Louisville Daily Courier 1/19/1853–10/26/1868 Newspaper Archives
168 Kentucky Maysville Eagle 12/13/1826–1/14/1846 Newspaper Archives
169 Kentucky Maysville Tri-weekly Maysville Eagle 3/12/1845–12/15/1846 Newspaper Archives
170 Kentucky Paris Rights of Man 08/30/1797–01/10/1798 Newspaper Archives
171 Kentucky Richmond Luminary 01/18/1812–03/08/1816 Newspaper Archives
172 Kentucky Russellville Weekly Messenger 10/26/1822–12/29/1827 Newspaper Archives
173 Kentucky Washington Weekly Messenger 06/23/1803–10/06/1803 Newspaper Archives
174 Kentucky Winchester Winchester Advertiser 8/5/1814–6/28/1817 Newspaper Archives
175 Louisiana Alexandria Louisiana Herald 06/30/1824–06/30/1824 Newspaper Archives
176 Louisiana New Orleans Carillon 9/12/1869–5/2/1875 Newspaper Archives
177 Louisiana New Orleans Echo du Commerce 09/28/1808–09/28/1808 Newspaper Archives
178 Louisiana New Orleans Lanterne Magique 11/20/1808–11/20/1808 Newspaper Archives
179 Louisiana New Orleans Louisiana State Gazette 5/28/1805–12/31/1825 Newspaper Archives
180 Louisiana New Orleans New Orleans Argus 11/18/1809–3/26/1834 Newspaper Archives
181 Louisiana New Orleans New-Orleans Daily Chronicle 07/14/1818–09/14/1819 Newspaper Archives
182 Louisiana New Orleans Orleans Gazette and Commercial Advertiser 12/20/1804–06/16/1820 Newspaper Archives
183 Louisiana New Orleans Telegraphe et le Commercial Advertiser 12/17/1803–9/4/1806 Newspaper Archives
184 Louisiana St. Francisville Time Piece 04/25/1811–01/07/1815 Newspaper Archives
185 Maine Bath Maine Gazette 1/5/1821–6/25/1830 Newspaper Archives
186 Maine Belfast Hancock Gazette 7/30/1823–6/21/1826 Newspaper Archives
187 Maine Belfast Maine Working Men’s Advocate 11/30/1830–07/23/1835 Newspaper Archives
188 Maine Belfast Republican Journal 1/21/1848–12/29/1870 Newspaper Archives
189 Maine Castine Eastern American 12/26/1827–12/17/1828 Newspaper Archives
190 Maine Fryeburg Russel’s Echo 02/22/1798–01/11/1799 Newspaper Archives
191 Maine Paris Jeffersonian 4/3/1832–4/30/1833 Newspaper Archives
192 Maine Portland American Patriot 05/20/1825–11/15/1828 Newspaper Archives
193 Maine Portland Christian Mirror 03/04/1825–03/04/1825 Newspaper Archives
194 Maine Wiscasset Eastern Repository 6/16/1803–6/23/1807 Newspaper Archives
195 Maryland Baltimore American Farmer 01/01/1824–12/26/1828 Newspaper Archives
196 Maryland Baltimore Baltimore Telegraph 06/23/1814–03/29/1816 Newspaper Archives
197 Maryland Baltimore Fell’s Point Telegraphe 03/06/1795–06/01/1795 Newspaper Archives
198 Maryland Baltimore South 4/22/1861–2/17/1862 Newspaper Archives
199 Maryland Baltimore Telegraphe and Daily Advertiser 5/14/1795–1/11/1807 Newspaper Archives
200 Maryland Cumberland Allegany Freeman 12/04/1813–10/18/1817 Newspaper Archives

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